Rules are Rules: Don't Steal Shells From FL. Beaches

Thursday, July 19th


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Rub anybody until I'm 98 rock. Edgy or excuse us now. You're listening to him. And dawn show called limit any time. 9899. Year old I've. The pain Tyler most historian and the only hero one love seemingly got laid her off the right thing. My eyeballs. Ability like you next time I just reading the story I'm gonna give you the live snow's first I didn't read and I went past the headlines. Basically this that the gist of the story is a company in New Zealand and we've actually we've had we've had companies in America do this. Because he's tiny into a bigger thing that I said the whole country of America should do accompanying New Zealand. Tested out the theory that we should all be living a life of four day work. And me every day weekend it's amazing the idea of beam on the positive side if that it when you have a three day weekend you'll notice how much more rested an rejuvenated you tend to feel. During the weekend now there is a negative. Affect to it in our current society in that we also all tend to be a little slow and hung over whether literally or figuratively on that first day back but. My theory is if we made it a lifestyle. For days on three days off we would stretch out the weekend more hopefully not over schedule us. Ourselves on the weekend and then have more time away from work for that federal we call work life balance and the only reason he's saying that that the for the jingle. If this company is reporting. Resounding success not yes. And then they are saying more and more companies and countries need to. Evening you know I know by the way for the record what's going to happen. This this this will catch on. Goods and America will go to a four day work week that day I retire her. Yes and somehow the government will try to figure out how to really just our whole at all absolutely. I've always been given. I don't choose the day you didn't want that. Thanks I Monday array. Friday yeah you don't care I'm pliable -- tiger I don't think that's worth RE ratio eyes bright red I and I I like the idea of you can see it works either way you either you either work on Friday. And that means Friday is still really exciting. The beginning of the weekend that. All of and then and then Monday is often were we starts Tuesday or. You work on Monday and everybody's still hates Monday because none Garfield Garfield but then Thursday becomes the news. Either way. We're saying and that you. The negative was it's still slow down oh yeah now I mean obviously. That I don't know if that happened overtime did you get used to it for myself. I don't believe I have are three day weekends are ready to ago. It's like I feel like I got everything accomplish I wanted to deal and you could rest you can do fun stuff and you can do all the other things. Extra that would normally get done during the week and so I'm ready to go well once the workweek starts but maybe over time you get used to that schedule and maybe that's why that happens. And I were America's founded on ruining great ideas so close. And I laid this out over the last many years the other things he does think about how this will draft drastically improve. The lives of everybody and say the travel industry does more and more muscle travel how many times since you had an idea all that would be a great job again we gotta get back Sunday Arizona and new anomaly isn't really yeah. Mean because one of those days is always been travelling seem an extra day that's ever a lot of people were pretty fortunate if we wanna make. I doctors finally Dennis hair whatever might beef. We can do even though we have work to do we could still do that in the middle the work day and then do work later. Most you are working during that time so the awesome for them on a Friday or Monday until we get all that is Larry. Rules of cars aren't rules that kind of breaking mowing wanting him to suffer the consequence analysts say it's a very simple premise that we have been laying out on the show for more than a decade. If you choose to speed you can speed it but if you get caught. And if the officer chooses the punish you pass things off sorry got to pay the fine you don't get no audio CD. That's not that's not. I'm Mon did that she's like everyone else is going saves me. The European offices like yeah but I got you and if a if you don't like the rule whatever the role as the law the rule workplace policy you have to follow the rule while working at chick. OK so if you wanna go to school board meeting joint go to your boss. To dress code policy perfume you can't do so in a clown suit if that's not a. Where you work. And one other note. Ignorance. Isn't a defense. Whether it's a rule or more importantly a law if you give it back to speeding there have been pulled over. And the officers say those on you know how fast your words how lane any day. This game gates and even why actually the speed limit deuce 35 not at 33 groups say. That doesn't work that never holds up ignorance isn't an excuse so. Winston as the premise I. Acts you don't conch shell is called this hour right punk is at home I think it's calm like bonk only CONCACAF I think it's it's spelled CO NC but it's Cong I think it's com okay if one of those one of those things like you good to your ear to hear the ocean. Yeah they're very traditional. Yellows do that's who. Lead picture that I can't usually coral and and bolt and Opel shades of comers damn phone. They are an important part of the entire culture of the Florida Keys. Native born islanders were actually called Cox but if you're born there and conquer. And so very important seasons and he says that he don't punch and it's actually a summit and there is a compliment. The keys are nicknamed the concrete public not just. So anti cone cells produce that unique sound when they're blown to these the ones that he technology we're here they even blow on me get a little moon again. And they were actually used as signaling devices in the Florida Keys and for centuries back in the day when a ship was an approach or move. And these facts on the red. Spent all morning addressing a moral they'll move. That was that's with that as the premise a Texas tourist was in Florida. And these these shells or they're beautiful they're well known granite granite describe him perfectly if you can't envision them in your mind I promise you the minute you see you and you go oh yeah you know if they aren't they sell fake ones that he's in every stupid do you store and every dung city and then in if you're lucky stay down every beach to play an idiot if they're if they're 399 their faith. So yeah I got a plastic or whatever they work till you put up gear here you thought yes where you can hear the notion of toilet. It's right. Assault this woman is visiting from Texas named Diana Gonzales. Is walking along the the beach and all of these cokes are there gorgeous and just what armed and she can collect and yeah. You Moye is usually if you collect sea shell every you know every idiot who who who goes on don't trip comes back and gives their friends gives they don't really more abilities are free yeah so yeah. Thought oh wow thanks Diana is just what I want it. And it picks up seashells or any of them so yeah collect them a lot of times you collect them and clean that you're gonna use them and make something when he at home cool yeah crafty. I know but I thought. We'll lake that would get you know I'm the nail on lawmakers shadow box that target my Harry what's in the ball and somebody a bunch of pictures are Mary's eyes and an all these brown. She and a Hosea and and and the other birds goes well that's a really neat idea that's never going to happen you'll. Did USPS zip lock back agonies yeah yeah hell yeah. Those bags still sit in the cupboard somewhere never got. Yeah he's this exam. In this I think in this case. The first and came up with in this case Diana was going to give the mosques away as gifts so she's scared collected gonna put a bag but it's. And she's doing laps. She's being watch too cool by the hermit crabs. To hook up a bigger take in my whole murdered. A tipster. Called the Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission. And an officer arrived and approached mr. Gonzales while she was collecting the mosques. Intimidating sight is walking along the beach and putting things get these guys carry guns and everything and she do. When I know as he informed her she found out she did not know that taking the shells from the beach in Florida. Is illegal. OJ and a boom now. How to face a sooner that more old lab ignorance isn't an excuse I guess you can do laws about Florida. You can now it is that we should do afraid totally there a similar line this is why isn't isn't isn't this isn't an interesting version of rules are rules because. I agree with you I would never think that I I I know they're they just would not cross my mind. With all she got forty of these things all of the players they don't they belong so there earth does anyone think that it would never occur to me that there's anything wrong with picking them up into the. I'm not gone to a couple of the Hawaiian Islands and and there are any signs posted but it's it's kind of universally known these kind of you gotta keep keep. Agriculture there including all the shells in the sand and everything not gonna take pockets of them home figure agriculture checks is simply come back over but there are signs of places like. Because some people take all these rocks it look like they're all seen it down now colorful they looked like pieces of glass which is what color glass speech. But because so many people have taken them they have posted signs to say don't take the rocks and glass from the glass beach. And why because like I mean I mean that's part of light. Go to the beach I mean I remember as a kid anyway even as an adult you're looking for the shells the early look at rocks. And you're gathering and I mean they're never like in short supply. Wealthy in this example not not not brands example of the blessing in this example you're killing me animal. The colts have is they have living organisms inside and you are by removing the queen conch. You are sealing mutilating or removing that's the law oh really mutilating or moving a living organism you living green home. Okay that circle from the shelves now are those toll differences and get yourself in that case and in some cases it's and it's in some cases it's a as a matter of local residents decide we don't want you to deem beautify our beach and they have every right to do that sure you can insipid yes but that's. That's why the premise the rules are rules is that if you go to a moderator whatever you happen to Palm Beach. Where the local residents have decided and pass a law. It's illegal for you to take our sea shells then you can't take this show and now this is the issue that goes back to the point of what I was asking how. And I ice employee into law laws but I presume I don't know for fact I'd presume. That's that's the big deal law on the floor routines be so planes but what do you say sorry you're you're still eager to law. Here's the other thing I've we don't know she's staying OK even she stain at AM. Caribbean B I don't president done that. And they'll leave. Notes or pamphlets or whatever about the area and certain things to expect are not expected at wherever she's still eighteen. I would think there would be literature on this because of what you say the reasoning is that's a big deal. You're you're you're killing this living things so it you want to making sure that his flight info posts stay Brandon. Those dim bulbs on I'm coli were and every where they're considered their two known don't know yeah yes yes I think that the secondary but there's number there's a type of very specific type of bird. That that is like protected and the work and I had to give if it was if it was two years ago we just come back you like oh yeah because the signs are every and I stand and where their tell you to be careful about about this particular protected island hurting don't touch him and Adam column over one anyway it's a. Say what if that's if that is the reasoning is that there is aimed at my god. Posts everywhere. A big deal of a reason and what what what is the definition posting signs everywhere. And to what extent does that offer any type of defense and see if I plot. TO five if I drop do you his opinion. Bond this very beach. Where Diana was done confronted by the fish and wildlife conservation commission officer and made huge turnaround in 360 degrees from where she was standing in unions the assigned to them the okay averted this. No because she's not supposed to do and so doesn't put a sign her three feet and I have what I reasonable pace the beach beautiful way. Current I was curious. What the the information is I mean this is she just. They're not observe it. What if she's a credit did just see it exactly is what's oblivious she says yeah Libya's human being or did she just literally never to what if you right up where she's staying. She's a Taurus trauma from Texas. What she's not even Stanley please what does the day trip she drove down from day Miami whatever it. Happens in our culture and she'd bought and so she missed the two's signs that maybe while she's walking on the beach she's texting and looking in her phone and me and I don't see it. It in that's ignorance but I mean yeah when we are. And I keep getting stuck on where's the info because I wanna know I feel awful. I honestly I have no idea that there's something living in there. RI and an early check things alive what has remaining he picked up six there's anything and it because you don't want a disturbance there is an ally of type of species and there. But I would feel so horrible but basically killed as they say am I under. Danny is a most of these laws that we put in place events for this example say the DB unifying thing now. Is for the people who wouldn't care. The people that give us that you give a little bit of a crap about nature and living things we wouldn't need a law to tell us if we could identify. But it was a living organism aptly if if if we were if we stumbled upon conquer. And that we had any thought whatsoever of what exactly is this and we got out our phone. And and we Google but it's a living organism and it says scenario doubly it is should remove though we would go oh yeah god we don't wanna take that no matter how beautiful that live alone but there's plenty of sick. Blanks. That would still take it that reminds me of him being back in the beaches and in Monterey. And we put a picture during our trip through those those sick those are going over the jelly fish washed up. Oh yeah and it with a stick and take your cell FISA themselves next Suez to waiting for the sting. And plus I have. That's why we have a large nephews or they were a trip they were curious about England and Arizona and into the beach complex than they were curious what the crabs that sort of has rats crawling. Then they can I hide themselves and so they. Yet they kept like picket you know they totally digging and like I don't. Don't Sue Bird disturb them I know you want to see them to look at them and of course their boy is the only one to pick it up when he eating it yet to come I do. It can be care. All soul soul those back to the rules are rules barring us there's no indication that she was belligerent or anything we don't know the exact interaction between her in the arms of the officer walks up. There is a law in place. Eat eat eat there I guess now the all she she's all the beach. Removing the coax at some point I guess when the get away from natural environment is what kills. So don't come back. All right yeah I have chorus is put that you found the eyes she did good desk and then your roster. Home alone she broke the law governor warned me we get warnings. The warnings had been given thank you cops critical when I've been speeding OK. As you would think they're used to getting worn. Especially for out of towners. And she did the right things was indignant I think it have been more fairness and even writer a citation or give or take it this Mattson pain because of you know and all that money can go back in preserving the beach. I think it is just kind of a waste of resources and end. Quite frankly if you is oblivious to the fact then that a warning is just enough. So those are the next step the legal process then is you got to go to court. And make that case right knee is played yet rallied for mercy I can't believe she was arrested so well and again that's it Serena don't look technically technically how can arrest you for whatever the definition of reckless driving is in your state of of 25 miles an hour over the speed limit or more and I think even though going AD. In a 55 is fast I still when you'd be surprised if I was arrested at the white handcuffed and every Dahlia smug damn I would have to go before the judge well and and have my throw your honor I'm so sorry. My my if my wife was it was it was it was having an emergency I would annoyed that's not excuse for Jimmy and the Judge Judy does okay. And pay a reduced fine or whatever so she went before a judge and that's why this is a story and she pleaded whatever her case was and the Florida judge sentenced her. All 215. Days in jail. Oh yeah. Six months of probation. Off 500 dollar fine. And 268. Dollars in court costs for taking the forty queen Kong from waters. That surrounds the US and Puerto residents are cheering this judge for protecting. Their natural habitat that against inter Loper is. Who come in. And take there are wild life or there seem life in this case not if it were this big event problems that. It caught that it deserves this type of punishment for want and crying instance like this. Then they should be way more proactive about telling people especially tourists. How about the warnings of what they can and cannot take from the B may yet have one of those planes flying from 6 AM the 9 PM with a trailer says don't take our shall know their dad has been here. I thought there the lady I heard you correctly had forty of these collected let me officer. Approach Sergio or zero slowly. Yeah that's excessive what exactly she gets forty brand that you need to collect these up for it but what are they don't want these people taking out there and eat any of that everybody takes. Yeah. Bought it though there's a few different things that means a legalization even one mom it's not like there's I'll go up a fishing license read catcher limit many can't take anymore it's only a -- you want and I mean there aren't forty I don't know maybe it's not the Shia as big as those of forty friends and family members maybe she has twenties who wants to give each of them to maybe shares tens runs and. I can't do matter to eat when you've collected shells Sergey Evelyn it. How was it your grandkids are like okay enough. Hate it but we don't need anymore than the CI wanna dumbed down to the because this is so extreme of what happened to her and my my little my needs to go. And dumb it down I follow this Texas humour are my ins program and they are. Instantly making fun of Florida school so but Kirk it's like get what we pay taxes that are really gonna give it to your well oh. Although all the lights stayed on state crime and the regional currently. Washington for a while and Kyra I had the that they eat them. Winning the deceptive they paid to group my vehicle might want to go picket Apple iPod that dude was so mean to meet you was like we hate. Californians are watching you better change that license plate quick girl had I'll bet that it would actually have a lot of strain on state crime yeah and see you on the ground my boss New York the damage is nobody like Florida. Yeah. Drop. And dawn. You dawn show.