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Friday, August 25th


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How are you. I couldn't go. I don't know but I mean I he's. I love you ever play less okay. Yeah Cheryl small shove bush down my pants and yeah. Any airs on the bottom. They're wrong with my brain bodes well unfortunately you know look at that. Don't current and I don't think there's something not wrong when your brain. We all heard the same thing I'll answer emails. RE DS Brad radio dot com I did read and let me just say I am hold green and train and not for the reasons most of you are for something that I know is probably not gonna happen this late hour there's only 1% chance of what I'm hoping and praying for will happen. And it's not an awful skit that no actually the opposite okay it's not because I care at all about humanity. Or don't in any way avoiding death and destruction. There's nothing we can do about it there are two undefeated heavyweight champions throughout the history of time. Father time and mother nature. We are never gonna beat either one of them know that so sure as much as we keep trying we are never gonna find immortality we are never going to realize how. Important we are in the wind when the earth is done with us it will dispose of us we will not dispose of that I agree so I don't care about any of that actually because of those attitude I want to keep people die and suffer. I'm going the other way on this again not really care about people. Love because I wanted to illustrate how stupid we are as a society and again I hope and pray. That hurricane Harvey's dance hearing Jane Harvey takes a hard right turn in the next six hours closeout in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico and nothing happens. It is easy because yet again we have shut down an entire quadrant of the country over the Americans slogan of living in fear. You're seeing names diary. I know this is just like five years ago when we did the same part of the country when they were in Galveston was not yet hit Iran. Awesome we evacuated. Every one I'd say just there are five. How were. Odd delay is on the freeway we shut down America's six bit eight biggest city of Houston all because the hurricane was coming in nothing happened. Feel a little showers that was it last willow are we August last winter we shut down the entire eastern seaboard over the hurricane that was storming in there because we shut downs out of Paris and now we all lost in Washington DC right turn nothing has. You billions of dollar yes yeah. Billions of dollars in lost enough road until now he's an iPad everybody's scared to death freeways all of the forever home people loved it. Why weren't the guys what we do we live in fear were ridiculous nine now all because those hit landfall today. It's gonna probably still hit landfall what I hope what does it really doesn't cat three to a cat one and no. Aren't happens. We cannot look around all these morons that are driving is bad image and a Chicago. They go way to go stupid you know we used to handle is we hunkered down we bunkered down we've lived through with god just drives me nuts and what does that say people are escaping to Chicago. How. Do you remember remember always shut down entire city San Francisco Molina meant that never occurred that was just a few years. Copies for everything you just again that you're open Ford Probe superb for reasons that are my bro humanity. You are midnight blue eyed anti China and watching the news aren't like crazy. Just have a lot of the taxes go back and forth there we have friends and her ten. An area I mean I hate it might get instead central Texas might get some flooding blue. I don't I mean they're you know they are eastern. Actually Ariza back but. There's so many of those coast towns where this one bargained down or barbecues body was like I'm still until I think it was apple actually sees the water's coming. Like that brilliant and she said there's been too many false alarm go ahead in the particular post helmet. That there in ads and I'll tell you I'm praying that that's what happens because my heart will break a bad play one of them. Online yeah Kinnear does utilized well I'd like I guess then I don't know whenever and some of the towns like. We're not quite Colleen I think some are now evacuated but prior they didn't wanna polish because they want mass of people on freeways and cause chaos. I already happening because I had an you don't have to call for refer refer to what we call corn hole mandatory evacuations. Because we have the media we've already scared everyone to death of freeways are already. Yeah. Our lady ran real I won't miss a way Harvey this is from a Mercedes Daimler said it says I'm a big fan and know that doesn't mean I'm bad draw. I'm sure. That's relative Mercedes no zeal your bat until I see pictures otherwise sound like his. Car I love the show I love everything you guys do Bob ball. It doesn't seem right. CNET is a lot I'm ready and Donna her husband Gary is going to be OK or evacuated spelled wrong ear who came here be here see through what she's bell was evacuated. Well Gary going to be evacuated from where he is with the hurricane Harvey approaching sexist prayers sent him Molly. So so we hope you'll be just fine in. Myanmar holly yeah you know he's he's fairly final that he's real artist Angelo Texas that is fine and one guy now like you know miles the late February that that they may get flooding this weekend but that. The south part Austin or use. When they get fly. And I am. One bribes a truce of life and this is number 914 in my list if you don't wanna die in a hurricane don't live in hurricane Alley. Yeah deal won diners they don't live in California these these these busy in the isn't the truth of what we can control also get over. I mean I know that these things can be catastrophic I don't mind segue from that I do however. I mean if you've ever. I don't know what seems to be admitted less the towel. That green is it's not raining it sheets of waves coming down on the normal rainy day so they're kind of used to this and a sense. As well but it doesn't matter anymore because we live in fear they've been used there's a reason why we call them nor'easter so. Because the northeastern part of the United States against the the worst blizzards save Alaska. Anywhere in the continental United States they've gotten them first century's yeah but now and again. This email from John McCain John and I just wanted to be a nosy listener and check in with you guys about hurricane Harvey. Who I jaguar remember Brown's fiance cristina's parents lived in south Texas by customs. She is stand no Houston is a show UST JoAnne. This is some town are not aware of himself says it is spelled HUSTI and told us that he means he has had. Ask you thinks it's phonetic also got to be what. I mean that's not even close that's the big city over there OK I can't remember Christy is parents lived in south Texas White House and get used to it or north hero Dallas you know. You know hero here the Dallas near the white right Nero how her little issues. There are Greek god that lives outside of Dallas or not. Don't worry I'm sorry Nero fiddled while Rome is burning. Aren't I not got my historical figures mixed up there also Cyrus. Hero by. I remember. Dominik do. Ever ready I'll look at has been working on the zoos in constant. Hughes stands I don't. It was an awesome yeah is Austin Austin news there and we'd go to Hughes says I'll lives we have friends there and what about the Astro what about custom heavy guy. Has don't have to Google it is how far it is from a strictly says I hope they are all going to be OK with this hurricane is about to destroy south Texas and Louisiana. Plots and all. Aspirin Louisiana teens and their way. Yet Christie is family lives and Dallas proper for the I just get tornadoes and then there and only does that they're not postseason. Ice storms and other things or it could be just a users ruining my mother right future mother in laws are worried about all I'm real housewives of Dallas come. It started Mitch is so. Thank you've gone from us we're into episodes is okay. I was supposed to throw it on it and really beautiful every four minutes is up there on that kisses. So we'll keep our eye on hurricane horror every. Marty now. Yeah. Who are now FaceBook is exploding this morning. Over the excitement of our official announcement which we alluded to yesterday we are all set and ready to go beginning Monday morning her. Not today but Monday morning you'll listen for the sound of Brandon clown yeah. You took the movies I know what join us the entire rad show including dawn and Amanda were. Alan you are going I had I can kind of play terms or reason as any via email yesterday. Any massive highways Verlander needed it in the right. We'll have an exclusive trying to premiere screening of the much anticipated move it's. Thursday night September says it is a surprise spring you will be in a theater located in the Sacramento area and keep it private except for the the winners of the listeners who don't create a mob scene of the theater and so starting Monday. When you hear the sound of the clown inviting in the movies and it'll just be played randomly. At any time during the show a couple times everything is a man. I'll listen sorry yeah. You see all your news color your team that's it that no no trivia question. No nothing. Hours you're lucky I got a call an Indian air tickets now 11 thing we should buy it it's 6 PM the meet and greets and yams or shall we see unavailable Thursday night. September sir. You have to point out. Doesn't have a lot of fun leading up to us. For security reasons this is even our role is the theaters ruled there will be no dressing up as clowns keep on data they don't allow. And on this day and age. That doesn't mean we cancel have fond of the these scary movie will be scary and so this is what this this means nothing right now but I'll play for a few times a day so you understand. Beginning Monday. Anytime you hear this era of big color eighteen and win tickets to see is with us. Households that simple my job and in the very beginning of the segment the Maryanne Wright meant all of this curry being in every hearing ESP caller. I had let's start Monday morning. Flag and goes until we get rid of all of the tickets if you find murder find this you. And murder in the movie and see. How anyone better kill bit yeah. We don't slow down your details on. I'll own basement and I don't start now game what a great prize. My how much Johnson and I have this thing that we do it. Usually we do it like when we're done he sounds. Why was referring to something very specific and I was about yeah. But gas is currently has one birthday the movie. Usually we'd do it when we're like play fully annoying the crap out of one another life because we really loves are back in for Zain on each other. And at some point when we get so frustrated with the other person one of us will go. Only got to my got to my got to my got to my got to my got to got to got. I just like we repeat on I'm so frustrated I don't muscles. The let me just say see you on the subject to. Almighty I don't. My god I can't I can't buy a Jordanian and I can't I can't do this anymore. I cannot do this anymore the only good news about this is as requested yesterday. We do those scenes song now for the race bile because unfortunately. Racism is everywhere racism. Topic it's always of course ban a simmering topic of the American narrative but now it is front is senator. And you can't goes through a day without talking about it's almost every day now we have a race by. Aren't. In my round. So yeah. And I grinned and took a very touchy subject and made some integrate and automate. Full so here's the latest. In the race file yeah. I don't know if you're familiar with the American Civil Liberties Union there an organization that was originally founded. To protect americans' civil liberties protects free speech. In center they have unfortunately much like a lot of organizations that are found them with the right intentions like say Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Like them the ACLU has devolved into formal organization mad just once so literally banned alcohol that's their mission statement just make it illegal. The ACLU has become a political organization and for the most part. Protects the rights of people that want to say what they agree Wes. And it doesn't protect everyone else that I usually I'll occasionally they do the right thing but it is very rare but that's a the American civil civil liberties union. It's been on Wednesday afternoon they posted they Twitter they may have blown it on their own page they posted a photo also also on the basement page. A photo of a toddler is old guy that so far so good hurt either of the toddler totally innocent. Mean I hate children. But I don't look in your own. Toddler and get angry and Goshen couple Coke I mean the kids you know the kid has no idea how awful life is no let it be happy for a few more absolutely. And and they had ended and toddlers wearing a one easy to seeing and the ones he says on it free speech. I'll bet you its its products that the ACLU is making and selling to raise money. Com and the caption says this is the future of the ACLU members want to. And the toddlers hold an American flag. I mean we're we're wasn't where and they say that group yeah I remember about number grow its an advertising for a month clothing. That's it and it has. A homer call will not sit. Well I do my season on the board I'll. Those slowly heat stuffed animal in her right hand when all American flag Nancy precious the ones the marriage just has frees me and I Abdullah says her. And I I think the ACLU logos aren't just as free speech. That is so precious isn't it. Yeah is. Really sad thing when I look at it. This is depressing is I'm not sure America's going to be around for you can tell by the time you grow up. I will sell I pray for an Obama got a McManaman done. Well. Almost instantly out. They're posting that photo. The ACLU was inundated with people who were furious over the post. Because it endorses white supremacy. It's cool lets. Us. Because the baby's lace up your stuff editorially and he although they paused again. And a smaller day in a row I had to do this and tell you. This is the real story I am not making this this is not satire. It is not mean absurd to illustrate the insert is not phony and does not false is not think news items that checked in its true. So have we come to a point where if anyone who has YE. Is wearing something with the American flag work and I think there are racists. Oh I would even take the American flag got a bit based on the comments it's just because. The ACLU is saying member what they wrote. This is the future and ACLU members want right with free speech well but that I I again I'm telling you take free speech out of it. For these people please all that does what what people see is what the ACLU wants is. White supremacy. Lord thy sting I can't do it either we need to go sign an island on an animal to animal got. A free speech organization was blasted immediately by social media users. Hutus opposed to being racially insensitive and even likened it to pro Nazi commentary why hours. See about Henry gets you hold true to your jokes friends quit. Tweet I actually thought someone re treated a white genocide account on my timeline. Key somebody else named August says this is the future at the ACLU wants and they post a picture of a baby dressed up as a Nazi now. The current. Yeah definitely different photo then argue that the toddler I could see see what August insane is this what they really I just say what they got out and that's exact. That's what they see what they see gusting they see uneasy a white baby was an American flag and a free speech serves and they say that's the same as a Nazi OK so no more white baby mama. It got an event of blacks probably would have been OK you were right Hispanic or whatever and I hate to even talk like this on my head. However skin shouldn't matter and of course of course the ACLU and immediately backed down and Malia I figured that. And quit and corrections. Where the group admitted. That the original message. Was. A racist and saying quote. When your Twitter followers keep you in check and remind you that white supremacy is everywhere. Else guys. When your Twitter followers who represents. 000001%. I don't agree when that not not no no look around this country. It is not 00001%. Of people that are believing the stuff that's why you have millions margin millions protest. Just still seems to cannot 0000. On one person does it seems to me. There and that the crazies are still there. The minority I didn't say there were in the minority here but they are powerful that that's like that and other powerful I would be like saying oh only crazy people believe that America should be socialists know. There in the minority but it's one out of three people. There are a lot of people Britney. I'm sorry about let me we were his words matter. I hate that we came here sit there it's a Smart card debt. On Twitter at. And need the amount of crazies it's a small percent but they are powerful they live and agreed to do this and they're the ones that stand out in screen and allowed us. And I guess I just get more upset. That we just buried out here right let's just cater to you because you are allowed us. And everyone else is just gonna keep their mouth shut we'll go along their day so we Nikkei dirty because you're wondering gonna make. The news here's where you and are gonna have to agree to disagree they are not a small percent just because you're in the minority doesn't mean your small. I am I am absolutely certain forever and nice scenery in the very large percent. 25% as a lot 33% is a lot. One out of three people that's a lot yes it is because you're in the minority but doesn't your small. But it gets worse guys coming out of my element. Well I think so I'm. I mean you you can you can judge for yourself you know what to do if we're gonna rank these are this one is more I think this one is even more stupid. Oh my got to my got to my got. The Mariana clips on Monday. Yeah. Once yet. It can soft. If you're a Sacramento area it was lame if you if you were anywhere they got about 70% coverage it was claimed they threw the only place that it mattered as if you're in the passenger Ali man those photos looked amazing I didn't experience and so I can't say people and I still think you know crying over it was a little ridiculous. People seem to enjoy actually get in the darkness act. What ever. According sue okay I'm gonna do them disclaimer first. Is a real sorry it's not fake news actually happen. And it is not meant. As satire because one when you hear what I'm about to tell you you're going to think it's a Saturday night live's theater somebody writing to be funny. Try to illustrate the absurd by being insert. This person is deadly serious and has doubled down and reaffirmed their belief. It's somebody that's teaching our youth. Ole Ole guy Brooklyn Law School professor on leave for a straw. Contains their kid after an anti in Atlanta. Eight she but it could put it says is true. They're this week's solar eclipse. Shows that the solar system is racist. Because the path of the eclipse all cook I fell across areas of the country Ronald mostly with white people. Don't. Take this president seriously although I I believe that there's secret. I'm speechless. I thought I thought we were pretty down and finding was that done and this is a professor for a law school that's scary yeah. The article an old American blackout. Begins by saying that the path of the eclipse falls on white areas of the country fact that proves that the solar system is racist golf. I mean. Are all she went on to say that the sun and moon's racial bias is evidence. By picking an only white areas to travel over and she documents and I'm not gonna redo the whole thing because she goes through the whole path of totality but here's part of what she wrote. Boards and where this begins. Is almost entirely wiped out Yunel to census. We are Ajax is a 10% or so state residents who do not identify as white are predominantly Latino. American Indian Alaska or Asian. There are very few black or guardians and this is not an accident organs sought to get and stay Weis decades ago. Now only that last part is opinion and she's got her stats right. They meet him and there's and it's not you organ identifies. In the census is 90% Caucasian hair and only 10% are minorities and are made up predominantly of everything that is an African American. And apparently and so and so pay back to her point. The sun and the moon. Pick Dorgan to start because the sun and the moon the solar system are racist so I wanted to go to one of the white didn't want to go to the Y is placed on the West Coast to start. Hey this on the them on the got together. So here's my thing like I was just sorry if I thought crossing her mind as she sat down. Because you can do a search right what what the stats of demographics and any state or dish does she already know. That's a puff up at every stage and that's what led her to go oh my god are you know the stats or Jane here's you know this is racist fears. I would guess that I would guess since we had weeks leading up to new glimpse of the path of totality. If you looked at it you could stay and if you looked at life through a everything is racist prism you could look at the path of totality go. While that's interesting look at all the states it's going through those are mainly predominantly white states are gonna go look into this. And now again they connect bats in the universe being racist there's a little. Do feel a Jersey but here's the part where she loses me and I know she's the professors she's not Smart and I. But Kermit. The whole United States. The stats are white. Told overwhelmingly African Americans make up 12% of the entire population. So but don't know if the universe was not racist. The path of totality would've not started an organ but it would've started say in Oakland tone or molded to specific. You know one more in the Bay Area a area or a LA. And other higher concentrations guy that's an African Americans and then it would is be moved to the same rules the country probably would have it would have did to mourn the deep south Mississippi they're okay. All month and then and then and then made a hard left turn zoned out to Detroit's as she wanted to skip yeah. Right places because it's intentionally. Avoiding the areas. Where African Americans in any way our major part. The population crazy hello James. Saying doesn't go per week leading up in the lead that I would read it and you don't mind I'd ball horrible luck historical under article big covered the main thing I thought on what he had blood on on quote bad blood all over and play. And it. I'm writing I'd love me good luck to leave your wrist but now they're talking about it after you wouldn't love me and you are meeting ball not gotten here yet when you do admit it's still a bit the right thing to note that good good player and don't mind that educator in America and millions. My understanding is that this this is professor believe. Certain things prozac much is she started because your original article was August 18. And the complete social well Tony first thing yeah ever backtracked the Monday. Arm and yes then once she wrote it's. Hundreds of people rallied to her side instead see this is proof that that is that the universe is against us or. But white people at the universe is against black. Yes of course yes the. I mean hello is gone is that the way it goes wrong member. Starts and order which is almost entirely white CC did the whole path to tally had him for you and all that but she writes from Morgan. The great American clinched traveled through Idaho and Wyoming which percentage wise are even wider and again. The main saint. The universe are well they started in the mostly white area they could find on the West Coast. And then Wednesday the rest of the country instead of dipping down the Mississippi you are right through them why I don't know why owns all white people you know they're all Ernie said. Well some of the people race I mean I'm I'm just takes. He says I've heard it. I hear it is gonna say I guarantee in her mind. There are all our is you know me I like Iowa I don't think this woman needs to have anything else thrown upon our approval or not she is well lessens your better than I mean this is like when people would argue that that Obama was a Muslim oh god why why lie when you have plenty of things pointed out what general president yeah. So that's why your kicker I don't I. I don't need to claim what that woman thinks about the people who live in the the nutty thing is she thinks the universe I mean that is pretty bad really is race is all you need the article went on like this for sometimes Apollo follow the entire half of the eclipse. Throughout the article this Ibuprofen can place. The totality of the clips within racial totality throughout its. Whole cage hello I'll know what Ron I was about to make the point you're gonna make but it's much better listener doesn't so go ahead because I was thinking the exact same thing. Didn't matter Robert and everywhere and the I was thinking there should not go back it doesn't here. Beat Mexico where it's starting and taxes and cut being truly without it appears could not keep up through New York. And the golfers mostly flat. Will be in about you're actually right enjoys 44 is our next total solar eclipse. Army and the path of totality currently cuts the cuts through Texas and then up through the north wanna be interest to you and I and it does she know I don't know. Put an end for the next seven years she can just argue that it won't really happen or whatever she's gonna say yeah one of the interest in this. And I haven't looked at the path of totality close enough in seven years from now won't get there. Does it actually. Cut over the black areas of those states are. Full doesn't go over more rural Texas which is predominantly white or doesn't go over. Houston San Antonio Dallas where the predominance of African Americans lived then as it cuts of north doesn't get over. When he goes through the south does it go over Mississippi your does it take lefties at Tennessee what does it hit the. Rural areas of Tennessee doesn't go over the parks it's still named after a grand. Hole. Money fur. The grand wizard of the kkk and the park named after a true story online magazine come at you in the path that I'm now ready there goes right over that this woman will have. Shall explode that does solar system. Is racist and we need should be and the solar system right I don't understand you see I think. The goal anticipation you know all your people the. Fraught at she does now all of her and he's any sort of solution I think the point of the article is just saying. That and mean this is the ultimate whining. No matter who you are well. The universe is against us. That's what she's saying you know let's see just always be a victim. Yes you're never unnecessary or never overcome it you never moving past you're just always get to be a victim and tomorrow morning and save some. These here. He just one more quick update here you remember I won us the whole thing started some. Over in Charlottesville over the confederate statues. And and I guess I finally just mentioning and I am I am actually really excited about the soap box I'm ready for next week that'll be read radio dot com thousands more research this morning and last night. Or I'm going to systematically dismantle all of you believe rob really wasn't a racist. Those who say he wasn't a slave owner. The more I dive into it I find more of his writings I was actually getting in my library home last night at a monster historical books have a bunch of his writings. I'm trying to fairway and got to stand nominee and source and an all out but it's just it's like you read the you read again in his own words I don't need historians I don't need anybody commentary. And I realize not this whole matter. None of this will matter I'll just inn earn those of you who are either ignorant or we'll talk wrong and don't wanna learn or ever. I'd be a soldier parents are bad rightly has been ingrained in you need that that's just normal wherever you are mean. Yeah CA they I I see it more in reimbursements the same idea you see. Other parents of adult children who are convicted of heinous cars and there's no doubt who they are and they swear they didn't do it. Usually there on video it collapsed on him I'm so I guess I know I'm really excited about it because it just shows how a moment and and so my position is manned. Whenever should build statues to these disgusting vile human beings they belong in museums we're knocking or race histories her history should come with concept so we don't need something that we Revere it's it's literally like building statues to Hitler. Remember. The president trump. What an idiot at that news conference that big raucous news conference outside trump tower where he was basically fighting. With the media at one point when he was saying both sides reach Maloney knew he was accused of equivocation but the one thing you said that I thought made sense was. Where does it stop. We if if were tearing down statues. Of people. Because they own slaves or because they were. Deed is racist. Where does it stop and he says Washington nexus Jefferson Jackson alive and a lot of people all god badgered chicken little slippery slope. Couple majesty's stories. President's drums questions or reporters on a week ago Tuesday about the possibility of Tarrant County historical monuments has been answered by one Chicago pastor. Now is the time. Bishop James dukes. Is making headlines in Chicago after calling on mayor Rahm Emanuel to re name of Washington park. Named after president George Washington and our founding father and remove a statue of the first US president because of his ties to slavery. My god saying my god does treasury if it wasn't for George Washington and quotes I'm calling on them to change the names of Washington park slave owners do not deserve the honor of our children playing and parks named after them. Meanwhile. In New York. In the wake of the demonstrations my white supremacists in Charlottesville birds Kanye West Virginia and New York mayor and brand idiot bill blogs ago. Has ordered a ninety day review okay quote all symbols of hate on city property. Beginning width. The statue of Christopher Columbus in Manhattan while. Those he would ever visited Manhattan knows that Columbus Circle is right there it links the west side of the upper west side is right caddy corner of Central Park it's a huge area. Where is shopping centers CNN is based there and right in the middle got a little round about the people drive and wants there is a huge statue. Christopher Columbus who was of course a racist and genocide or destroy the native Americans etc. And it is being looked at as a symbol. Of hate so give Charles credit for at least something while he might be an eloquence he wasn't wrong. Hello there are words. Michael and much less and less land morning. Yeah hi yeah I know I just quit getting rid of all of this vacuum than everything in our personnel and Barbara what about paper money. I am actually hurt you paint you get artifact. That. Again you didn't hear it here's here's where the question will be answered in this way how far do we really allow this to go. Do we actually allow. Schools and parks named after George Washington and Thomas Jefferson should be renamed do we actually take down Christopher Columbus did we do. All bets are off I have already heard rumblings on the trees here and on cable news people say exactly that. That we should we can keep linking Clayton great duty free the slaves we can stay on all the money. But Washington and Jefferson. We already know nobody hates. Isn't a Jackson and Hamilton. Ben Franklin he can for the most part stay even though you know he grumbled a terrible time yes I've already heard rumblings of this that we should replace them with Martin Luther King. Harriet Tubman. Things like that. So do you are you denying your country. They formed just like you wouldn't be able to do anything you're doing right now has not bid for George Washington's foresight he actually had helped a people were complacent they were used to just living under but the role of the British empire whatever like I mean it wasn't like every moment like yeah. Yeah are you the truth is he the visionary but it was like my gosh DM yeah Al. It was a racist and he wasn't the visionary and know that black men should be free although. I am I'm a Washington info my love him you know we do he was well known for actually treating his slaves better. Than most but of course he still owned slaves so surely guiding gave us everything sensibility whatever is his slave. Not everything but a lot of it it to them some but I'm. It's not about to nine history and what they would say it again put the museums but don't put them on things we warship like our money because they don't belong there because they were slave owners so let's see if we can end with a somewhat lighthearted. Piece of the race bio. A new petition. Wants to replace statues that honor of the confederacy. With figures of Britney Spears. Oh this is any other CEO had supporters of the petition in the state of Louisiana where Britney Spears' proms or. Right thing and replay to replace the confederate statues with an actual little. I'm way Britney Spears' wife told you ask. He had everything that folks below us and good morning. I'll let you out there you know and just call me. So I do want to try to be our dogs our best about. He George Washington's vision Oprah country. George Washington's vision for a country was. Not happy system where you said you know I'd go to a bipartisan system. They're like they're George Washington vision for the country had nothing to do it or Iraq he bid helped us very independent outside. You can gain words or about where country ended up. Yes I know there's a lot of her. Yeah okay cool what book book book book. He was wrong about the way our country ended up because we screwed it up to thank you his vision was correct. Who cares and it didn't turn out that way we've pointed out. So I don't know why widely I don't know what point you're trying to make. Neither he and and don't even start with me about the history of Washington because I won't wow you with facts well hello there Cody good morning. She's yeah rice. Hello hi ally and I'd certainly be there and the cartoon maker probably erase all the history books how I want you people powers played very well now no no no win. And though were already we've changed history books oh yes you don't race it's you point out that then those people like Washington and Jefferson are not heroes. They were villains they were there and we don't talk about the good parts about. Their visions and and the declaration of independence and the Bill Bryson what an amazing general what does it George Washington was we don't even see each anymore we just talked about. Racist slave. Owners period they're not a racist because they are racing we won't be teaching people that white supremacy exists in the white people or bad the race it. They wanna rewrites. Let's have some fun play the pressure cooker show yeah. This is our daily trivia game that we played every single day we don't get a winner every single thing we should treat people I know what you don't fire built in thirty seconds and you win tickets to see Jim Jefferies and arrived he. Doesn't save cats. We'll be doing that he'll be doing standup comedy Saturday September 9 at the religious grand exposition hall in Reno both Brandon and I will be there with our now. All look here we hope you Barrett. I'm pleased bias alcohol. Not just a matter who's in lesser color eighteen right now you can skateboard or phone numbers to all free from everywhere at 888. 9899 he had eleven caller eighteen plays the pressure cooker or my got to my got to my got to.