Scares in the Air 3-13-18

Tuesday, March 13th


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Around anywhere you don't show you grow. Anybody can dawn show. Well Betty. You ask me. Any. Good morning thinking guys rob. I have my legs my diet was thirteen he was viciously attacked. And in the moment I had kids that told me to put them down. And I remember what you patent about it you know if you own a dog you have to be willing to patient surgery so I just went trichet thousand dollars this surgery. But I did it thinking Tokyo. And and how did turn out. Team while he's happy he's healthy he's survived I I tell his jugular. Duckworth got to throw. Do so well I'm Joseph what kind of dog do you have. Well I I do rescued her he's part her paper German shepherd. And and so you and you still made that investment on a thirteen year old because that's I mean that's obviously already for those greens that's an elderly breed that's that's a pretty all journalistic of you. No I I I kind of guy you wouldn't know life is for now only ulee's. Shout. And there's no way as good a lot of anger out. What I am. Thank you my I I'm I'm glad it's worked out for you I always love hearing that my various forms of words or. Or maybe motivate people and their shirt and then different at a pace beautiful I love hearing about alive dogs as opposed them so that no. So why does she saw as John Q yeah obviously it was a vicious attack and horrible to go through and and I in either way I'm glad that moment whatever was the motivating you to say no we're gonna I'm gonna go all in on this dog. That it worked out that way in the and that then that you felt compelled to call me humility dog gets better from a surgery can start juggling in the circus maybe it's just me. Sometimes masters going. The Iranians only east. The real. It's. Running into each other on the. Any concern at all you know. We will start taping now. Now it's really well what I do this segment now is hit it it feels it seems. Like these. A curve more and how people aren't dying they are what they're doing. They're they're more scared and they're getting more injured test be emotionally sure of that as well I'd but it does seem like maybe just have access to more than I'm not getting every day I could do the segments said. I just can save us some stories from when we have a moment where we'd like to take a little bit of pleasure and other people's pain. I want you. Paula did nervous about the next time we're gonna play. And doesn't happen to us we just one yesterday. Southwest Airlines flight 356 to work. I was ready and possession Sunday ansari was heading from Phoenix. To Dallas they took off no problem and then just shortly right after that point where you think everything's fine the 101000. A foot while he's settled in and spy on you now get to the Y and very first world love us CS that TV show Eli right at that moment yeah. These are the south sniffer around the U want okay I've by a taxi driver sitting next to me what is right what is best. You can thank you then you realize no it's not just in my area and other easy other passengers. Maybe weigh in Rotterdam where you're sitting you turn around way behind you they're old turnaround Melissa that look like what is going on not maybe not new but. Why why don't news. Shortly after they reach the 101000 foot one point there was the and unusual smell on the cabin and then after everybody is looking around them as I use I am not an enemy then smoke starts to fill the cabin. So let's let cords and current law is from smoke very you might you might you might get smoked you know. Your parents tell you where there's smoke there's fire true excellent points. All go off many times they're smoking menu simply put the fire out and everything turned out our so called the all the tall chain and same. Loved being in the position where my plane's cabin was filling up with Mo didn't know Brad is so no okay put another way one might want. Duke there's and then you just had since it'll bring you yeah. That should help. All I'm sure you're doing that. The plane a 404. Your is similar to be these flight attendants who apparently hard and smell. Like he almost made me somethings strange not to my knowledge. Prosecutors means that's. Oh I present you know like early stage you because of all the smoke where women doing to him how OK there's some irrational people screaming at Mac but don't mind now. Like little hole in the middle of that walk away go down let's fire extinguisher can be in the fire's down below there's a hole in the middle of the walkway. Holes aren't I. And filling my claim to send a bus on speed. Yeah I mean I've seen before when you're walking down the aisle but to squared. There's still look carded there's no hole but it's like this square outlined in my village that opens up to go underneath some of your. Memories here a year cabin is filling up with smoke and so what is that you want you want she knew Reeves died down below the plane or you gonna do it not me you just want. Is this true you want trained to fly zone down. Put out of my area did well the fire which Dunn is identified as coming from down below and justice Antonin. Throw the roof is on. A groove. It's all well. Gone is letting them down below or I think it got to could be in the pilot's cabin yes yes they do but I'm so that track. He knew these men. Captain and having their children John your and the playing this dog eared. Right after the the cabin began to fill with smoke it's scary flight crew announced that there would be an emergency landing they did so without screaming or pay any team in any way they near good land I'm in Italy or not a runaway well let's see they took off. Yeah. Classes I land between Phoenix and Dallas. Only bad brain. Don't make your weight bearing. And ends arrows that's. Highly you don't just make an emergency landing you have to burn fuel. Yeah you do you don't just all around in your hands of all the cabin this film was so low because when you make the emergency landing if your plane is built fuel you are more likely to if it's a true emergency ignite yourself or others. Now that would be horrifying you have to sit enact. Cabin was smoke this whole time waiting until you think you're gonna safely land envisioning the plane exploding not just why wouldn't they. Drop down the oxygen mask so then you families. And their way to Murray I would assume I mean this story just happens Sunday night and then back to they even today have not figured out. What the cause at least they haven't announced what the cause of the smoke obviously was a fire they're guessing an electrical fire that that. And anywhere on board yeah. He'd love her even knows what does it again. That's why they have mechanics or it's not like they put the plane back up in the air base ground plane and they have people looking ahead. Another plan to the other kept the same general we should stop while air traffic immediately read. Any time one of these non tragedies but I tell you about a curves. And no one aid anyway did injure her everything else we should ground all 30000 claims that are scheduled to fly I need a that we can check everyone that I know it surprise you rational and it makes you sit back and understand this irrational. But I wanna check of the plains where we get this wind I. And that we letting given allow him and I liked this morning that against Lindsay I know. Like they get it ships and planes every day's play in the mid in the league for years of not big game all I know it took them forever. To get rid of the ones that didn't have Wi-Fi. Happy hour back to her husband on what's important. Player in Philly and was smoke but planes having Wi-Fi as they do. You can still enjoy watching whatever movie you wanna large yeah while thinking about breaking in half for spoiling. What backed draft. Apple pulled all how. The the plane. Actually landed in my own birthplace city of Malibu juror you. Baker being New Mexico they they corps' own the brace for impact keep. Around don't see any. They more more passengers yes you're supposed to do you chose to brace for impact in his supposed to make scary noises like saw. Well I think it's a grave and cry you as you get closer to the ground try to call. I want to sit there could be album that nothing's gonna happen I mean tell them you're gonna die. The plane stopped and you're still alive he'd been hit ground and explode do you know what. You and anyone Willis is the show if you know that the overwhelming majority of these. These things turn out. Safely. There was no incident. This could you trick is so. So you play the odds and you don't freak out your loved ones by calling them in Zain I may or may not be dead in five minutes I have no way of knowing you don't freak out your love to welcome plane makes a borrowed. I live in Albuquerque we just hop on a bus. It's a few hours to Dallas don't even bother with the flight. The the plane landed her. These safely through. Passengers they did stay because they got there was a fire based in and they didn't even pull out of the gate of course you stay out on the runways so you have to slide down the slot. Only 89 I knew that eat yeah it is pretty. There are actually even if you there were few passengers in the emergency room who actually just went out he didn't want to wait they jumped off the wing. Those are the two the wound up in the hospital when you're not supposed to do that yeah. Are your sorry because you're not supposed to run out of the wing and John one little ankle another another. Actor and knuckles on landing. The whole time while everyone else's fine because they say everybody was calm the flight crew was home yeah. Today plain dawns it's actually all the passengers were helping each out there. And she doesn't believe you're so let me help players you. I have learned. So this one is actually from a week. You you may or may not have heard about it or seen and this is such a SkyWest airlines flight 5449. Or. From San Francisco Boise Idaho and a passer name's Scott Smith can't be Israel made the was seated behind a woman and her traveling companion who was seated next to her in first class in both of these women seem noticeably apprehensive. But. As they're getting ready to take off he of course things they're just really nervous yeah. In a drama queens though I I don't wanna fly and I scary mr. Smith says she wasn't acting right. Or normal from the very beginning as I read it one of them was trying to get over. The fear of flying I can tell that one or both were very uneasy with the whole idea she wasn't acting right or normal another passenger on the plane Danny Torres. Says that shortly after the flight took off the woman member as a woman and her friend of the won the mister Smith identify. She might be the ones afraid of line. Shortly after take off according to Danny Torres the woman just started streaming of oh. Oh right yeah he's got. Puri C. In the video to play it taken by ambassador with a cell phone she's thrashing around and then starts to scream. God I. I think right now live this thing and I did not remember they've just taken off Karzai though again they are up up up and away and the landing this thing is the process yet these are shouted I am god god I'd like the bombs are common. As she's got legs I got one inner and so and so your plan since the bombs Khamenei is to turn the plane around and put the plane uses a missile basically. So that it woman only and hopefully at the exact same time she detonates though the bombs so does just hold him playing again maybe it takes out a few thousand other people you why should asking me all it says it. I thought you were once shouted out the solution. Listens to Atlanta Vanessa and her. So it's okay so does so when so they specifically because she's saying I am god yeah. You're thinking bought Terry she's not on. Arms terrorists indigent and she knob does she you wouldn't profiles her as a terrorist but just the terrorist mindset that's the same thing as a lack bar in Iran. Brian what I'd die though his. Stir in the Bradley would ever and I'm not looking at color skeleton anyway that shot blue dogs some than tech they're dying in foreign brightly just you know like actually her. Easy so I feel bombs coming your initial thought was land the thing immediately. Take a Iditarod what do you do with a woman who's yelling I got. Even her where's the Marshall it's there are none because like ten air marshals left. So we cheer randomly passengers contain these people they tell you why it's all OUs so we should contain a wound just screaming I should I be and and I. I ask you like it's bad the we Hussein is it in them they are streaming do we just immediately sit on them we have the fattest there trying calm. Adding her. Right there. There is if he can have a coherent thought. How far she's on. I'm not only images just screaming and I am god we all we don't think it's likely she's gonna have a coherent thought but then these given the drop in yankees splash some water on her face yes they black earth throws. That being an airplane where all line up first guys slap owner I just felt bad NASA has a boxing gloves on them. Yeah alleged they do all these they ask her friend did what is wrong with your friend my friend as she is god gesturing it's. This is they know what you try to take these men and admittedly scary situations. And you try to have some fun with them in the moment after the fact. But this is a scary situation and by the way none that none of the time that we just had existed. Everything that I just described you in the cell phone video happens in seconds the plane takes off she starts apparently just screaming then she started screaming iron down ion. All of this that that literally what that takes me three seconds four seconds and then while the plane is still and remember they're taking off so the flight attendants are seen in their there everybody see. And strapped in at this point but is it possible. That. There's a language barrier and then she's actually saying oh my god oh my god. Sure he's afraid of finally the one original I thought that was half OK and so and so we pay you have to in the moment consider hopefully maybe that's all it is now. I think we know from what happened next the that's not the case. It is an interesting again see you don't have time in the heat of the moment that. The fact with a little radio courage and and be another hindsight is 21 easy to go what about a minute here's a reasonable solution as to why we shouldn't just sit on this woman of reason number four or start hitting a level. We call the alone because if it both the flight attendants recede and the ads and you think about it if you bet on an hour flights the first thing they do and you're somebody screaming and they kind of lean over like oh god what we have going on here right. Even just in that process while she screening I am god I am god I am God's members she's in first class you read the front of the plane. Xian does her seatbelt the running towards the cockpit known now hearts. Hers she she she planet where she can be near a pocket and get first glad. And then once she gets the reinforced door of the Austrian and she has a laser cutter that she's bought brought on board somehow. Far she did needs the bond oh yeah yeah he's been yeah. I forgot I had the ball on the non brokered loans. She got it through now this is this is interesting though because as quickly as I describe all of this to you. One of the flight attendants who is seated in first class must have had time. And notified the passage that the pilot you know they have the instant phone reviews although the pilot and in the on the flight that. You can say whatever you May Day are we gonna get another job here because the pilots. First class is not that far from the cockpit I had. You can't soft because I wish I could see this personally give you my version of what I'm seeing because the report so don't make sense to me but it's. She she's able to scream I am not I am god did her seat belt off and start running towards. Laurie how bold this is happening. Is doing anything but sit. But there isn't a slam and there isn't a sign for the pilot went to get home oh speaker. And make an announcement all he says is stop her all costs software at all costs wow yeah wow. When things are missing here yes but I mean and quite honestly I wouldn't I think the most it will be scared to death hearing. Pilots say that and then you've got to find it. The Herald people that will stop her it might be thought that most people have really a small percentage of people certain actual heroes little get up and do something to. There were two of them at least in the vicinity or whatever who are then pictured in a separate video later restraining the woman in pain her on the floor. How she continues rambling such phrases as god has all the data I don't have any data guys and she says we landed in Boise fifteen minutes ago this is all while she's on the floor being restrained and they're trying to get the zip ties and everything that put her. During their version of handcuffs. Ben she reaches the southern gutter on the ground raids by where the were the shooters is set flight attendant and she's reaching for the door this woman is while they're trying to contain turns out she never of course remember you can open the door once you're up in the air and they are the Samsung that sounds scary but they can't do it. She was restrained. In zip ties. The flight was able lands safely. Boise they flew all the way. It and this incident from San Francisco to their destination all the guys because they felt like better restraint though she was taken into custody and we don't have any more details on her. Yet once he gets the fans who knows how long it'll say before this one I. I feel like it's gonna turn out late payments made him and listening now feel left out but rob desire awhile ago about a woman Terri in her eyes out back. And then he reported today. She came out finally talked about it that the issue was on message she was seeing things or dare I did this sounds so are now. Thank you write in Tuscaloosa eighty Molly is the manager. Yeah. There are very scary situation and the Justin feels like we're missing something in the whole process of her screaming and I am not a. If people stop. And that's really one really I multiple passengers so they all heard that. Hello is the pilots are told to do aren't I again I know I know that they admitted but it is their job why weren't the flight attendants and the front of the plane stop trying to stop. Maybe they were they were and that's not part of the store and over judge a book. About one with the definition I was there in the air yeah I thought is that the pressure cooker and daily journey into play every single day although we don't get a winner every single day we sure now trivia people we either know it or you don't you know vibrate thirty seconds you do that we have pair of tickets for you for this Friday. King of the cage presents any knee and wide and then they finally did cheer them. So we're legacy brand exposition hall in Reno Nevada beginning 6 PM and your wrestler isn't always. I'm all right it's an amount present day and I know there I was there MMS just kind of players talk more like well a moment yeah your favourite. His brother Lloyd let. I'm in MMI I want to get you back here mr. Your face into the cage and I. This matters closer gallery team right now. He's less colorful members told from everywhere at 8889899. The eleven dollar eighteen place the pressure. Dawn show.