Scares in the Air 2-17-17

Friday, February 17th


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45 she's a female. Got a migraine and. Not every time barrels a day and not get the aid workers Theodore. You jasmine we do know this second season of brilliant start since Sunday and we've been talking about it but we've done well. Think he's cute but what I hi all over the show Monday's President's Day now apparently for two out of three of you that means nothing terribly sorry. I'm fact more people now are getting Martin Luther King Jr. day off from last month and our President's Day there let's that's your problem not mine. We will be off Monday Alley Alley. The press that we we'll be off entirely like no best of show no nothing initiative we have it's RE. We understand it's become a big data by mattresses and all of a lot of but it's not to take a break from the current president. Well you can you can even celebrating you celebrate it how ever you want a cool cool just take the day off we won't be here Monday thanks all of you though that will. The first responders and you doctors in their ideas that you feel retail phone keys that's all great in the way. Enjoy the day we won't be here are some will be back on Tuesday night because of that. Since it is a three day weekends for one of the three of us a lot of us are traveling. So it seemed like a good. Way to start the show is scares me. They're amazing things. Don't do. Okay. What. We're fine. This is from a wind as day a flight bound for Mississippi from Charlotte, North Carolina declared an urgency. After it was taking off and hit a deer alone a minute drill here. Oh yeah court T error and I did the pilot yes the boards here at. After they hit the deer in the pilots say. And later a pretty good male Diaz does it. The same damage to the plea is that this is your car I don't I don't think south into the height difference maybe all I. I had a deer just kind of imploded. I'm easy error played 53 point eight from American Airlines attempted to take off from. So it sold plane hits the deer as its. Revenue up to what they ought to be Disco moos we gonna be a minimum 140. I've ergonomic and or is that landing I forgets our but they're taken artifacts and a and it feels fast they hit. Music it doesn't honor. Yeah it feels like it's gonna flop smackdown you're not so. Yeah true Felix I do like fly regularly and do you are just kind of stay in. So an employer drum it. Shots fired. Being drunk does not make you insane there's a difference. One curable one is that you decide. It'll take off and speeds are jetliners is 15880. Miles down. So does not really I think the minimum for land deem her the maximum Blanton is 140 and about. Yeah minimum is white and and of course them the the bigger the plane in the morgue payload you have the fast yet to go. So apparently this plane is taking often gets up to the 150 to 180. As it's taking off it knew it served its third concert chunks the deer. It's still takes off but like all lawyer. Check donut teetered why are you so concerned about the deer. I'll play in the fifth and price that's what an amazing day dear oh dear has been burglarized. A beat because. You hit something on the way up which would stop your velocity up. I hired in as the plane was not that's exactly right they were able to climb and safely return of those dear do damage to the third the week the reason they had to return is exactly Brandon said that you might have damaged plane you might you might be able land we got to ask them technicians look at it. But so why don't these planes had those whistles like you've on the bottom of cars to mourn dear to your comment or. Or maybe luck you yeah yeah. What they have on trains the cal greats they put those. Our decision. Still concerned about the deer and of course all of our. Cotton and none of the passengers or crew members were injured in the collision I do love the way the story from CBS news ends. No word on the dear. It's dead things. That's the word on the uses data dear die. I mean if you did if you look down on take off humans feel dearly and. And for some reason they come over is that the luggage cart athletes compete to about yeah this will want to know what what happened and. Airport officials are investigating how the deal got past the chain link fences surrounding the airport. Security airport officials here's the answer it left and I could hear how they know at a job bladed a high dummies. Still a bigger faster. Follow all about the trumping an awful call me Mexico pay for it where it makes skirmish the deal is painful I do this year. The I'm all right next and talking about monopoly on this bombshell. They work for too long for some reason can well they have these new updated versions with that I'll end cards that's right Steve little two cents in cash yeah. And we we we alluded to this and now we have the official report Hasbro that makes monopoly has announced that monopoly fans have spoken. They've been running a vote where people are picking a new gain peace may you may remember we alluded to this the iron was removed in 2013. TD next to build yeah accused area typical scenario the Iron Man in the iron B Everett how many. Heidi irons. Well but it I'm sorry I'm just. I'm just here to resist old school has no no just the other stuff from the dryer like. I generate electricity you can spray bottle little bit of water put the dry got ahead at a closed there with that town that. Wrinkle out I don't know on outlook on the forty slider command I I learned how to write it by about is why I am if I'm somewhere right can't get something dry cleaned. I know on iron and iron my girlfriends garbage couple months ago but hey is Toledo and then of course she didn't trust me she's lurking over me. I don't know how to do it okay lurking over he might make your fold irony. I heard it. But I don't know that there was a stigma or or not I mean it was it is just silly you know that it's nobody ever pick the iron now we have our area I exited the race car the dog. Yeah you play when you play monopoly because of the iron was removed and when he thirteen was replaced by attack. Good because the dog and cat cat equal rights and all that yes. Hasbro has been running a vote but. To take a new game piece first though one of the other originals had to go. No surprise here but the symbol law half symbol out here. That was the lame. Is there always was the and a M and there was never kid that blew on his feet and well I don't the last guy that showed up my younger sibling right though I plan. We will always our ensemble find out what's gonna replace it next month you'll. What's gonna win. So there's four things you can continue to vote on on the Hasbro web site to replace the assembly where the symbols don't. Pair of sunglasses. Don't skills to a penguin. I. The winner a hash tag. Stung yeah that is stupid but you're right that the winner or four different modes he faces now a lot. I don't think legally I hey the jazz are so do you go dodge are dark and Aaron don't know I don't know much Palin thing that Morgan free figured the march of the penguins Erin is it. Yeah I definitely think he didn't and I did a and and one of those is the really expensive behind the scenes tour's of the San Diego's two years ago when I was able to hold of paying one. Well Sam I only got. Ask you this. Well I mean you don't spend and obviously a big that it. They're all their of their here's what they're immediate path they're like if Arnold was fifteen when he pounds but it's like little Europe must keep the oil. Is he is he's out Arnott how much you let their volatile amid but the zoo keepers relate to stay away to stay away OK okay and then you can see the penguins are right. And we know that area packed my eyes out. I live but. That's good news is no cause of death by penguin was calm out of my mind you know this is how I'm gonna die it's gonna be some soon they'll just say DJ I'm not ready. And I in my sleep in my and I have a harder it's gonna be some stupid I'm going to be killed by a penguin. I'm gonna be smothered by a pile of peanuts is there is getting some outings LEM endured throughout kite and drowning out my own bath double vodka or. Give me your show any credit which are which sounds absolutely right there your dad's brother. Understands a couple of yeah. Quick food news items. Cinemanow says children should be. Are you know the answers in my hands are down who eats oatmeal. This season sometime angels I think you don't have to hand I mean you satellite it and I like it okay put your hands down and pass Adkerson licensing act. The browns should very minute cool we'll fool. I remember Austin I had oatmeal I know at Starbucks furlong ten and since it's not gonna start taxes and trained and not spend money but. They had like a. Notes that you can get with fresh blueberries and honey and suffered serious. As you also like the sweeter side oh yeah okay well then you might be into this. Showing up on various shelves across the country and in Canada. How about oatmeal. Flavored like him made by cinnamon toast crunch. Or lucky charms. A lot. At lucky charms oatmeal and cinnamon toast crunch are now once thought. I look like each Arizona's long barrel on a national thing yet they're rolling now they're trying to people have been spotting and putting them on the on the interwebs yeah I get the cinnamon toast crunch but the lucky terms it's like. Marshmallows and oatmeal yeah. Why not just try and hey don't you know I have no idea it's the worst part about my entire duke is in the again. The Vienna and yeah I'm Indonesian hero son he. Saudi lucky charms when it's like flavored. Oatmeal eggs when that be good then no no because I wanted to be like crispy and and I want texture and that. Yeah text that is your problem with that lucky charm is it that the key is if you don't put you put a little and it's time. So he deserted at soggy that's the gentlemanly thing to do you come into a little dated on you got a warmer throughout ya Lennar. When you're talking about a sorry no. Ukraine Italy got out and did not. Now I absolutely. Abominable. Like I do well I yeah. I had I Zardari at. All. On the people like it I UP yeah. All which and it and I don't know what is because it's like if it it it's not a consistency thing since I love Rizzo though gasoline rice yeah but Julia oh Nomar no no no I'd rather starve. Rod dealing grants yes I love griddle. What regrets about my father and Muslims I know I conversation I pray my girlfriend I get an okay I'm insane how is that. My favorite. Time serial in this hasn't made me sound old but I do love thing is great and a blow. Decent battery is our dad has. Ever true. Toward Canada now if it's very get really hot but do you also look shredded wheat that's an old person I love straight. He tries to debate you on the snow this process and we know I'm. All you have I didn't and you know her day in many ways you know I'm not a sweet person could soon. How one answer one more note I know this'll go over like a lead balloon with this team doesn't already done this a billion. Just in time for Easter knew Cory Joseph hit the shelves sheets or Rios. Designer Linda. Sky standard. They used Vanilla Oreo Cookies and it didn't matter plus they use a marshmallow peeps flavored cream that's he's. No pain down my immune so darn it that's good for a decoration and then you throw a rock beneath the goody. The keep sore loser and so right now Wal-Mart all those same gimmicky stuff isn't Wal-Mart down a little scary and nobody available for the next few weeks and hello there Christie good morning really. Important I don't know who died until our great city I can't. Ari I fabulously easy once a. It's. Ironic that you guys who wish my husband Johnny long happy everything Johnny how old is John ahead. Used to want equal. 28 so yeah. There's a happy 28 to Johnny we got to get to the free cash three way we're still working on musical montage of songs from school house rock I want. Cut to. Cut three. Cut to has been identified on the air that's one and three of not we get emails RED your rant radio dot com it was I. Should. But we don't repeat they're guesses first ones from Maggie Ian I Ian is just a general one he says I really hope this one goes on forever because I literally laugh out loud at work every time the last clip plays in the last clippers are one. Cut to. Cut three. This emails from Shawnee they shot there where she knows cut two and and she is against some tough wants. And guess on that please. No extra three uncles aunts. Now this is from Brad Pitt Brad as my name is brandy you know Brad. And I've got to know cup one must meet. It means that there are you trying to. Telecast and and one more from Geneen it to me who has all three guesses that she wants to make up until. And she talked to Brad. And cut the free. And Jimmy he's yeah yeah yes if we only got loud enough when you wake guy. So there we go and let the free cash leeway right now for 400 dollars cash. If your call or eighteen at 888989911. Will play the montage two more times we just need you to name the schoolhouse rock songs being played all three of them. I guess 400 bucks 888989911. Call every team plays right now.