Rudeness at the Self Check out / Child Pees Into a Bowl at the Table

Thursday, October 12th


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He owns 47 years old does Brady got in my car and fight her right so I almost feel like I need I know maybe you just. We need to have belittled and and telling people off here in the air force Coughlin. You know listen bother you but CNN that in the shows a cathartic for me I don't like we get it out on the air and and it doesn't bug you. But I quarterback who lives yeah they're two more questions in mind Jason you're in line your third or fourth morning. Somebody's in front of me they do politely turn around and say sees me. I just have to run back to the blah blah blah and blah blah blah blah sucks. So are you old common courtesy now are you obligated to say. Sure no problem. It's a horror horror do you have the right to say sorry man I'm I'm doing now I know I'm not lying say or. I mean you could I feel like when you say bolts that sounds like a jerk. I think it's I think it's nice if you're like sure go ahead I'd like someone to do that for me I mean I easily reasonable is saying. I'm in a hurry if there's a line he gets to me next before you get back I'll. And hello I'm gonna go ahead now that was my follow up question if you say yes yeah he's a belligerent all of law. And they are not back. You have to stand their liking media model and I know because that's. Tell like in Cape May I was not that not all of the line right yeah you know your MBA yeah. Just one Jack license it to me it's so it seems like if you stand there vineyard just it then that's that is common courtesy the braking for the people that might be behind you. The number is 8889899. To eleven hi Tom. I so quick question on the wolf self checkout line. You actually go to a line like I like to check lady would be or do you stand in the back and there's like 9/11 oh and and wait for the wonder hope Lucy I'm playing that well I can order. Like everybody can understand why in the back. OK so he talked in single file line. The first being if there's only for self checkout lines and they accept all forms of payment. There's one single file line and the next person in line will go to the next available self check out. But if you're like a Wal-Mart is something when they have. Two separate lines that where one that line only excess credit payment organic or classic basically no cash. The other one accepts all forms of payments and then there are two separate lines for those two lines of self check out. So I noticed. I'm clear of all I have enough to sell the Wal-Mart spec one particular. It's cycle accident. Enclosed area but not completely right it's not like you can still see everybody. But it's kind of a school where there's only one way in and then there's one way out on the other side so you. Have to be in line regardless of how your pain in the self check out alright yeah so. But there's this girl she started out shield and there's two lines you know one side to on the other and people get a separate lines you know. They don't get you one line and wait. They just get behind whoever they're bright and they just pile that way so that's just right when I go to that sort of fight in a hurry like that I wanted to some sharp and I might well Hawaii get behind. And then I just and it is going to hit them. A line on back to the store should be doing distortion might put a big piece of tape on the floor. My informs your single file name is they think is that they always had the legendary sir they always had one of the people all monitor whatever sit there and look at that they see the two different alliances and remind the ones and I'm chasing life this also check out saying I'm any free in heating because it you know it's big game. Inevitably will say that there's I am still in the Gary. And then. Do you have any bags and all lists and so all us other stuff and many. EI your card reader is seeing and and that he's I don't know just chills like kind. Connie and say it's instant experiencing yet do it more yeah you know pass although some momentum and then in the beginning. They were they had so many glitches and now they've all kind of upgraded their things looked bad thing is annoying in this sense of their death in California you don't bring your combat you have to pay ten cents a bag. So once in some of the stores when you bring your own bag you have to put it on the scale. And then they'll let you start your procedural a couple of stores I notice and it seems to be random at these stores. You put your bag on and it says okay great nine starts scanning your stuff other times it says please wait for the clerks to confirm your bags hat. And he got away from a nonexistent person who's not sitting in their share to come over and type in their Tito yeah you have three bags that is really annoy. So rare occasion I'm doing the self check out. I'm I I definitely do it when I'm having hot flashes because the last thing the on series. Is it a guy you just wait young girls it. The last thing I wanna do at that point is talk to anyone what I wanted to do is murder and maybe I really noted that they get soul. Awful. You all got my sister asked her doctor wants is a normal I want a murder everybody there and complexity yes that's that's a feeling that overcomes youth so I'm might. I shouldn't stand in line WiMax. Communicate with the checker or a Bagger I just need to get the hell out of here not talk to. Anybody I love the self checkout and I love it or not just because I hate human beings. Also because I've done so months I've got all the trophies codes to memorize onions are 4663 women's four by may not. I know miles I'm Jean and yeah she's yeah. Yesterday her. I had the a three things into women's Indian parsley and and get potatoes for dinner I went into jail cell checked out but the problem and cost I love it sounds simple easy. Now high time I heard you on anti. Shall I. Is that what the man has gone through yeah. Can't be in a normal and always has given different names of various segments and hello there Matt your morning this. Morning day. They don't play or should that ever dealt with anybody jetted it away Lewis started and I didn't airbags and. A show at the cell technologies like seen somebody do it. And then I don't. I don't unfamiliar paper negotiate an older guy who do you believe we have an art in record peak and reduce your. What are these can NP Paribas. And I wish I didn't believe that I was just her provide managed to push him arguing whether or are. He was told he probably thought they did CNN be out there beeps stay here they don't know as of my beat the other beat you heard me they heard. You are a lose everything they're listening to an art. Wondering why then old man thought to be scanned bedazzled bar code on LC to. I don't buy it needs is some of those approaches they do come with the stickers that you can stand up I don't. That it'll be good and scan OK and and it may be the reducing the argument is maybe he really didn't CNN in the employees don't understand how. I'm not sorry same thing with Fred I know they had stickers ready to stand there is also scan. Aren't as some have behind bars odious have to look closely on all men and yes and they don't work Arianna was talking common courtesy. Let's shift now to one more story that's gone worldwide viral but I expect this will be coming into America fairly soon because we've already had discussions over the last many years. About the etiquette of changing diapers in public whether or not it's okay for example to change it enough in the in the parking lot you pulled on the tailgate of your trucking you're right there that's fine for all the C whenever why vehicles you're hiding in the baby come and then of course there is the there is the the really egregious example of just plop your baby on the table warrior emea. Restaurants so Enron literally change where there. I had to read rob well right yeah. Omaha yet not so young he's says to woo it can't and that's fairly I don't wanna say it's common but we get those stories on a fairly regular you should never have that story so the fact he even ever had one is wrong result it can't mean that long before this behaviors imported from China. Love story went viral because of course in China they are just as courageous as we are. Well they see is something happening that a Paul's them they don't say any thing. They take a picture of it. I couldn't on social media. And that's how the story got out and then mainstream media picked it up went back to the restaurant and confirmed this. Lovely tale. Beijing restaurant. A kid who's our guests seemed be they blurt out his face in the picture armed and four is shuffle gets that mourn a minute. Dad says to his mommy needs to go potty. And not even the not even the big ones just need the easy sandy one for a little boys. All rather than escort him to the bathroom. Mom takes a bowl off of the table where I mean stop start and now tells him the go ahead. Ole boy gets out in his chair and is standing next to the table in the picture and it's gone viral. Because as you can imagine this drew the horror fellow diners not the point where the he's posted a picture of the incident and they are his mom texting and the boys face is blurred out and he is going to the bathroom in bowl on the that I am and as I understand you guys because kids this age I mean again these young how old can they can they go on their own manner but he's really carrying three so he's rare form share. He's placed it on the floor. Everywhere yeah. The the pro plays a non time high Terrell. On the other diner who posted the picture of the incident on line added. That they did say something to the mom or they gave her a look and the woman explained herself by saying. John's gonna clean the boy anyway. Pull. Behind. It doesn't make you don't know I could change once you let any of. Or do you do that. Age or older you get along OK so I would ask mom and I'm afraid the answer is this a do it at home Jersey and the Georgia. Does this. After the incident went viral a local news reporter visited the restaurant in what's called these things swing district. The next day worry worker confirmed everything that happened. Saying that she had been working in the restaurant for more than ten years and this was a first for her. I gather action from the story the navy was this employee who approached the mom and that's when mom said. Wash and just did well it. She added that the woman's decision this is the employee was especially perplexing because the restaurant literally had a bathroom less than ten feet from where they see lazy. And she also manly employee explained that the woman's bowl. Utensils and all other flatware and dish where had been destroyed. This load up the table well.