Pressure Cooker 7-11-18

Wednesday, July 11th


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Back to rub anybody and don't show on ninety rock. Eight PRX two gunmen. You're listening to the we we have that he's up for. From summer vacation when my wife and I were in new York and when the Yankees game groves. This actually nothing says fully about this comment as is usually. On FaceBook. I expected to be toxic yeah me and Elliott asked did you guys and sex on the some blue. I suppose that that would probably go on notice is an average fast. And Cindy makes. Don't you are now. Visit the main. Maybe change is all I can learn. Yeah it could just we'll get to that and segment act. The pressure cooker right now is our daily trivia game that's a speed round on America's most popular game for these days and we didn't they call their version fast money course. I'm far more generous than that host Steve Harvey girls questions are harder though there. You can manage it and if Benedict the cash and prizes will soon. I anymore. I'm thirty seconds my questions which were just in June live on the radio rude aren't even my question. Will have Brennan writes these things hash tag blame him DA granted you look. Whole raft. Just change it all love you get five right thirty seconds to get a pair of tickets to Flogging Molly and drop kick Murphy's in Papa Murphy's park in Sacramento for. The 25 color eighteen is Kenneth O Kenneth. Mario what frequency. Yeah. Never I don't know I don't know about sex to young bath. Yeah yeah aren't any Arabs and Israelis are good and it might be funny routes announced. Now it was the final. I can I can go from the highest tied of the Lowe's low on the show him in Fort Worth so it's your show turned. I can't there's other source the tire begins when I finish reading the first question which isn't any after they get four more right I'll be thirty seconds. For total body when you dig it he embarrasses many questions as you want. I won't tell you if you're right or wrong right moment we'll go back re read each question and give you and everyone plane one at home. The answer is and remembered I think the first thing that you say so do you say that was a terrible attempted to rob a follow. All and then you say a hash tag REM I have to take us. That was a terrible attempt at humor rob has your answers do you have any questions. Not good luck buddy. True here. Let's pull finally had a slow. Win and a true or false Black Eyed Peas aren't type of bees nests. Involved. We've seen as the Yankees call home. Here in which filmed the Jodie Foster played a BI agent Clarice Starling. Last night. Which comic strip was written by Charles Schulz. Lived yet what color broccoli. Series how many thousands of trump could have. Birdie what breakfast cereal was sunny the Bloomberg who can force a is there. I play it oh no it's. And I am I can try Burris. OK that is cool that's right at the buzzer that was the seventh quests you'll need is or her. Our marrow okay so let's go through and see how he did we started with the true false question has always. Sure falls Black Eyed Peas or type of being and he shocked the world when he said that was falls. The evening was a trick question maybe that their d.s maybe using you know as the band or they thought it was a beta well you know way Black Eyed Peas are type of BAR we didn't say only wouldn't say they're not a band so fascinating for a K that's spice Emma. Discuss. Which city does the Yankees call and he did say New York. Asked on which film to Jody Foster play FBI agent Clarice Starling silence and allow. OK these. Which comic strip was written by Charles Schultz he said and very clearly said BP not so. What color is broccoli said green. Yeah yeah Google doing. Many bowels of the trump would have that's a tough one that's an hour they took him only said three. Boy in man at the buzzer I said what breakfast cereal was Sonny the cuckoo bird cuckoo for or I thought. And he said Ku crude pop. Yeah that's. It could. On the correcting its cold I don't right they have Amish are all clear he said cuckoo OK okay. And that is the the serials Coke so how is different things this if it matters this it's that horrible OK if it matters that. It's almost exactly when we should make the proper decision on a because it means giving him the tickets vs someone else having the legitimate. Debt as it did I know like actually answering the question correct fare so it's an Arab sweaty and that continuing the theme of just delicious ironies that gave him. For. Hi I'm. Yeah I am home. I've seen teen. And I'm. CNN. There will be for that guy at. It's true role. Xenon silence the landmark TIP two young Versailles is on the line there is no excuse for being too young that's one of the classic films of all time did yeah I don't know 150. I'm not even now with that in the end. I don't care Aaron sorry but I don't get. A look at some cuckoo. We will let the pressure cooker again tomorrow for another chance of tickets to see Flogging Molly and drop kick. Dawn show.