Racism Pile: Teens Lynch 8 year old

Wednesday, September 13th


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I. Dawn. Caldwell. Hello Cassandra. What's up. Oh hi yes you know I'm driving and I'm still mad so when I heard my anger started crying I have to be completely out of that you had an error I have generational step children. Whom I love. Beyond this world. One day I took them to the store and their ability behind us and she says excuse me glad that come back wire repealing taught my stepdaughter. And I want to element and I bet I'm sorry you're you're talking to us and she's got hurt she feeling down. It could hurt small she's not feeling gum I asked them that they wanted anything. Worry you defend. That I'm sorry. Yes there which you write and I would neither my fat children more your wife and their last. While people aren't slash church. This I am so infuriated with that I'd email video you don't you act kind of about our. Thank you but I mean we know we're in the same boat yet you have to deal would soon we have to find the right positive ways to deal with it are we at this notes from Rebecca as well Kyra back and my husband and I had a similar reaction from complete stranger and we announced our engagement on FaceBook a few years ago. My cousin is black and I am whites. The idea commented on our announcement that we were being selfish like getting married and the and I'm really. He also went on to claim that my husband was only marrying easily could beat me it's what my Italian black guy that's only due to be there well. It was an extremely jaw dropping experience the fact that people out there exist to actually. Didn't fall and that I didn't play. It's disgusting I you know I win my husband and I for one of that Foster care classes they were like. They always asking you know it's going to be on their my nationality race whatever we're like. Matter and there are like we know here's why it needs and we need to prepare you can do you know for all these things that you're talking about and I think it's to have somebody late I just once. How many I'll eat. Are you kidding me right unbelievable I can't really what you gotta do it and this woman is shocking. She'll be she's just stealing 'cause she's I shouldn't say the race whatever race again is it really does not why the license deal. Well or she just made or she just made the delineation. That Wilson's your wife and their black you're not together so I'm gonna be the adult and tell them to sound silly might not ban. But so could many black kids steal it could just that it should its bite their own guns stand in the line it could have been home. We've actually unfortunately stumbled and we're really quick version of the race might help. I'm. I'm proud I. You can imagine. You brand and you don't have found this beautiful. Rory Collison actually. Well thank you to them headline eight year old biracial boy it was hung from a row. Because of his race car car here's the story. It was around 5 PM on Monday in late August when an eight year old boy like so many others that leaving on summer in the summer was plain and backyard. The other is he was with had a few years on some as old as fourteen and he had no reason to suspect. The picnic table or tire swing nearby would become tools for what his family says was racially motivated near hanging. That's the good news in the news story kids alive well thank god I'm okay. Tonight in Claremont, New Hampshire to the dark turn when the teens started taunting the boy with racial slurs and throwing sticks and rocks at them. It is then stood on top of the picnic table and grabbed the rope attached to a tire swing. The teenager said look at this putting the rope around their necks now my understanding is they read the whole story. Is this is all happening in the backyard there's kids all those fourteen the parents are you know the adultery inside they think the kids just playing in this all happens over the course of just a couple. Less than I mean I guess that parents who say it this way yes she says then one voice says. Let's do this they push the eight year old all the picnic table with the rope around his neck hanging and the voice Wong. Back and forth three times if we're freeing himself. And now aliens has ignited local national outcry. Over what has been cast by many as a hate crime against a biracial child. Lovely yeah. The rest of parents as well so that's all gone all else. Her ground in the hands. All right let's go back to what started all this and and I promise you we have jokes for Amanda yeah eggs and happier things on this is from Lindsay I'm Lindsay she says our aim at newly engaged for two months now. I. And my fiance wears a wedding band on his wedding ring finger not because I won't consume. Because he wanted to show everyone that he is soon to be married. On finding cute and respectable you rob are doing the exact same thing as we and then there's this from Don. You guys as the sanctity of marriage argument against gay marriage has always driven you nuts. There are many things that threatens sanctity of marriage including infidelity drug abuse and financial problems and if you yeah. I however have never heard of a couple filing for divorce because Steven Paul who lived down the street from them are married us. Have you play of course not because that is ridiculous yeah. And so the and. Once I did tonight it's not exactly man. Don we are covered that is going quite well let's comments from his. Do you hear is just.