Scares in the Air 5-19-17

Friday, May 19th


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Emails REV ads ran radio dot com this first one is from Cameron tight campaign. The subject line is I wish my life. Always follow but he didn't write that. You can see an actress Jenny there's the subject lines as I wish my locker I series this may sound. So let's say are so strong Cameron says good morning my name is Cameron we know. I'm 21 year old guy and I'm going in to get your re stroll reconstruction surgery. June 2 leftover stuff from a car accident in October alone and that makes me wanna bend over okay. I just recently got back to work and I'm going to be back office work. So I just wanted to know if you guys could wish me a lot of letters would always be yeah your right dawn for young car's good luck. Thanks Roy you do have a good week here we find. Must be nuts. It's a hard thing to go. During that. And this one's from Brian. I'm Brian. Says thank goodness for the app I'm driving into Bakersfield this morning and I'll sorry wow or faster and knows better is set. Okay where is coming from the Allen Beasley and Marino. That's terrible at Lake Tahoe OK let's say easily in Sacramento also feel better for absolutely have makers feel the oasis in the desert of southern. Brian he's got to watch out for the races and says. I hit a boil in Bakersfield it's terrible because there's not from the Sacramento nine earlier I was sitting with the city where they actually remember the guy that wrote me an email the first signs and my girlfriend now the site should matter in chains. I have learned was around her neck or whatever was numbered. Bankers OK so segment and does it letters behind Bashir is they still don't I dig you need to hang out micro reminds Akamai. I'll see how I don't know about that he's black for those you can pick up or talking I don't listen really listen you guys. Well I think they'll let you guys lord Texas and Amy and I don't think in law I've seen in their planning and hadn't noticed that very. Are angry you don't see I never noticed it in so I started dating an African American girl act and then it becomes an instant and we had the discussion on the show its knowledge we're looking for a gag knowing you're becomes so obvious act when it's the difference between. Almighty god what a beautiful girl oh my god what you couple almighty god what is she doing with hand is the women's one year age difference dad it's a very overt an obvious thing when its fastest asking. But it may do you mean and it can trap three I think in July commander. Focused on all of our conversation. At the close games. You know around that lightning are you the look which is why I see it because I don't wanna listen to you when you're talking. Don't see Brian says they are trying to break your. And right as the live shows arteries as I lost the signal so I switched on. The headphones and seamlessly transition using the red radio act cuckoo and they complete and a AF as always thanks for the amazing stuff. Brian where you sit Q yes this is the amazing. Want anyway. Your writing math. When you win a not only. 00. It is not about United Airlines had a lot. Oh cool I know that's a shocker but it is about an the airline it seems we wanted to get in the news more and more for making stupid decisions jetBlue. I'm Jesus this one not a stupid decision just just Vince's bad days but this is a bad time you're an airline to be in the news. I've seen it it's not your fault in this goes right to the heart of one of don's most hated parts of finds it take off. I cost as. I hated commuting into a rollercoaster. So we're that I don't feel like you can hold any amassed all we can't and you know. It's gonna have flipped over Denver plant didn't die and we died 33000. Flights take off. Lands safely in America every day out. Now granite you're right there. There is nothing that makes physical sense does it about a tube that big and that heavy getting off the ground and stay in office for a little bit and that's say something about this take up makes sense and then you take off your fine. Ask him are assigned you were on T yeah. You're on the jetBlue flight from Washington DC bound for New York Wednesday night what is that a fourteen minute flight. Quite flying from Sacramento Stockton and it's yet they are feeling and yeah no beverage service. A jetBlue flight from DC bound for New York that's weird. Took off. And and and gotten McKay takes office and I you'd you know 101000 feet is when they go and yeah you sure. And all the Democrats this this flight only got 3000 feet in the air god. I wouldn't before the pilot declared an emergency meals kinda sitting there waiting for the dang and what you get is this ladies and gentlemen. And we're heading back through our Washington. Off for an emergency landing look all of God's not it's less than fifteen minutes after flight eighteen though Peter took off. Appeared to hedge your light. The unity here in the ten. You're in that position right at 3000 feet you're still knows. Sending he had but he still knows you just it. Isn't comfortable you don't find an uncomfortable. You don't I. When I love how why hide now and then including that I didn't inmates are running out of turn like that you know your turn my back. I have. You also didn't there's been many times you've experienced that we take off and have to turn right away has always always when you fly at LAX their turn before 101000. But it does it seems higher than 3000 feet. This has nothing to do anything. Event planners are good for. Said they do you love everything did you find have you ever thought of gaining your pilots like yeah many times and I I just I haven't I I've I just I haven't done it yet they could be traded that. Get a fly all the time do you explain all that's planned but I think it's more of a retirement thing and to tell me at my brother. That's what he's he's always been a pharmacist but he finally when he did that in late for a long time he earned a lot of money on the side you know Topeka might have a little plane. I have. My business people high. Hired them all the time fighting here finally there right see you don't those hours of mana I'll be doing night heel of the glove that yet symphony of the moment playing the act now. Well I think I can fly around alone yeah it's. Later made by the plant in front there is no money yeah I'm good I'm good. I'm a little plays a softer less than fifteen minutes passengers said as they were as they were taking off. They heard an unusual sound coming home. Engines that Rick and I hope so never get an urge you always listening for that I. Now on the noise is the increased the Kooks dude dude dude dude I'm not non just calmly waiting or. Being 101000 feet usually tumors in an article but I brief downpours and now no I might notice it while you were taking off while you were sending you suddenly heard Colin. In the engine. I heard kind of guy and then it started Jew and then started a wobble a little bit. It's his passing journalists Ortiz who says quote there was an amazing impact and noise. Immediately everyone felt a jolt and everyone knew there was something wrong oh god get on the phone see yourself as well how do you use your phone. Yeah I did and he did on eight. Yeah. His expertise mudslides dawn says quote we got a little hysterical it yeah. What do you shout out Doug band I thought I heard you say some concern oh cool all third strike out my guy flew right into the engines. I already know awards. I'll say it hey John yeah except. I think updates on the check the charter and only I can hand out ready Obama. I'll suck your nominee that has already ordered a cast thank you there's a form yes. Yeah he's mellowed the plane did land safely about fifteen minutes after it took off. Mr. Ortiz says landing was very turbulent extremely rough bouncing. Well joy as soon as we landed the fire department was there and immediately started foaming the engines non anchor. I don't know many cannot. If you thought that mister mister Ortiz and I use that. Slightly says it was a really emotional stuff. Lizzie Betty yeah I'm not because I'm a man to store teach you that that's the reason they were foaming the engine on landing that. The of course they they'd called in the emerge and that's what happened a miracle on the Hudson but Sully couldn't get back to the airport there at the land with. This guy and you're back to the airport because it was also close upon landing airport's fire and rescue units of course are dispatched and they they as they went in the final pool pool. Or something and landed because when the plane hit the engine and started fuel leak okay. That's why they phoned the engine and as he's OK what if he would spend anymore time in the air and it might tell you get a spark and it's not going to be good consciousness and both the engine might be a good night blow out. Just take off a winning a golf club. Oh my god. Palin with one leading asks. Sully yeah I don't know the land with one out yeah. Only at home built into the system yeah that's what you do it may be some cocaine like analyst is here he's like yeah. Passengers were taken off the plane eventually and you're right they had as easily. I want. Often caller foaming at and then I'm sure they deploy the chute Sonoma I think. She only and then they are taking the game where they're put onto another aircraft you know your older woman that take off. But the NC a a and he's finally since it is only DC to New York say they can't do that here's Lucy get right on a plane after that need to tell you what you have. And you wouldn't you guys everybody I'm glad I'm here I'm person you're not you're not personally comes and has huh. All year sorry. The first at and below are not at this what's up Matt. Great way to end the segment at a and then now. Battles show on.