Pressure Cooker 4-20-17

Thursday, April 20th


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Anybody in Don ninety raw. KR SQ does next. Dawn show. Six hours ready to go. We save a ball the stories and letters that we get we just can't you know we read them on the air like dirty doctor rob 130 jokes for Amanda PH in our stories about who. Why did. People love it instead. So it's all going to be part of the six hour now the only way to hear it on the membership website yeah. Number doubt read radio dot com if you've never heard one before you can join for just a month. And see if you like him all the us dollar deal who live there forever yeah I mean that's the best way to do just a month the month earlier artery blocking and sex act. Actually lie either way you and you go to the student store sutra sorry Brad radio dot com one by many gift membership good solid members out rat race. Witness stay right from the. There is similar to the scene around. Mean show these days family feud they call it fast money course I am far more generous than that host Steve RBIs your questions are there. I did an act. We need more time he's thirty seconds they answer your questions plus my question is which word just in June live on the radio silver. Under normal circumstances are designed for a fourth grader me yes level. Now today is a theme in and mean really no fourth grader should probably know most of these same. Oh doesn't force when he yeah. Enemy and they is worth going through the questions and telling you fourth grader would get into the he does yeah you gotta. The problems I had no matter because we don't have a fourth grader on the line. Think about the first time I knew about tied it wasn't till seventh grade C you're right you should not worth much more responsible. It's. Library and thirty seconds you are prepared to secede nick offerman coach Phil yeah dude instead of showing doesn't say Yo-Yo -- thing in last Sunday night memorial auditorium Zach and I know him councils to say either how important a color big deal is. Our guest H here's our here's a list works he's here timer will begin when I just finished reading the first question of course the first ones really easy it's Indymedia immediate. Tonight holiness donor would get the first day. And that's what you're tired begins you really want to get four right in the following thirty seconds get a total of five right. You've passed many questions as you want. And as we go through them I won't tell you if you're right or wrong zones should be tied. Yes of course I'm more time and of course I'm gonna tell you what you got right Mattel I'll hey ya now all everybody in Intel on low and yeah. Rig what is the end there we wanna know what went wrong now little. Doing and I don't FaceBook right now Colin Powell. Plus remember Jake I think the first thing you say so do you say monthly membership and you say annual membership. I think monthly membership as your energy and do you have any questions. I. What letter does the word marijuana begin west. Are there to be active ingredient in candidacy is known as the three letter abbreviation key gauge what's. What magazine is known as the official go two for old pot smokers. Right. At what Americans it was the first fully legalize recreational marijuana. All the water supply is more commonly known as what does pot smokers. Are what is pop still backwards. This guy knows is only. And I and the alphabet. Yeah. 1 evening turned mariners seven questions and I he's got to get five in order to win to see how he did sure balls today is April 20. And lose one. The letter does the word marijuana begin with he's an am. CA with a Stoner in mind like my trip tomorrow so we pay me. An active ingredient in Canada's is known as the three letter abbreviation TH what he said see. I'm new attempt to pronounce it can you bounce what do you and I elegance and now. I'd try air tester Hydro Canada but Knoll golf course you know how this. What magazine is known as the official go to Furl pot smokers high times. It is that at least on my lap right away it is of course I'm sorry our resident monthly monthly subscription. What American state was the first to fully legalize recreational marijuana decent hour. According to an hour fired bill Riley is destroyed to say they did they just it's our last there aren't they believe yesterday and the giant killer rambling is a moral compass we can you weaken. Bill O'Reilly period value man water pipes is more commonly known as what does pot smokers he sent a ball. And then now what is possible backwards again I thought about you know iPod and it's a lot of that before it's. To me. Who's so he had seven out of ten. A good citizen of another pair of tickets to see nick offerman Helio. Tomorrow remember the show Sunday is going to be your last chance doing that now Ahmanson's it was a theme today based or twenty tomorrow's not yeah. And yet two more questions OK mobile had been a news or mine's walls that shout out you add the C yeah well the first one shout out because this is so stupidly easy she. Pressure branch. She's a complete and came up. Love this famous duo. To just. Look. And that it moved the line greener bragging just look at night. You know there's a you don't. How many ends in the word canvas. Yet students CA NN HBI ass dance club has been so we had a good to have pot thing. I don't please don't have.