Scares in the Air 5-16-18

Wednesday, May 16th


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My choice I'm. Worse I was. I'm not examine everything. I'm wondering you know. When he got. That's how little. As is from Patricia Patricia and our idea Brad radio dot com says my husband will go. Is a huge fan I'm Hugo that at. He he hit the ground game that who go up I think. My husband who go Q&A. Huge fan. My guess and this is your show area today as he gets up in the morning which to. Mine because he's so fat. Isn't it and it is yeah. I did yeah I saw earlier at a state dinner. Then hey there turn on elder ads show though she's. Yeah. Yeah next in. Today is his thirtieth birthday I cannot but minorities are there any of these bought. It's not all the unknowns at lower. And not to an eight year old I just wanted to wish him happy birthday and then he has a great day. Happy birthday. But only today Lugo is the rest of the days I'm not have a great day your wife has other. Telling their. Wasted no. Know that you know. There's really a drop off. Pain. Yes I had this story yesterday but I wanted to wait. Just to get a few words he's tails cuts. Here we go this is. All the way overseas other side of the world we're gonna head to China. This is Sichuan airlines flight three U 8633. You're. Which was flying from Sean why you tune docile. It departed Chong Wang at 647 local time and was due to arrive three hours later there about an hour. In the the flights. When in the cockpit. Being. One of the windshields shatters. All but Cilic shatters. All of my god yeah. It hurt your guide and which side the pilot the co pilot because I don't know why that yeah pilots more qualifying. Highlight these vaccines. You want the pilot who went there to be fine why look. This really how do you people in New Guinea and all the world to me the pilot it's not whether or not then I will no longer. He might be less inclined to be a good I mean he's won more likely to be dropped off and it doesn't really matter that share the same space and they had no matter. I was really down. Actually get done escape. Is this just gonna be on. So correct he does really see it does because I thought I was the an extra stupid ones side of the of the windshield goes out. The other side it's not mess if you had your safety restraint on which they're supposed to at all times you are not as likely to get saying sucked out of the kind. Elements you of whatever supplying dinner around she. Bernard yeah all of the bird yeah you're up 32 little beat up a lot and I can't tell you. Feet I don't know. You don't like that could be aliens oh alien parents as the different here's the difference. We actually fly it thirty. All the time and we know there are no. There leg and we don't go to outer space all the time that is why there might be aliens we now understand me I was. We have this you know it's an accident. Her says the pilot attempting vs. You don't expect that it does. And know how and facts. The captain and almost never does anything. Look hold the pilot is the wants nothing as you're the co pilot you take off you land I just a day. Great kids are better than I did not jump out of divided by U. My minutes ago we proved Don and yeah. But you're right you're right it's only eighteen attention span fourteen seconds I forgot what I bet my left I'm sorry. Sorry could not address anything that was said lets them or more important thing. I. So one of the planes' windshields are shatters a spur Ricci thank god on the pilots are. I. We can do without him back to eat better and yeah. So he can dock. Known at a zoo and see this big bet on is that we can do without him it's. That's what I co pilot's job description as mills is pass out as well well well well. I am closer look that's that's that's that's what. Portion of the league and the pilot knowing his job with the was the one that was sucked halfway. Oh my gosh oh my gosh awful all intended and I. Pilot who signed Ben Johnson. Not that kind of violence that one dangling. Who today is real revenge you did they do. Quietly now of not being he's being maybe unique non. Yeah yeah. Back in the they I hope I hope close I don't look first of all they all there's two people in the cockpit and you just pin so fired up to the side the navigator yes that's right because the navigator yeah he movies. I don't think. 28 T we know me. He is happy today that Scott didn't need navigators anymore well maybe he's still. In that country things are different than China there are way behind us well that's right their economies about. Well I've gotten. A heart attack. Playing seven conduct. And then I made it my ball look look at Davenport yeah. Went and. No yeah. Here's a here's what's so frustrating for me. Don't think this robot. This is how this is the burden of knowledge because. Unfortunately. This is what most people think well this is what closest finding out ignorant Americans you actually think that they Chinese are forming and wouldn't quite nice. Where they actually use their feet like the Flintstones did it started fast enough. And then they flat they are really fast and that's how they get out and have some fancy ass play and the garden of knowledge remember we've got sick and those same years. Co pilot and his upper body soft out of the broken windshield. Despite. Happiness safety belts strapped on he was half a way out. The of the windshield the captain the almighty cap. Yes but so is again so I. Think you know all those birds are inside. Hair I hit it there's no pressure as they shouldn't so immediately we're. Halloween on all. The almighty captain who has 25 years of experience compared to that idiot poke fun yeah. Yes twenty years of experience what you know rookie. Has flown the a hundred times says there were no warning signs when one of the windshields on the right hand side of the cockpit shattered what would that matter. If an indicator light went on the mound in the in the cockpit your windshields are about to shatter what are you gonna do there is no indicator light. Now he he he's talking about there are no signs that it hasn't has it starts off but it's as all channel rocket yet. A little ship that was there that they had someone just drilled in one of those replacing old windows me flanking now based tech. The one of those per. Supplies of 30000 feet drop could have a lawn of the windshield inserts a track they called the mobile in the air space flight data from our. Out save but could pay a gay guy because they didn't have any indication I had that read it was all six the the worthless dispensable. Army. Or if the pilot. Zoo rouge and had half. Half of his body dangling out of the plane at 32000. Species that are out there around on him wave and all those birds that Thursday. Yeah. Kurtz well. Can't I did it despite the fact that the cockpits temperature. Suddenly dropped to minus forty degrees Celsius well. You'll ask COLT yes yes for those really don't know unfreeze the metric system that's called it that's what happened the end of the story is the pilots. Turn into an iceman the plane crash and everybody's dad you're just now hearing about it. Because everything freezes immediately at minus forty degrees so let's takes them longer to get as their news and the means yes because that's regular backwards nation and I forgot that yeah. Yeah. Lou Sheen on the almighty cat did say that that incident is copy into go to her I think you're BT now. Was able ice copy of this oh yeah. I didn't return guys that are. Would they be able to land the plane safely all good guys halfway out the window well at some point they yanked him means you. But again that the thing. Days. Sit tight. Yeah. Oh treasonous via a plane without. Heard it and was able to land within twenty minutes not only isn't minus forty degrees a sole or inside a cockpit but everything that isn't security isn't flying around these are swirling like a giant wind tunnel what does aid work owe her an ocean and what would they do. Actually I mean he's dead right this acid. I mean this is dawn sphere flying to Hawaii when ES. Dad's by the way I'm sorry was in the middle and I. I apologize all that that's okay accurate it's it's just it's it's just my frustration for wanted to get out actual sentences and that's my fault that's my call. Do your work either. Could. Oh OK the Tina gallery finds it amusing that. So. This is dawn big fear of flying over. The flight to Hawaii for your Brady right. Half way to Hawaii. In the windshield shatter and I'll go and have no idea why by the way still. Why this happened lovely and we keep hear these stories from south and knows well. Don't know cracking. A million years is reset the Plame I don't know you can't get to an air play an important forty minutes so I mean they eat it. Even if so you drag the copa back in. How long can human being flying a plane sustained forty degrees below Celsius even with oxygen masks or whatever it could've been an absolute disaster they were fortunate over the mainland I. Think in the this logic need is even movie logic in there and go down maybe down below 151000 feet and even slower speed affects me but they may be what they have enough fuel to get across the rest of the ocean but. Enough I think if they get low enough and why there it's a little bit warmer. I think they could probably do it that is that is what they would try to do I would say making great Denzel movie. Don't have like a spared. No windows that that does the job. And you can get a new window already done it but if he made some plywood duct if there is out. This is again wall plane is travelling in time. In the air hundreds of miles an hour unity slowed down. If you have this giant wind tunnel I just have backed up a backup but does Obama are you have to go into the supply closet in the cockpit. Yeah in the cockpit door now all of the pressure. Those the death and he knows cockpits are enormous and I don't go to supply closet you pull well it's fair really bust your love. It whenever it is maybe it's a Bullard at. I would love to AM and came walled everything is swirling around your flight. An hour here you get the nail gun which is in the supply plus two. And let's better than that say is start singing in it into the fuselage to cover up. The hole no works of on the windshield and there there's no they don't. Darn it yeah yeah yeah that it now maybe now they're gonna retro for it all planes with the supply closet and applied the this is the last thing you think's gonna happen no that's not true. I think that I think is gonna happen when I'm on a plane is that a dinosaur is going to lie yeah. That's the last thing. If you make me a list of what it it seems like air play and it went. Windows Client now those are the top pondered how do you start nasty things the last things. What you should because it's actually possible. In the last thing that I think is gonna happen on an airplane is then a showing of circus the latest in a breakdown and so that would be a on that pays for flash mob again if there's not anything but laughs they ended the ghost of Ronald Reagan will appear cook and tell me to chair Donald won't be long list of the last things that I. I think Oklahoma a heavy into the plane falling apart. Sometimes they go about. I know. Mobile phone footage issues. People screaming bags dropping from the overhead cabin. Lunch boxes scattering elected a block. But that's probably why it's called lunch box. The co pilot that worthless human being doesn't even belong in the cockpit but. Suffered scratches of the face and chest and is currently hospitalized. Grandpa. Art was was out was it his legs are his face move there from a powerful hole. And I go I don't know I hollow legs and I don't think kids like Olympia and you just you don't know the pressure could okay. I'm I'm I'm so tired of arguing loses some things I hear right back. It could do value did you as a result can be bad and your eyeball it meant there are but Graham's feet. First of really good for that Twitter fascia I guess you know and then first you have to do fly you have to flop back. On the plane institute lady you don't break your back so dad who have flipped around and then flopped face first on the plane's fuselage is he is quite lucky that he just has scratches now my. On the face in the chest still in the hospital passenger described the experience as follows the crew were serving us breakfast probably didn't songs. When the aircraft begin to shake we didn't know what was going on and we panicked. Then the oxygen masks dropped we experienced a few seconds of freefall. Before stabilized again that's the point where he the so you what's happening there isn't planes flying along. And the windshield brace and the reason for a few seconds of freefall as her husband pilot was passed out hoaxes and so we're going on how. Problem winning ugly waking up until it's yeah. That's that little breeze in the almighty pilots could you sleep debt and our. Listening for the big landing then this passenger told the dawn and says this is after the plane land I'm still nervous and I'll never fly out and yeah yeah sure okay you will what is it like this man has done OK you're done until you wanna go somewhere. That you can't try to gain playing on a book you out of playing 1000046. We could be finished and I hate complain let's say all right we have a week off under the train to visit my friends and Minnesota are gonna get they're gonna spend four hours with them and I got back. At home and I. On the windshield was part of the original aircraft and had no previously recorded faults are still trying to figure that out. How could this much. Hole of course. Ironically once the plane landed an hour later they all wanted to fly him. How many. In the states as Southwest Airlines flight 86 Warner from Denver to Dallas on Saturday begin to experience the loss of pressure about a half hour before it landed. Says yes no number I've got a story here. Do you know something I don't as a state news day do you do they tell me on my. It's always. Here. It's a should. It's real news. I loss of pressure about a half hour for land and say you're you think you're gone you're getting ready to get hasn't and honestly I good win them. I cool quality yeah. From now on don't just list things and people you haven't done and to have you ever done Glenn Michael Byrne and they're done him good out. I think there's a passenger complained he says I had no idea what was going on what the outcome was going to be. Adding that the flight crew did not communicate how serious the incident was okay glam. Did she honestly I really don't don't tell me if I'm on a dime of the die if that it. I don't wanna know what's comment. So there's a loss of pressure. The flight attendants to get on. Pardon me ladies and gentlemen you may be about to die at the same snow unplanned you'd know it'll feel it. On the plane made an emergency landing everybody's fine yes ya. Deployed that's scary. Southwest and help them honor I didn't read a story were hateful and Matt Sloane yeah. Everybody on that flight that the first flight to south let's play where the engine cracked the windshield. Perkins are clock crack the window. And that my Manny Martinez guy river's name was who. FaceBook why they were you think it's something like that look like I'm close. Com when he knew it when you still when you stop the still pictures nobody has there there are oxygen masks on right the only covering their mouths off their nose at a I'm not alone you lived through such a really sells but I don't I haven't seen the pictures for this one southwest said in the statement. The following uneventful landing Baltimore and he was the problems southwest it was the oxygen masks and flight initial reports indicate. That four of the 120 passengers on board requested a check from paramedics to assess ear pain. Lol okay current club video from the cabin chose oxygen masks dangling from the ceiling. And passengers scrambling to secure them back to drama queen bland. Michael Berger he says quote I didn't know whether we were going to make its sport yeah I would think Cameron has died soon. Ike or whatever your name but it's the gland slam. Applause there Michael Berger steps is what passing game yes. All good I would think now's the time there calmly breathing in south course do I leave that. Her oxygen masks it would also things I have absolutely no control over what's about to happen here. Where the Heller downwind and it was crazy. It was and saying people were scared it. You're just sitting there calmly and really dialed up flight speak lesbian people the plane. What's shaking Brandon people like Ireland's yes and it was it was the worst I had experienced people Orton comet. Lifted up off of their seats more of that process that in there. All the alarm. Is what I have idealized it as ridiculous I was gonna die and that's I can understand. I think you're gonna die you'll like this is that this is the man who can I knew would be applying its just an update we didn't Donahoe. And dawn show.