Pressure Cooker 6-21-18

Thursday, June 21st


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I rub anybody until. The feelings you got now. Got this email are. Reunited. New study and survey says the average American parent you sick of their kids being home for summer vacation after thirteen days. The average American parent is spending 7300. I'll read our summer to entertain their children out weigh anchor guys you don't wired. Kids inside began just let them go outside entertain themselves or you don't take in the water parks amusement parks. The movies the zoo and going and being firm because he can't just taken camping and haven't sleep on dirt my god the precious snowflake is well. Got to get a big old army got to get it TVs so they can watch their shows and play the video. Teachers app when he wrecked out there win now I'll tell you losses. Geographic channel's sales of 300 gonna happen now James Eric in San. On the act you say no TVs during campaign. That's the first thing I'd put my. Our trailer when we go it's not can't treated you can't watch NASCAR and yes my wife and say I am. Eight at no point. Should these days family feud. They call their version passed money course I'm far more generous than that host Steve Harvey police your questions are harder hey me I am pregnant they're at today. The crucial I give you more time in thirty seconds plus my questions which were just in June live on the radio rude are in fact my question. You know Arnold does that CU ST I write them being depression recovered her back Thursday no war and all that. It just seems revealed right first or you should already know the scene many I alluded to it in the end you yeah. Oh my god eight and yet if vibrate and thirty seconds and if you do you went impair VIP tickets to the biggest little city wins best in downtown Reno. Posted by these silver legacy resort casino you get to choose Friday July 6 or Saturday July 7 story tee is Mason Mason. And I have our premium on the basal cells known as his beat her back ever bigger from. I'm just fine all right Mason here's others were your timer begins when I finish reading the first question that's not only a gimme. It also reveals the theme of the car. Than it okay you're totally right I'm back on that on that theme. Yeah if four more right after that the following thirty seconds for a total of 52 when you take dizzy and pass any questions that you want. I won't tell you when your answer and if you're right or wrong will go back and re read each question in your view. And everyone playing along at home the answers and of course Mason actually the first thing you say so do you say. Dream of and they say can't be in a big client being as your answer you have any questions. That I could no bullet. True or false today is the first official day of summer. You're what is the hottest temperature ever recorded in America. Under tore through name the season after a summer. Mom in 1998 what pop group had a number one hit called plural summer. What you're doing the movie I know you did last summer starring Jennifer Love Hewitt premier. Her world in the world. Suzanne Sommers played Chrissie snow on what 1970s and eighties sitcom cells. Possibly see young for that Texas. At the Hamas all but I'll tell you when to be born if you play the pressure cooker. That's still on Gaza studied ad in the middle of the night on final principality to DirecTV and there's sometimes when that the tickets are virtually one plus things you didn't tell. Okay boy Brandon. Oh ice. You are alerts that the rob role reversal since I wrote a pressure greater questions you're gonna read and my. Yes it's quite. And yeah it's scary need. That's the only dead were false today is the first day of summaries and true. No of that of course reveals to me. What is the hottest temperature ever recorded in America he said a 129. Not bad clothes but it's more than that a 134. It was recorded in Death Valley on July 10 of 1913. A and it's still stands as the hottest ever recorded in. IE if it's gonna happen to be there are way back a 105 years ago before that whole warming things are all rot that you stopped and now I know. I dare I don't you think. I am I am. On and have the same kind of technology back then why not Ilya cult of homophobic grace it's. Name once we didn't know how hard these. The name of the season after summer you said fall. All sorry all of us at the autumn so. So he passed on in 1998 what pop group had a number one hit called cruel summer manic here it's true. Yeah and then. Well I think you're seeing the other and because the answers Ace of Base. In 1998 banana ram his version was and yours again that's the deadlines from 1984. Listen we look forward I was very specific in 1998 what pop group had a number one hit called cruel somehow and that was to Ace of Base Alia and remember they're like yeah. And there's one thing that's missing because ace of base's went number one banana ram is never did ever Palin had the same chance at all. Could do that same technology their monitors. And this and also I employee okay yeah beach yeah. I tell you which one we all know it was an Eric yeah. Global. I I but which ones batteries but if I think banana ram is as much better. I agree but I was quoting now when you said everybody likes me. Nowadays can't you just like at least Ace of Base is point number one. Eight acre ranch. Another. One song that's why I know there. Apparently it doesn't mean yeah. I can get along. I was late comer. There is just using that same song. If I Wight years the movie I know what you did last summer starring Jennifer Love Hewitt premiere he said 1999. I DA once again closed 97. She is the correct answer and then what I am being told is an age bias Jones cut cut. I said Suzanne Somers and now. Played Chrissie snow on what seventies and eighties sitcom you just have. Am I mean that's all low common knock on our door. Yeah we've been any effort waiting for you clearly get our ears and hers and he is I know it seems a comment for you and I about Vienna yeah yeah yeah. Yeah act this is where holds yeah got what you deserve for being upon to do right is. PodZinger team. We don't need. That's very quickly got six questions well yeah. Good day buddy no winners mayor we do have more or VIP tickets for the wings fest tomorrow when the pressure cooker and remember we're gonna play the pressure again today IV later on this morning same theme little really what is it. Just say I say about this time it'll be for primus and mastodons. And dawn show.