Pressure Cooker 9-17-18

Monday, September 17th


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Well anybody and gone on 98 rock. You're listening to. Getting tight end dawn show. Emails Mardy Iran radio I'm I'm following a monkey rock rob letter about the woman whose husband ski sex. Ages and can. We Internet usually do like rougher and violent and as a remembering everything that's the just forgetting. That's the real thing we're just trying to figure out how to point in the right direction we got this from Rachel hey Rachel says my boyfriend does the exact same thing once in awhile and I hated. Because he's so different in that state not violent like the letter writers hobby but we will see things out of character for instance. I have found that if I just say a firm no. You'll usually stop roll over and call it rich with and not let. It's Drexel. A. Then there's this from no name Cano and game says they started walking net sleepwalking when I got pregnant I would do we. Weird things like stand over my husband while he slept. I don't know. And open all the windows and doors and even turn on all of the water faucets in the house and leave them off and I'll kinds she goes well for me it turned out it was a hormonal imbalance doctors to prescribe him. I'm sure. Yeah he knows. The danger these days family feud they call their version fast money. So far more generous and I know Steve Harvey's whatever birds able lawyer questions are hard earned. Yeah. I mean yeah. Like any more time and thirty seconds plus my questions introduced in June live on the radio rude or you might wish. Or passing blame Brent spread out your welcome nearest these things and they are not hard this time all that's would you guys say images are smarter tomorrow this had to make him the third and yeah. The answers are pretty Williams was done OK and that's a compliment I I totally honest I'm a great thirty seconds for our last Thursday is the easy demanding ghost on Tuesday November 13. At the community center theater in Sacramento California color TV if any allowing Anthony. There worker yeah. So that I just doesn't work zero timer begins when I finish reading the first question that one is a gimme like they all are for the most part. Why you get five right there you say you pass any questions you want I won't tell you right away. If you're right or wrong will go back and re read each of these dumb questions and if all you have an eye on all the answers and remember at the Nancy first thing you say. So you say sleep sex and then you say water faucet I think sleep six and your answer Yemeni questions. Florida I good luck it's true and god help. Look all I did not save money game is not liking it rough is not about. Our faults today and is it robs speaking to so you know today is my birthday so. Are you are playing the pressured her to win tickets to see what Amanda. So the Seahawks will face one scene the night through Monday Night Football. Where it's what is dude tries to. Or the movie ratings what do the letters PG stands more. Herbert got a Jimmy Fallon as the host of what late night show on NBC. Oh yeah. World of sports. In the world's fourth what does NHL stand for. National art really matter is I start a question before the buzzer we completed and allow the answer to count and that was seven Giuliani. Parents see how he did here are true or false today's my birthday said. As thank you Scott or do you not think you. All mad. And I'm not sure there's really you know you don't and your all of you good stuff. You are play in the pressure her to end it used to see what man he said goes. That was the disqualifying one if he would've gotten that rough a little on the planet. Seahawks will face what team the night for Monday Night Football he said doll buyer. What does two times to be said for. If two plus it was also for. Why. Mind blown and even in the Iranians. What do the letters p.s please stand for instead parental guidance. You pass on Jimmy Fallon as the host of what's the late night show on NBC and UB. Via brain freeze there also everybody is the Jimmy's turn out yet that Kim all of that's valid I don't know is Kimmel calling it isn't the Tonight Show line yes it is the Tonight Show one thing. And then at the buzzer I asked if the world's sports what does NHL stands for he said National Hockey League prove he's a man. Six drive. Yeah. No. Now for now that stops the stupid questions we are gonna play pressure cooker again later on this morning we got to start earning them again good time sensitive just yet we will play again this morning for your chance to win and a pair of tickets to see Deep Purple. And Judas Priest at the Toyota and the theater on Sunday September 30 your chance to win later on. And gone. The rob. On the show.