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Friday, August 18th


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Anybody in dawn my 98 rock. I had a fit my stomach at first when rob was telling the story than the thing into the dog has died at what a good doggy nice. That's my perfect storytelling skills are. Oh yeah that's okay we are all great story a family and her John you're coming Scania and a lot of Ricans in their neighborhood that's not the great part because. They walk in they see blood everywhere that's not the great parts. The only thing that was almost their dog possibly assume they're dogs and killed. This process process of a break and turns out no the dog mauled the intruder he threw ran out it would with whatever. Lash back. God Japanese shepherd who's all these videos are on FaceBook page he's just the love of the Stanley. I year old hold court loves them fast but when the time came he did the job. We Dziena Ari he ran radio dot com for racial hey Rachel I was just driving into work one robber and the dog story. I was about to turn off the radio when I heard him say there was blood everywhere. But many said it was actually the media who broke into the house and I audibly cheered the country if this is it. The person at the light next and he gave me crazy guys and I don't even care. The boss. Am sure these days and we do they call it fast money of course I'm far more generous than that no Steve Harvey your questions are harder. Yeah that. I needed more time thirty seconds plus my questions which were just in June live on the radio true. You are designed for the greater issue she is level I am here in front of me on go through and all of the first ones. A fourth grade enforcers should know about it even a fourth grade would figure it out let her answer is in the quest is there a slew of life. Second 14 grader has no idea well good wanted to mental reasons Intel's fourth one I'm on board well I mean if he's Jewish you might know. All the fourth grader drew oh really sure does it matter we don't in the fourth grader on the phone calls. Todd coloration is Brandi morning Brad. Martyr we will of breath. Did you five right thirty seconds graduate and get a pair of tickets general admission tickets to the aftershock festival they want yeah discovery park in Sacramento California on Saturday October 21 here's how this works your timer begins when I finish. Reading the first question which is the biggest key any of them all the answer is in the question and I don't screw this up brand. Value and you'll try to screw up I know you won't. I'm. Betting he's really I have to get for writing following thirty seconds you can pass as many questions as you want. As we threw on a month and she'll do time by telling you whether you're right or wrong but of course when we're done we're gonna go back good. Reviewing yeah he'll I don't know. He has mine so that everybody who's played long in the all my third hole. They're gonna know what I heard a little right and we're gonna blow the other Brett gullible right boarding let go. Like the local through. I'd pay my sounding like a local superintendent people like brand new thing for Liberty Mutual I know. Don't you see things. And remember Brad I have to take these first saying that you say that you single hole is that and you say. Oh I though. I think that's the answer any questions. There were three extra goes in the second buzzer with a difference. True or false but primary liquor in a vodka soda is vodka. Stephen Colbert every place to as the host of the late show on CBS. The ground. Name NFL team in Seattle. Additional Reuben sandwiches served on what type of bread. Right what color is big bird. Oh what number I'm excited the symbol for infinity. Happened on that second question Brad you gave me a heart attack then come back. But apparently doodling when you Google ads. That's our right they get it right. And let's go back in the day when hanging. At six liabilities five barely who aren't. Tour false the primary liquor and a vodka soda is vodka he century. See how the answer was literally in the questions yeah dummies. Then he took for ever pass arms even colder air replaced to as the host of the late show on CBS I thought he died. Not see all tariffs yeah I thought the call drop in the agony minded man. Ernst and couldn't do it quick not the answer is Jimmy found. Oh yeah it's all about well everything of the late late at our own members as Seth Meyers yeah. Used to co Barry plays knowing that I like oh. And I don't know David Letterman well yeah. Obama highlights Letterman about ten years ago and and he got really. Just certainly not funny and now not so early in funny like I am just certainly. I was thinking of the Stewart's bella and it's not even nine. Right it's like on edge and other cable channel or something to me Jon Stewart yes Patrick Stewart for those who. Wonder and then he was replaced are another Fella who I play I might be horrible Trever Miller Trevor no. Colonies I guess because this guy used to do stuff list. Jon Stewart right and this means even cold marathons go ahead she started on The Daily Show and many did the whole area. After The Daily Show I'm like really replaced him well that's a big get a break and Don is a powerful words imagine her. I feel. And I can name the NFL team in Seattle he proved he was a man by saying to see how. Traditional Reuben sandwiches served on what type of bread he said rise. Color is big Bernie said yellow. And then right at the buzzer. What number on its side as a symbol for insanity he said agents. Dana Bible. All right I really quick good. And no. Brand or we're saying is right and millions of us rather than it does though they want right there and you. We know what you know we're only know we're more or less drag your resume yes and how well will continue. Arnett worry about it. Okay in BE commerce in the. See your way and there's so I'm an R&D conversation and Luke and hired me and Brett and Robin Brandon I always I my now. Look at our Monday Monday is eclipsed today by the so we will still play the pressure cooker and we will still have tickets for you to win to see the show it's called aftershock on Monday. When you're driving.