Pressure Cooker 5-16-18

Wednesday, May 16th


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Back to rub anybody into a eighteen yards to dot net. And dawn. Got this email. Sorry they ever had radio dot com it's wrong. Reading this one this is the if somebody even. And it know what will this reduce carbon injures due to the cloud is as a guy's not sure why but yeah Andy is all I hear moral and my air pods into my car stereo and on my iPhone and what's wrong with me Donna we just tried during the commercial break Don played above her -- opponents did. Loral Loral in every way and it was Gianni was really manipulate. Miss you so I get the czar you know my New England. 180. My god yeah. And they are crying she says changed the first gimme question of the pressure cooker to do you hear a moral and I'm I'm. That's the question and are ready send her a break if you give them item in the wrong hands I don't know the answer is Laura no not now. Here's how the pressure a little. Similar Cheney has around and America's most popular danger these days Stanley did they call their version. Fast money course aren't far more generous than that host Steve Harvey's ball OK that's helpful to your questions are there. Okay and yeah. Else. Give you. A more times thirty seconds plus my questions which were just impugn my brain Jack gets her. Chris yeah my question well that's Segway Bradley's ran. I welcome you write these things vibrate thirty seconds for a pair of tickets to see Daughtry yeah. Live in concert this Friday night at the Subaru Legacy in Reno tolerate team is Nancy hello Nancy. And I end that this doesn't count but is it moral or any. I hear tomorrow okay. Here's the sound reminders of the game works principally your time will begin when I finish reading the first question that once again Ian has nothing to do with laurel or you any. Yeah after that yeah there's no UV or more right now following thirty seconds or a total of five when your tickets you ask many questions as you want you stop fumbling around with. Sounds as well. I won't your right or wrong in the moment we'll go back reread each question you view and everyone playing along at home the answers and remember Nancy and take the first thing that you say so if you say all. You're an elysees and all I have to take laurel and curiouser and we don't have any questions. A crisis created a good luck. True or false fla. Is the only US state that starts with the letter yes. In the the shining what did Jack Nicholson say balls sticking his hand through bathroom door. Resurrect. Hey is located on what constant. Love America it's Beilein is also known as to what animals. Yeah what color is a stop sign. Philly is credited with discovering electricity. Win the mass what does the largest state the United States. The buzzer she said Texas on her seven questionnaire and you at all. All right let's say the mood that how she did yes go to Texas. Yeah this UX Florida is the only US statements are with the letter F she says true. Paterson assimilate us they want a home gathers there whether it is true yes there there isn't wants. Then we said in the movie the shining what did and we're very specific. When the Jack Nicholson say while sticking it to the bathroom door she said read wrong. Rat that but yeah murder back. Yeah but when when Jack Nicholson's stuck his head through the bathroom door he said. Yeah. Me. The best it isn't she may is located on what continent she said South America. A feline is also known as one animal she cinecast. Head herbs in it what color is a stop sign sob sorry she said Randy. Oh yeah and then you passed on who is credited with discovering electricity. Days. Those banks and these views or somebody else Thomas Edison apple Goodman blight like yet. In 1752. Franklin proposed an experiment with conducted overrides the head that yeah if you include jar which was an early form of etc. is how the story goes but he felt a zillion times. The more you know shook my head straight is cheap they. Any invention they held a million times the force and just keep trying that's not true of any inventions some inventions the very first time I've worked out exactly the way the person. A wanted it since word got so it's not any in men's magazine working with an encyclopedia it is maddening working. Doesn't know my well. I'm always I'm letting go. You know I prefer the person who doesn't know language over the encyclopedia actually encyclopedias are not five if you would've said most women women going through fact that it would be no matter of fact you know 51% Colin Levy and I think he's made green in doubles here we're and then now. Our ally the buzzer rice and land mass in regards the war land mass what is the largest state. In the US and she sits exit. That is not correct. No lights yeah. Texas Alaska Alaska Texas is only a third the size of Alaska. Which is 663267. Point 26 watts square miles of us. Oh yeah I forgot yeah unit of measurement and Bloomberg the lips. It's not something. Went back. She got a full or. A yeah he had announcing team. Yeah ring you. Or any. Okay. I don't know winner here in since the show to see Daughtry is Friday night we gotta get rid of these tickets we will play again. Saint tickets. Another round of the pressure cooker later on this. And gone.