Pressure Cooker 5-19-17

Friday, May 19th


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Anybody you don't show our. Now do you run. My old boss of the doctor rob what are the guys use that have won they would this girl on the they started sixteenth and he sent her picture of a missing easy manner and under an illness that's fine and I'm like well I mean should try to prove well I knew Ayers boss Adrian says. I would boy anchor and then just say by police ship and leave them. John says I didn't the letter writer needs to blame her regards and how he feels and and tell her that she was awful and bad and you can't pursue a relationship with someone so bad. Oh it's got says ask her for news and then teller she has an ugly who threw. Okay. You're a hole. Herself so her and then now Mike says blanked the crap out of her maker fallen in love with you amend teller she's not good enough. These days and we knew they call it a fast money of course I'm far more generous and I know Steve Harvey and I should clashes are always harder. I had. First of all you more times thirty seconds my questions which were just in June live on the radio food. Are harder than sandwich I don't ask Steve Harvey's not giving away his money. I'm very I get my mind where it when we get a winner whenever we don't we add to the jackpot which is how we got down to 1000 dollars sure. Five right thirty seconds distribute people color 18 is Josh good morning Josh. Aren't Boehner Hollandsworth Josh your title will begin when I finish reading the first question. That is not quite big whip some people say it's gaining it's certainly the easiest of the bunch. Can't a man who would say it's again. You know your tiger. Right after that would be pretty poor right following a thirty seconds. To get a total of five bright yeah passes many times as you want me questions why won't you up your time by saying right or wrong as we go through yes of course. That's of course I'm going to go back front. And tell you what was right what was wrong and how the scoring dvd answered those who claim a long yeah. Really if you had access our FaceBook they. Good dynamite right because it's it's shut down really protesters. There's almost newscasters are colonize our. On overnight issued a written statement and MS. Mom remember I do Josh at safety first thing that you say is have you say small thingy. And he's a real bitch I think they. They need experience the only question. Now. Iraq come true or false Star Wars was written by Stephen Spielberg. Ball in the 1978 till midnight express character Billy. Imprisoned in what country. First. The bandleader for the late show with Steven Cole yeah. How many points you need to win a full game and credentials. How many vice presidency and FDRM. HBO series train may was set in what American city. That's what I can use. Yeah. Passing half trying to turn sprained arm tactic seven question okay nice and remember the rule as long as I start the the question before the buzzer we always let them answer and give them time so let's see how he did. First on tour false Star Wars was written by Stephen Spielberg he said false. Match. Here's a golf. Yeah George flu. Of course David I don't know. In the 1978 till midnight express character Billy Hayes was imprisoned and what country he said Russia. No I don't know what. This is where he'd be famous line in airplane came from Billy have you ever been in a Turkish Bristol any teeth. Okay no idea he passed on this one who is the band leader for the late show with Steven called air John Batiste. These people know these things Geithner know it or you don't. Diane it was people. Cry and people he's a fair that show not really can't. Yeah people there are millions of people that watch the show that I know John Batiste. You know stay human I know this one John bad deeds and stay human is the actual bands hub he's the band leader. I knew this one the next when I need a car she nearly got it all. Yeah if you can be kind of believes I know I didn't need to look this up quite know it's so again people. Knows this is all. Girlfriend knows this one she's Smart how many points you need to win a ballgame I'm rich did you make her play yes I may. Australia I tires down. That's stupid they want and I. Hundreds 121 points and what he doing now and while Freddie get. I had a little like playing the game they literally pin and things that go mole they're paying yeah hole and you move them as you get you want to. Oh yeah you can't do math okay. A slight chance. Nothing like chess. Good god replace. I shot. Based on those questions how many vice presidents that FDR had he said during. Even if you just guess and Smart course there was. I. His first one yeah I don't want in his third yeah you should all know won a bomb police checked the true man uncle or he came along after FDR died and drop Barnes and don't Truman actually eat. Hot ball list. Now thousands of my at all and garner who has the power. Have they ever popular garner on the. And wall let me. Yeah this federal law firm. Flawless flawless round. Create BO series true hey listen what American cities passed New Orleans. Just I I saw a few episodes. Based three months after construe Katrina and only ran from 2010 our brand from 22 and one entertainment is based on those great music three months. Let's say no to this series and that's the best thing you can say about a half. And what activity using Iraq it was originally called -- he said Babbitt. And tennis and bawdy and that's part of the game right is happy just Bentley is always yell at people say some of them. That's important number our country misty said Russia was sure he's so. OK so I'd say Morris and it's apparent. Yeah. How do you think. Grandson. Well add another hundred dollars and Jack up you know saying we'll play the cash pressure cooker again on Monday morning at a random time it'll be worth 1001. Dollars.