Pressure Cooker 7-17-18

Tuesday, July 17th


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Back to rub anybody and gone ninety rock. KKR's huge duck now. You're listening to her. They're back and dawn show is called rock. I'm ready now. 99 mile or listen on line and ran radio dot. My RAZR or my homework and try and still trying to in the great day got uranium thirty minutes now you're ready to find a way to do my job which. Present all sides be objective and even make arguments. Things I might not believe in and I'm trying to I'm trying and I'm really trying to find a way to defend what president trump did yesterday which will explain. And then then I'm gonna try so I saw a headline about Sean Hannity. Within the ultimate trump apologist. About a minute greeted with trump last night. And it just reminded me it reminded me of the SE heard my latest DirecTV nightmare the ultimate worst in customer service call clarity if so I've been without TV for three days first world problem I get a little problem for a guy like me who needs access to news and TV you're ever so. The guys came over as promised. Danny and Mario were amazing and we got their information up on FaceBook and talk about it more later. But I had this moment when when everything clicked which was right around ten minutes after six our time. And in the background. I heard TV for the first time in three days. Just. Whatever channel was on I thought oh my god that's the first time I've ever been happy to hear Sean Hannity yeah. Here. Playing them. These days families even they call their version fast money. Sounds far more generous than not being Steve Harvey. Whatever questions are hard earned. Yeah. You're yeah okay. A third call I did meet more time I'm thirty seconds that's generous why despite questions which are just in June live on the radio. Brood aren't even my question asked a great brand and they spent you're welcome he writes these things vibrate thirty seconds for a pair of tickets to Flogging Molly and drop kick Murphy's. Tuesday September 25 of poplar is parked. In Sacramento California caller eighteen Zain hello Zain at the the martyr and honest sounds wacky alright lawyers out as the worse your boy your timer movie zinni in the does the name Zain and he's guilty Zain. Yeah we blow away your began to your first threshold should stop is never been through this a couple of Oakland's restart this. Your time rubio I've penetrating the first question that was a gimme. After that yet get four more write the following thirty seconds heard all the five when you take you to your past questions. And as we go home I can tell if you're right Iran will go back and re read each question give you. Federal playing along at home the answers are members lean against it the first thing you say so you say whacking at venues days. I think you answered any questions. No saris and that's true burden our truck. I got to keep quiet conversations easier. Or a false dog. Is a four letter words. Paul what outdoor cookware is Webber known for making. Drills what type of animals what do from the TV show the same name. All dead or alive Bill Paxton. School. The real housewives of Beverly Hills theories on what network. Not eighty what does they quarter of a dollar. Professor who is the prime minister of Germany. He he said that's the there wasn't time to start another question usually as long as we started before the buzzer went unanswered but. Can all find out there at the seven question earlier if Aaron let's see if he won and let's see he's a man not that you. And we begin with sure falls dog is a four letter word he said Paul. Listed snoops last name. I double ZU. What out. That if the coast and then then daughter never die there are no marrying. Those. Yeah and I believe me. Swiss excuse doesn't look. Yeah. Let's Snoop Dogg what. What outdoor cookware have you ever wants that stupid jokers wild thing though that I warns I was ride it's awful it is yeah but it's Snoop Dogg in L. Does Netflix thing worries he coaches football yeah yeah. At that troopers while you know man you gotta be some snoop to a bad what out nor cookware is Webber known for making news and barbecue. And that's not the man leads us though that wasn't it although that likes dated boys they're actually out of the womb had he missed that we would have known right away so yeah not to lose and I aaron's mom. What type of animal was clipper from the TV show of the same name he said dolphin. Leads us now to believe he's a very old man with. Now this this was tough and at least he was Smart enough to just take one rather than pass a dead or alive Bill Paxton. Now there's Bill Pullman who played the president in Independence Day okay and is in the equalizer movies and Denzel Washington. And then there's Bill Paxton who we asked about from twister ever twister hit yeah with Helen Hunt are huge forehead it is so dead or alive Bill Paxton he said. Dead. And then I forgot that buys a key to. You years ago with some still do it last year it was surprised. Fair to call as early yeah yet relatively he had heart surgery has complications from the surgery and ultimately got them you. Are we talked to the area is not here was the man questioned the real housewives of Beverly Hills Ayers on not what net or AME. Wrong answer it's birth and you are man now yeah. Yeah. If you know that wide eyed view you don't see it out last couple and all of a YY the real how wide never know I would daughter and actually for a guy who is that we will read watch isn't the only reason you know you walk in on it what is a quarter of a dollar he said point five. And he passed at the buzzer on who is the prime minister of Germany. But watercolor art they don't we will dig in just the last name is glory airlifts and hit Angola. Surfers they have spill Angela but it's pronounced Angola Merkel heat Heidi. She you know cause I Mohawk who would you do Angela Merkel Queen Elizabeth why do I have to pick one because that's all all of your take yeah. Putts and you need lights name big winner then yeah. And I've been through yeah. Yeah. And Jose gets the last pair of Flogging Molly drop kick Murphy's tickets but that doesn't mean stop playing the pressure cooker now play again tomorrow what are we rolling out tomorrow. Well we actually have to do to pressure cookers. Every day for there. Because we have taken us five four packs of tickets to new ways for X ambassadors playing its silver legacy on this Friday and then we also have some pairs of tickets to see Jim gap again hats on their rally this Saturday. That's this Saturday if it happens on Tony first. Always is when he first eleven misreading the billboard this hole and let. Let me double check is that it's nearly seven let me double check that I hate to be wrong either way it doesn't matter where yes ought to give away tomorrow and the pressure cooker you know even though buildings. And dawn show.