Pussification:Teacher Modifies Declaration/of Independence Lingerie HS Cheer

Tuesday, September 26th


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Fifty yards Q. I do understand uranium I don't under. It's why people have to login makes stuff up in order to justify their opinions or their positions to stop it already with a fake news. Stop emailing me about the NFL game operations manual does a non. Binding the bulk the NFL has released a statement saying that the NFL game operations manual which does. The address how gains should be run in the bigger picture organizational stands. Say that the National Anthem should be played and that players should stand for however it is not a non binding died according to the NFL and nfl.com. Joseph how the NFL would like to see games Ron is not rule they are not gonna get mine they are not gonna get punished just shut up. Ten saves you don't like the fact that they are nearly nor ever. And it lets you all what happened here Brad I don't know I don't mind is Teri clipped yeah. Yeah yeah okay. Upon. Unplug and plug it don't have pain of dresses on her web site because that so many people where yeah talking about it on. Oh boy ya know they had to release a statement because so many people. After people like me release the story it's fake news there no rule and a say because then other people started to site. The operations manual. Did it's it's nothing more than what it's kind of like it's it's not even as legitimate as Amanda's analogy and handbook. It's just a suggestion for what they should do with games and just stop and other updates now the. You know yesterday. Tried to bring a ray of sunshine we're talking others are reminding us that the world did not and the I am the man who had the I had a doomsday claims had were they had people worried about September 23. Because he would be what really hit a window right. Yeah eyes so the one who is September 20 through May 23 I have been marching down on. My calendar is your name is David Meade he is a self described Apple's lack cells know. I use they self described the a specialist in research and investigations. Who bases his prediction is on a combination of biblical verses and numerical codes or Jesus was the sixth. Time in the last seventeen years the he has predicted the end of the world we can't predict that he was wrong again Solio's say and he is now. W down. Saying that. The world ending or immoral not ending is quote. Exactly what he had expected her. You know things have this same time I do though because all his followers that give the money. You could have been and this will go and cool he. Dad. Mystery it is earned a fair amount of publicity on line for peddling in a widely debunked claim that the planet called no room for our. Sounds like science how she and NASA says he doesn't exist but of course NASA is all part of the concede it is seen. Climate in which is also known as planet X for you geeks. Is on a collision course towards earth. When it passes the planet later this year he said that earthquakes volcanic eruptions tidal waves and other catastrophes well. Sue. Other predictions claim that the new rule and collide with earth on September 23 though now he says. You should that would happen even though I reported that he says it happened. Somewhere is needed I don't think I got the answer for you Amanda. It's a greater right now I'm ready didn't mark it down the middle end of the world will begin. All of this could say time I. OK give yourself more of a buffer remember once new rule hits earth no getting earthquakes volcanic eruptions tidal waves another contest. I'll begin the end of the world's. We get locus we know that hat yeah I would guess because he's our biblical. Part numerology. He's a viral attic so. Did that begin in the world I don't know how many days it's gonna take but we won't really handle all those catastrophes of the beginning of the end of the world. Yeah as good as the do you think nine. Hello my. October 15 we'll that's coming up. Is the beginning all the BJ any of the world's destruction to. That's good the inning according to David meet racquet could that day and why would you want for Christmas he says. If it is the most important dates of the millennium. OK dude just. The action will start on that day that says okay. Website when the world and serve was called a seven year triangulation theory all a seven year. Also is a seven glory years a fairly widespread belief that for seven years catastrophic catastrophic demands full wreak Havoc. Call your lists do and catastrophic events always rehab. He says they're quote hold on and watch and wait until the middle October and I don't believe you'll be disappointed both. We'll all be disappointed how many you dumb ass. This is he wrote that before going on to promote his book scores which she claims of all the details Vermeer point 995. Yeah. You know perhaps to sixteen and Justine and we have another hurricane begins hurricane season and all I care about closing make it's but. Back to leave. 72 watch stranger things. Yeah it's not that the world's gonna end on the fifteenth it's gonna take seven years faster and sell it on hold for chin. Something bad can happen within seven year gives a nice window of continued fundraising zuganov. Now I admit a quandary because it's like I want something bad to happen but I don't deeply hurt right now. Want to do that to happen lowered its sales can skyrocket even more Iraq. It needs to happen this followers know we don't need to hit a pretty Smart money can't sit and learn entire panel. He chuckled I got dark quickly plays just predicting big check that but what. Of their total body do does someone who actually murdered her just. Yeah. I think the better yeah. You know they get panel now I. Yeah well. Next another. We've been following the trials and tribulations of women in the military and a female soldier. Made history on Monday by becoming the very first woman to actually complete. The United States marine corps' infantry officer training program. In its 250 year history yeah she did everything the boys still three other women attempted and failed to graduate from the program this is where the controversy came in. And the armed forces swear you got to do everything the man do we ask why the women have always flown doubt she didn't. She's one major pain how anonymous. She is tough the first to complete the officers' training programs and is open all military occupational specialty car and the west. Do women in the spring of Tony sixteen a thirteen week course that trains and educates newly selected infantry and ground intelligence officers in the leadership. Infantry skills and character required to serve as infantry platoon commanders in the operating forces while. All of the 133. Prospective applicants 132 boom arm and only 88 finish the training he. And prayer and one of them now yeah. I can't in any way or refute those of you that are rolling your eyes and saying no to the world they gave her a break I don't know that. Our base where they didn't base and again three others have flunked out. Either way the soldier who wants to remain anonymous graduated from the Marines infantry officer course in Quantico Virginia Virginia and is now. The first marine division at Camp Pendleton. She's gonna head the first marine division at Camp Pendleton that'll be her first Al assignments hang out. You steal our age. Camp Pendleton Marines down tomorrow Sunday not telethon. We call. Dammit if it. Makes up on the day I'll cook. A fourth grade teacher in Mesa, Arizona mesa and you know it's in the days that. Please refer to it crossed out the word men in the declaration of independence. Replaced him with humans and I forced students to my. The gender neutral versioning in class. Oh fired. This all occurred at these salt elementary school Seattle where each and every morning after the pledge of allegiance is said the class is then it reciting. The altered version of the declaration on independence guys who. Now now yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Will Hillary she didn't do so this all came away because one mother is not pleased that's one. A Liz. Do you are. Getting high and watch in this. I. Aliens corner shot. Ultimately valid. Blizzard invalid or as. I was mortified. I was disturbed the fact that somebody is changing historical documents you bitch of its featured in this feature filled it was a teachable moment as well. When she shared in the class that she attended a protest of president trump. Oh my god she not win bound court approached the school fish. School officials told parent mom. They're her social media activity making this public. And it hurt the teachers feel these. What is didn't do your making the teacher and your triggering al-Qaeda. And our own corner that's in Mexico. She well my wife says to close what he has skipper Derek. Ultimately mr. Fallon court did get the sign removed from the classroom and on her son removed from the classroom the teacher maintains her job. This is still teach you why I think that's kind of implied when I said she maintains her job. Take your job all being told to quit changing its human and they took down the sign that took down the declaration of independence what do you think about a teacher who also brags to his. School yeah I went projection the president many things. And remembered the school's reaction was you're hurting her for. According to local I love my dad and my favorite TV station in the entire United States of America exists and Arizona can. KG UN and K gun. And their logo is the gun. Says this isn't the only instance of teachers in the district not just this teacher voicing their personal opinions during school hours. Station reports that a teacher and another school all. Has told students to refrain from saying bless you after someone's 36 plus YA aspiration in Georgia. This guy yeah because Intel. I think they can't say Jesus god. All the good old days need to wanted to help Tehran and I'm sure they're not teach the children and your love of alert me and get them excited about. Ernie had like feet maybe even see her. Politics. You're funny thank you for bringing that's. Had to say at the very good news that are right. One more update we're talking yesterday about homecoming and the school in Wisconsin and how you have to submit a photo of your dress if you're gonna buy a national to get to the homecoming we're talking about. Women and girls being socialize and if you want to Obama replied I was gonna is due to stern re year old born listen it's I'm sorry but before your daily reducing just. Second here come I. The good stating we're a nation already over there. It's it's passing I'm very bad sound like yeah. Hey Andrea good. Holes on my mother. Particularly brash jets. Came out came in contact your euphoria to the other day buddy up. Predecessor basically man has an inner. Well please know my singing my. I gave birth of one billion got to look at. Who wrote the bit about homecoming drove me nuts Amanda's crap. About teaching boys not to objective by someone who was born provocative clothing was unbelievable. I'll hypocritical BS what you are showing off your goods don't get pissed when someone looks. If you turn yourself into a sex object don't think it's what he had treated like a sex objects also. Is a young lady once she hits a team she's a woman stop treating adults like kids use some common sense god dammit rob I thought you would catch this grass our backer won't see this as clearly blue and anyone defense. First overall. I and put them back. It's okay you press a deep breath. Before my child turns eighteen. They are a freaky new child and in my mind when you become eighteen then you are now adults. And and Suri. A seventeen year old girl. Is just that to me she is and girl. I thought about what about all the BS and teaching boys and our objective by girls who go. Dress up close ally may edit I do Hungary and pay the girl's I. I do. Understand that there seems to be more. A she and a plethora. Girls say it seems to me this thing now to need you know a step sexy tampons for Halloween. Yeah everything is how can I be as sexy this can I be sexy back. An act and there is a lot of girls that are doing that. More so nowadays I feel I can and when I was 17. I am I could be totally wrong here. Because militant in the sticks but it does seem like everything everything is sexiness second act. Wish that said it and girls are warning that kind of attention and you know they're posting and I answer and now all that stuff. With that being said I do also believe that you should be teaching your sons how to treat a girl. As able eighty. I don't think that. Wearing spaghetti straps in school should be so much of a distraction to little boy is that they are not able to do. Their work they should be able to do their schoolwork you know I have a girl wearing tape tap with spaghetti straps I think it's stupid. Now the little girls that are wearing spaghetti straps which no Barack. I miss. You need me to where Barack but that. Susie skim these things in big true at the same time girls are objective urging girls her hands over specializing themselves as far as trying to get attention wearing Ali's sexy student Constance was just stupid. And ridiculous. But also we should be treating are not treating we should be. We're raising our boys not. Tell object to try and women with that said listen your FaceBook page yesterday afternoon we posted a video that has emerged of a group of high school cheerleaders performing on the sidelines on the football field. While seemingly wearing lingerie. The video captures the cheerleaders in Miami preparing their sixth synchronized routine. Wearing suspenders boots and skimpy clothing and each cheerleader is also holding your travel bag for some reason. The scantily clad girls from high school in Miami were clad in blue and black and the record in advance was composed of hip gyrations. The video and thus the football field before they can see you there dance as the school's marching bands strings by here's some of the reaction we got. On our FaceBook page Jeff says I felt weird watching it as if I was watching child boy they are definitely way too provocative for high school cheerleader. And since super inappropriate I couldn't even watch more than a few seconds of the video. And my mind was wake me up other people had another interest in perspective Nadia says. We have the deals went in flaunting their breasts with the child attached to them or restaurants. But people have an outcry about performance art like this. What is this world coming into her Alice says looks like the drill team and not cheerleaders if so then it's fine law. Janice said it's Miami it's hot people let it go. Others are all really stupid reasons Joseph Watson yeah. There are a brand ran in what you think. And think it was child born but I didn't think it was pretty inappropriate for high school cheerleaders because they or they word prancing around like they were. Getting ready to go on the main stage and and put on a stance of the strip club and they are. But it greatly if I'm wrong random maybe I'm older they are even more scantily clad that I remember like dance teams and drill teams in the high school being my yeah. No I think that it's pretty much on par as far as it goes with with cheerleading outfits because you know the there really short skirts and they've got the little booty. Shorts underneath them but you can see a lot of skin that they're they're very revealing. Even the normal cheerleader outfit but this is very suggestive because it is lingerie it's Carter's it's it's booze DA's it's it's. Studies that suggest things more sexually and like this period TNT in the hip gyrations editing and yes part of. Okay yeah I Timmy this'll is that. It it was I was like stockings of the garter bella and NB CX to need it looks like they were going out to perform a Pussycat Dolls perform and he's. Burlesque yeah. Send cat yeah. It was if you weren't into what is actually Bolivar and instead it was like Ed burlesque show. Performance the bush I don't think is appropriate I understand. This cheerleading. On the uniforms and don't fall. Exactly. In line always been the school's dress code because it cheerleading skirts are and moved. Much shorter than what would be permissible to where. During school I believe so I can have that rock. But I think that when you're doing at school performance like that. It should someone adhere to the school dress code you should be going out there and lingerie. And and doing a Pussycat Dolls. And performance was the thing that even added to end and McCain himself. Just it was as they're so hot right it was just from. Way way way too provocative. For girls and high school beyond and it's it's disgusting that was gross it's even allowed them to do that. FaceBook each one better people the ones are they're like bullies and isn't real stable okay cool. But because they were able to almost sixteen year old girls what about the one that says this is far less worse than that no woman breastfeeding in public oh my god and like you were. Mean when she called out performance art yeah. I'm curious parents of all these are still girls that are under age and you cannot hide behind performance art to have them look like a bunch of house. Ansari and breastfeeding she's a grown woman adult breastfeeding her baby giving it nourishment. These are girls putting on a strip show basically I need. The day I write to me I think what baffles me the most. Is how people come up with a stop in their mind I would have never and a million years but also breaks and hopefully we'll meet. A you function on a daily basis. What I like about this because I'm a misogynist is these are all those comments aren't from women that's a nice looking Janet says number it's Miami it's hot ghetto version of the. Yeah our girl okay at first I have to say this. Sexual I think breastfeeding is not sexual act is married your god DM baby stop sexual rising in. This is overt sexuality of these children and I think it's disgusting. But ladies just speak on behalf of Brandon Knight we really do love it when you breastfeed in public. Yeah might not be sexual content may say yeah man. Thank you do okay.