Pussification: Politics in Sports/ Nets at MLB Parks part 2

Friday, September 22nd


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Really I Curt Schilling sure. Low line through in the sixties you know there's a civil rights movement there was. The black Panthers mathematics. There's people protesting the Vietnam war on love not war. There was in L rice in the streets they were hosing African Americans in the streets all that stuff was going on. Rather than a decade the Democratic Convention rallies and sure riots in Chicago. It was just it was just horrible and that and that nation was burning where shooting presidents were shooting a civil rights leaders it was a crazy. Don't what what happened after that to make everything better. Did he get better Disco all of did. More than half of the hat. The seventies and then maybe if things go pretty yeah. I think there. Pretty dire times and each day in every decade easily start times and especially bad and it seems like there's more at seek civil liberties you know like people people having their right to actually load an end and drink in the same drinking fountains I think it's a little bit more. Extreme among our guns. The people today think that yeah I I know that I think that same day I die I think they do I don't I don't frustrate you can't. Under the new show that I love. Good agenda that was what was on HR showtime and it was the two little guys are the one conservative guy circus yeah. And what you do you have to wait your nose illegally here they went over the news they talk to an older generation. Some African Americans they were like are you kidding me this is what do you do this is not seeing what are you kids babbling about. Our mental you know you really went through it you. Let's just not gonna work yeah because they don't want that no one lives in that whatever the age group is and people that are also angry is gonna first of all your old you don't know what you're talking about shirt and back to the point and Amanda and I were just making as they do think it's the same here out of touch you don't understand it is the same whatever it is that they are that they're fighting for began back to my point. Yeah and I know Jesus. It seems like it's all good because you know I again I can't wait. This because I just don't know how the NFL's good navigate through that's unisource and one other thing actually plan to do this yesterday during the course of the station's us segment. But we got off the rails on the money bench was man's. Again and I can yeah you could open. Great location for calm but I just an up there would we talked before about nets at Major League Baseball parks. They cannot control and how that ultimately what everybody wants is they want the entire field being netted. Shouldn't use and so we can all be safe from. Base baseball's foul balls coming in the sands courtesy per variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is because so many bizarre watching the games anymore on our phones. And it's you know day in and they're our outlook and then probably over a thousand baseball games in my life there are balls get hit in the stands on the mark very sharp. Line drives it's part of being a fan in my opinion. I don't wanna watch baseball through on that I know everybody in hockey night in a washing through and add him. What good book tour and won did. One kid got bombed in the head and that changed the sport for everybody well Major League Baseball did issue recommendations way back in when he fifteen which we talked about for protective netting. On screen is what they want what they did was they encouraged it tunes. You have in place between the ends of the dug outs closest to home plate so take it from from home play yours on screen there via behind home plate. They were mainly baseball's recommending is take that and said then spread it all the way out. To the end of the dugout covering the hole and I don't know I guess are they gonna put a net of those of the top twos so like if you're in the field level. The net not only stretches across but it also like behind home plate it covers your how. I don't know what they're what they're recommending. I feel like what you're describing wasn't completely that. But I feel like it's gonna get that because it seemed close. And we had a front doors of the ashes that we were going to games for years and I feel every time we go oh there's no hard connect their. The lesson we are discarded I was like all we got there we got there early hate each other banks. I was like oh is this for practice do you look like you know really it's so is this stuff for putting up for practice because it just to look soul I'm not. Auction has an and I felt for white people that I don't know Saban Saban say they finally have a seat right there and bam. There's an. I only about a third of the teams since that memo was issued have have to extend the nets remember it was just a recommendation at the time the Yankees have been examining the issue. But they have not done and haven't changed anything you just have been netting behind home plate that pushed New York City Council member Ohio espanola. To introduce legislation in May of this year the city ballparks must extend and adding to protect fans now he wants to go. That is why I warned you about the nets. It's never going to be enough. No matter where they put the nets someone's going to get belonged in the head and really doesn't even have to be a super hot line drive because you're not paying attention. Or your viewer just. Did beat uncoordinated. That the ball might bump you on the head unless the older or down the right field line so what goods council member. I must fail as a junior wants to do. Is extend the net as I told you they would want to all the way the outfield along the entire I. Mines so obnoxious and wins with the cover because that way regardless go to get hurt as he says. In the New York Mets have Marty started making adjustments to cities he'll be in his idea this hasn't passed yet but it probably will end in New Yorkers are saying. There is hey you wanna you wanna play baseball on our city follow our rules to safety issue mistress and all says quote. No one should ever go to a baseball game and leave it severely injured it's. Yeah nor should any player have to seal the deal is associated with injuring a fan. Especially when that injury could have been prevented by safety nets which brings us to why this story is back in the news from two nights ago. Big and this is why this will happen. Two nights ago and she's fine. I'm trying to be as sensitive as they can do this this this whole topic just drive me nuts. A young fans and even lower level seats at the aforementioned Yankee Stadium was bloodied by a 105 miles per hour reminds tribal structure in the face. Miles it was a toddler school and it's now or seen it coming and is. It is a super hot line drive right down the third base line. Yes so fast. I as a fan and as a former player I cannot say with any certainty that I couldn't stop this ball cloud look a 105 miles an hour right off the bat. And bright at third base pay its it is it's a hot shot a branded noggin as a fan idol no one. I might get him get hurt again and because the wind cameras work. You don't actually get because so fast you don't and they don't why would they have a camera on the fans yeah when somebody's back. Because it goes so fast you don't really get to see what kind of reaction to the grandparents even try to do just that you go over there and I'm everybody's freaking out the fans are waiting for security. So yeah she's honest she's my boss bonds got a good had to go to the hospital bazaar ball. Our goal. But this is why this will happen not only will we. Because we have a G and now involve more people get sadly we have a bunch of editorials that came out here's one headline how many more years miss Susan so Mets extended the and get those players. Want finances well. So this is why this is gonna happen and I love some of their quotes yankees third baseman Todd Frazier had tears in his eyes. As he spoke after the game because it was his fifth inning liner. They hit the girl in the face as she sat on their grandparents about five rows up on the third base side Yankee Stadium would be hard to take that you lacked a three. IC you know yeah. Frazier said he thought in his own two children around the same age as little girl Zain it was terrible onus sweeps. Yankees all star airing judge said we need net's. Brian Dozier second baseman for the twins offered his impressions and went much further saying quote. Either one you never bring your kids down there on number two every stadium needs to have and that's that's it I don't care about the damn view of a fan. It's all about safety there it is just. Care about the value of nothing and hope in yeah video hardworking and it's coming to see you play don't care about their view don't care needs and I got a very sympathetic to the three year old Goodell wants a three year old get relaxed let's also say you don't care about the view of the fans. After game the USA today quiz or serving as many yankees as they could find not one Yankee said the they would let their children sit in the unprotected areas behind the dugout. Going on to say why should anyone be subjected to the same. Brisk so because this is just happens now and and it's getting all this exposure because it was a kid owner the same so reaction would be happy. Happening everywhere in just a normal one year old guy explorer in L. Is he or any other age or any other time Kirsten Boyd. Probably not and so I think that's kind of what that one editorial headline is alluding to how many more near misses it was a twenty year old woman in a coma. Or worse god forbid died then you'd be getting the same type rash but of course and any kid that's the perfect poster child literally for all of this the safety stuff. Okay this is another reason why heyday Internet and social media and because back in the day when I was just newspapers and local or partying. We will probably would not have heard about that stuff and you know I think happened in Chicago. Bullet and we wouldn't hear about it and over here. That's true and they now because it's lived. You know 24 hour news cycle and everything's online and you can go anywhere to log on anywhere you see anything that was posted in the news anywhere. If that's how we all know about. And it'll be hysterical that's so true because whenever we see these types of things it's always a knee jerk reaction without any thought or or anything anything like that and considered whenever he's such a things happen because it's just okay we react right now because it is all out emphasis on the word jerk. You know I think we might set well back in the game pat ourselves how. All things considered he could tell Amanda's point of the Internet then way back when we would have been how we are now we. Just didn't say we wanted to crumble religious scrappy. Slowly but my point is this like anyone had heard about. We won in the care what I. I didn't Ernie is boy yeah I am I gearing she exactly nothing was happening back then and we can't have all the words like brands and Hester Gloria. I should I I I remember handfuls of games where people work. Are carted out of the stands and oh the Oakland coliseum because they belonged in the head as before they were gas distracted by the and it gives you these type of example when the ball's moving so fast. It's almost humanly impossible. To react that quickly with everything else that's going on people were just taken the hospitals are by no nobody ever died but it was pretty serious I can see how somebody lower Warner picked up a newspaper in the 1960s and our best and a yeah Afghanistan. I didn't Haywood and all I'm sad now is gutsy destroy it again today hello hey that's good yeah good morning Dana go ahead. You can play you can get crew. I have a period starting at our clean your act I have been and I can debating whether or not he can to a baseball game. He had its true and I told the only way I would ever hit peculiar little. To a baseball game Arianna kind of held in general yeah in fact. All layup and a weaker dollar underneath an overhang because they can't get getting hit and create an overhang at all my actual black. Knowledge and take the right on the third base why. Here's a great thing is you can make whatever decision you want but Major League baseball's gonna make that decision for you over the next five years or there's gonna cover the whole thing and that's so you don't have to worry about you'll be safe. If you Psycho like DNC don't mind to even take in nieces and movies to games for ever I always just really never watched the game who are now gotten him. The third super three I might freaking out I don't want anything that. Am right now what's he like I mean you know if you just really really have to super duper duper pay attention but. It kind of freaks me out what your saying with you're not even sure what the sold couple cut a done. To. Right to have a ball not have hit battery and also be absolutely no guarantee you know it's a reality on the Major League Baseball we're well used to be I remember years back there is an outrage on. Learn the language and end at. And baseball games and kids hearing all this foul language shift from the stands family friendly yankees' yes so why don't why didn't they consider having a family friendly section place and that in the stadium where it was in the ads in that spot that the last caller just said where you know under an overhang and it's. Affected areas so if you have kids under certain change at least you know there's there's a spot for them Nestle divorcee. Well first did you ever notice where they put those family friendly sections are like includes upper right field and third that's because that is not mandatory life is a choice and I. Most people don't really personal they don't wanna sit in terrible place in the most people don't leave the navy's elite eight we we. We still have some sense of normalcy around us were like you go to a baseball or football game. People are going to be drinking are going to be cursing and center us. So there wasn't that type of commander you know does that decrease the better supply fourth and also because it you know the the the Euro idea of calculus to create safer places for families to see it now with netting. Then it goes back to the question earlier remember there's this story of this was on the average last year when that woman grown woman in a Boston and it was Fenway Park she got sends a loss when you're an old woman. And people were outraged so it's not okay no one can get her brand and that's Canton. Pretty nice color. And I did don't that don't live. And blue as in any Indy hysterical and not take your gear Childs because it's fun you know when he hit by a ball that's just a living in fear personally our agreements act. The first time I ever check my son to annie's game of his very first baseball game is that his game and I. I did I splurge and because it was just can be meaning him and it was something ain't broke from my childhood memories. That I wanted to do and so I got as a really good seats right down there on the field and spend the money. Do you world of balls were hit. Up from way out in the upper decks didn't come from Rick Perry it and. That's why we're at the net the entire seating area because once we start stretching out the nets and people are still getting hurt. We're gonna have to net COLT plays who as you play baseball under a net and how old is your kid when he took on the cameraman. Us three EU he's an almighty god. I'm Amanda called CPU and it takes away from China you hate this probably takes away from Natalie sense of community. I don't sorry Jane we were out it was that we are on the burgers like the second level and a lot of balls are coming up that way and that's family there's like a few boys they're a little older of the money. We had a baby again or lack and it. Everyone was talking everyone anyway is an anabolic come every Obama is like. Aware of like okay here's where the baby is here's where the ball is like everyone kind of like pitched in and help with that but it does so I don't know just. I like that kind of stuff I enjoy a nice publicity that. Hello their campaign so it's your ball that brown morning's top. I go ahead. Yeah I think in my nine month old Forbes or her baby buggy and auto parts. And I would bring my glove it means new policy ought to pass. Out of the rule homegrown in taking a glove to the game to protect my son know that's what your hand is forty. I got here we are gonna try and I'm glad your making in the baseball games he had good. Right well hello there are Sharma for a while that's already know. I don't know whether they had a Little League game with no offense and I caught a ball. Three and do away with our bare hand right in front of my try to. LL be next we'll start net colleagues feel. All going in the stands and his critics have to. Anymore that's right and that's another reason this will happen because now once that happens then and guys like 35 years once we have all the stands netted. How do you get an official Major League Baseball. Yeah biased now of course this is a money maker for Major League Baseball zoom. Aren't they hand agency. Oh yes that's right how can I handed through a messed up. Nice eagle visited the war there we go yeah yeah. It's hard to bring. The sorry I'm sorry you'll get on your way out yeah not get that ball on the way you know in my throat is dry that's not acceptable. And when I was only shows us my son there was a player that came armor and send handed about it on my own. Are you mess there because it and that everything tomorrow Harriet you can't make the net and be comparable to get through it a good man what they're mentioning is that. So see. I am home plate a man an invasion behind home plate but catcher could not hand you ball. That's more than that they want all the way down eventually this this is owns all you had I had. You know they do that what they called the recap of the day plays that you guys all watch. It's like Boris banners on top tanner ABA yeah hey but there was that there was re all happened the day. And so it but she's since we only have so many of these players. Bouncing off of the Eddie rightly they would fall all the way down but then that he would keep them and they still catch the ball out of my balance back. I was really you know like that was funny to a hospice okay. That would be an old after. See in Australia when there's eventually the ensemble like a blind squirrel finding an acorn there. There will be no more of her third baseman running into the stands and leaning over again. That's pretty yeah Steve Hartman played inside the Chicago Cubs and go to the World Series that'll never happen this is the. And then they're really important thing Arnie issued a teacher into the state. There is Tyler good morning. Good morning guys I've got a question about best analogy is there's been a lot of home grown and I'm just wondering out in the words donated the home where he. Bounded off and that the outfielders gadget I counted and our national home run. Well because I don't think there again if they point insanity because of the nets are just gonna go down the sidelines all the way to the around the foul poles. And they'll be they'll be straight up and with with a little more if you will topple over on to protect the fans. They they no one yet has thought about are brought up these safety of people in the bleachers because you have to leave the ball has really go over the fans and into the bleachers yeah. There's no way to put a net there and because the ball travels 300 is easy out there you know it might feel picked it up and surely eventually if this goes so insane I mean I don't know of anyone getting hurt in the bleachers and as we continue to be. Com distracted could happen though just eliminate bleachers and you just want. There so I think I start eliminating stadiums altogether and they're gonna eliminate the balls and bats and is gonna put they're put everybody in thin those those suits and they use to you superimposed people and computer animated movies that he's gonna be 3-D reality called and let's get to where those goggles so watch the game there is going to be in their own separate room was surround sound is just going to be all virtual real. Safe then that's all we care about every safe. You know what they're gonna make it more crappy they're still keep the bleachers there. Have a gonna make it more crap before us is we're in the ball hits that neck right it's it's very it's to the edge when it hits and that's a home. Not that it hit the net to get their own. And until we know bird hit that ball that just goes right like that's Dunn's. That makes more sense because and they can keep the ball there's no way of fan catches Barry Bonds is 72 homer honor. Homer yeah that's good and then they can sell that that's a good idea to stay access hello there destroy your morning. Barney thanks out of Korea got to bear out. I'm well how limited military. Are we mature a cardinals game just my son and a whole church or the stadium I guess John Maine I don't expect a bow or anything. Well there have been a rainbow lake so we start down behind America's birthday start out fast. Our choir and have given my youngest and us occurred out. All Mark McGwire finally stops when there's all those nets by the way a day after this whole story broke we RDI news yesterday's Cincinnati Reds San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners. Have all committed to extend and adding to the Major League Baseball recommended there is so far protective Manning goes all the way to the end of the dugout on each side. So by ear opening day next spring more and more Tina rental only a third of the teams had done it. Now more and more jeans a ball online because they don't wanna be the ones who the first fatality or the first coma victim that said all we could put on that's what we. Didn't well you know that the Oakland coliseum is going to be totally finds his or her dropped a single ounce of money you know. Well plus they only had about 3000 fans and every game so it's pretty safe play.