Service VS. Emo Support Animals on Planes part 1

Wednesday, May 16th


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Rub anybody and don't. KKR's you've done now. And dawn Saturday. 899011. Reaction RE zero red radio dot com that he'll be segments and scares in the air and co pilot in the Chinese White Sox cap oil and still shattered yet another southwest flight oxygen mask. As your landing no pain Andrew says if Andrew is the studio film look goofy yes today. And I love the show starts off already off the rails. I don't understand I know I've been probably in don's days in my case were overloaded with the various allergy medication. And have you been hit an almighty I'd blog or your still immune knock on wood I have yet to be affected by allergies I just I combining his many of them as I can now just in some very strange cocktail makes me feel it. The world's leotard that I yesterday I was cooking dinner and I had a little sneeze then I thought I own all get hit by the allergies and it was fun. This I'm just it makes me feel high sometime the Madison show yeah. And just the allergies in general because. It just kind of makes at a bit. Yes absolutely no street I can see how people think they're sick is our all these words just exhausts you and your life not what why you. Exhausting me you do you have a immense do you have allergy moods in your mom I'll. It was starting tonight make you cranky. You know what you call in sick and they are mad now. Rather Georgie all the yes I. For 40 years so I am done. It is and that the medication a lot of medication the antihistamines abound what you say you take a member suited bad. But Jeff deciding now devised and that's confused make meth so there's some derivatives and a lot of these allergy medications that make you go see the worst part about allergies is the morning right. No not all day. And that's why when it's like this well especially when the wind is everywhere and it seems like everything's blown everywhere and you're having what I you know allergy attacks it can be all day. Night you can't sleep depending on where you are okay really I can relate is when I get congestion her head colds and it's always worse in the morning because you see you've been sleeping in everything's gonna just settled and I was just curious as allergies are the same way. This awareness that I had never had allergies at all my whole life until a few years ago. And Jack it would bother me in the morning then to be fine in the rest of the day Odierno canine good and then now than there was just no rhyme or reason let all wake up a lot of times. He knows totally clear I am good I'm feeling fine and then as I get going in the I start getting itchy nose starts getting stuffy it's annoying you're like do I just like it had a bad as that would keeps is clear enough. All the most important things at her. Back to last restraint it's in no mean nothing more nothing more so than rain is terribly annoying but let's all move along the real problem and people do have. We'll heinous. Email from nick since Saturday I'm so sorry rob if I had to deal with dawn this earlier. Like if you lose and I think you do if you listen your son's brain I'm not canceled today show. Yeah birthday is saying he's gonna show a lot of sadness over. Oh beret and then there's this from Veronica ironic he says I hate you people you pay so much right now I'll be flying to Hawaii a week from Saturday. I know you stories are not healthy I don't know if you're gonna be able to you know leak they just the issue the end aviation red alert in Hawaii because of the smoke can be error he had the eye now now they're getting in the plane when they're saying the the volcano is actually going to Iraq since you asked in the atmosphere is this is the allergic you know is it for all the islands are just the big the big island yeah but who knows I may be it'll affect the other publishers and darn I was gonna go to jail and now. Never mind that dawn is if your feet just like randomly listening and I know one of the on the weird things is not hatred for why don't you know I want it now let's she doesn't because the flyable. I can just get the transportation like that being transported from the BC that's it rewrote quiet and let them that's what's it called. Our tell me or didn't yeah. Why did you take your free. You take brutally mourn the ideal way is Alaska was a lot of fun and that but it did freaks me out how OK everything ice where the an analyst Shannon from Texas. From San Francisco to Hawaii is Sue Bird com if you if you have never flown over to Hawaii it's nothing like the Alaskan seeds at all or rough and it's not. We get rough. Water there was a dad now we're gonna die in the yeah. And we didn't. When you was so do you look. No I was the one I was washing the boat owning it because everybody else on that boat was a drama queen like you. You want she I around. Until a golf simulator. When I was. Sure did what I know I was so annoying to. Turn. We were going to now. I never thought that it didn't even less all multi media days yes I'll. That would suit the. Don't figure to go to a whole YE you just need a really good strides to that it knocks me out a whole flight gas and yes for all of my whole flight. Like view in which was your condition which is not uncommon you need something like an Ambien or a big doses mayonnaise or whatever drugs work for you ever talk to iron out and it's just the other day. Any doctor would give you that in a very small quantity and just duties like you do dogs and Moses Elijah sedate yes. I could continue that thought and put the underbelly of the cargo holds. Says Veronica is going to Hawaii in these stories are helping let's do a couple more high. Well we'll this is not subtlety saw this video as two days all the British tourist and mother of two is described the terrifying moment she thought her life was about and on the plane she was on sitting on the ground had landed had landed I think it was run double check maybe an engine barely taken out it landed just sitting there and it's about how sometimes after you when you taxi and they get right near the gate and you have to sit there Furman this when they say don't get up yet. Managers say few if you're so it you can. Colonel yes. When her plane. Had its table that table fan detailed flight details with. Us in a collision with the other aircraft. I don't know. It's insane. 55 year old Karine a barren and her friend Claire out. We're seated near the back of the plane was were the tail fin is obviously when they heard this enormous bang. She says the shocking crash sounded like a bomb had gone off this was two days ago at the reporting Istanbul Turkey a turn. Airlines plane that that's had its tail sliced off by an easy on the airlines all that makes it. Asian hi there. But hey hello. Sending passengers on board planes or when you watch it puts it when you watch when you watch has been huge and viral YouTube. The plane of the Turkish plane is sitting there that's whom the beer but it's. It's just you know and this other this other plane comes around and just all the does it takes the turn Jewish are now hear it from being just gone. And that's gonna make a big bag and a lot of minds and yeah. Comprises some doesn't happen more often as much traffic is going through those airports and how close those planes get most of time. She says the plane went to one side something that our boat when we're cruise to Alaska never did and why I didn't think we're ever going to typical for. None of this cruise and yeah. I am seas were rough this these editing and then anger who'll look at that forced him so well. Oh my god it was actually air was highly forty foot swells list of the parent and I heard it was it was not it was so hot I loved I'll go to Alaska again but. I guess fly. It took a 00 to be automatic flight as someone points out that I. Oh I am on the icy runways of Alaska. CNN. The played late the warm side and then it sort of righted itself says the passenger all kinds of things were going through my mind at that point I thought the plane had blown up. She says I thought the plane was gonna turn overs or she's dramatic like I'm a. Well I didn't hear it over on its tough. Yeah they're researching why and how that happened they just go get another line and live. Both played both planes obviously taken out of commission. Please them to at least the people on the childish airline that they earned at least there at their destination the other one just keep going no good bed bath England winning and not from slicing off the tale I guess I thought. Yeah. How can pull over and softens journey. Of course they hit around the dead polo America and a good morning at the finish. No wonder that I let it register and become domino little bit. It was just that this sort of try and an ex navy guy. That's code that they built civilian and military issue much is pretty similar. So what I was on the carrier off the coast of Australia in 2006 we got hit by a typhoon. And those were points where the deck was shifting 45 degree as you. There are lots throw 120000 metric ton displacement. And doesn't sink the ships not even close. We can do what you're cruiser into the cease shells spy and everything she ever chance to got to go around at my Norton. I got nothing that they air disparaging comment now you see. All my lord this is why you're amazing that you served and thank you this is a teachable moment I'd be freaky now. I wrote my soapbox this week you read radio dot com about a moment the dawn had on the year last week where she was so frustrated with snowflake she said something like. Have they ever seen a real problems of their travel to other countries like that gets you see what the rest of the world like now here's ten. Do is trying to similarly give all of you teachable moment. Just absorb yourself and the things and other humans go through that are nothing like. You're little 3040 foot waves on your cruise ship or oxygen masks being deployed because as little pressure. Different for the bumping is the dawn was describing when she and Aaron played OK little turbulence. You this that wasn't a little turbulent and they lived through all of this is what makes it right you'll be fine you agree Terry L hallmark doesn't work in and out. I'd be kicked out of the military is screening. Here's what here's what we need to do Immersion therapy with on an honor to do with you because I want to do this huh. I I wanna I wanna Branden yeah c'mon you. You'd be flying issues right you like why I look I would love to be a pilot someday yeah I would wanna do this too I wanna be on one and I don't think there's a way to do it comes into the theory and it's all official. I would love to be on one of those planes and flies into the hurricanes. Well Lou the weather tracker my where you are just now with a Hope Solo home though thinks they do it all the time and they lived through it hundreds of times a year I'm going to do this. Yes don't come more aren't. There's a lot. And just follow what I wanted and that's I would do I would know it and unfortunately you know give to usually be down south and we will opera. The. Also does need the mob basically like he. Could look at pivotal moment of that type that flight is to see the eye of the hurricane when everything -- all call and you see how everything straight down the middle of the game is getting there Terrell Moran and then all of a sudden oh my god he's license agreement rubio. I'm lucky I'll drop you know my husband Brandon because he has little of this still could have fine it's Immersion therapy for you when. When you live through that no plane flight you take is ever gonna scare you yeah. Lived through it you will you all live through just like can't live through the emerging on it right here in the old way. It's been saying that. Simulator. Now all because you know it's not real though. You know and that's the problem was simulators like you know you'd do you view you always have that I set your alarm clock and now they can you still know I am I mean instance bear NASA has. Those big claims that they do the big dips up and down to simulate the zero gravity would you ever do something like that a wounded by as long as my doctor cleared me. There's a 'cause I'm a little older like I gotta show my arc and am he's so I thought I would I want to make sure I my mind battles with. And I thought about it I think they start going to simulate an outstanding and we putter in the hurricane hopper came. On day I'd rather just be dramatic and say stupid saying hello there. Brenton good morning good morning no collar. Call it and learn art high school but I. A morning what about that zero G flight where they Jake you up the nation really the zero G environment that you. Well here. Is that what you're just talk I was wondering the same thing yeah he what do you think about that probability that you all of my doctor would clear yeah. Got a thousand be able to handle the diaper. Guess that's a master card here's a scary here think this is actually an all party. We're still waiting for the lawsuit and there's a lawsuit that's working its way through the courts. About the airlines now restrict dean or eliminating various types of emotional support animals through. On their planes as a result of support animals increasing by more than 40%. Please over the last few years and we documented in chronicle some of the more ridiculous ones the woman who did actually literally get to fly. With they had an emotional support Turkey. Osce in the pageant by SE foreign but it sat there and seek an exit regular is we had the woman who was kicked off for not allowed on the plane if she had her emotional support peacock and a there's certain things and SO it's armor clean talk about someone that's a drama clean it's okay let's talk about dawn. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah I would have added yeah we're gonna go. And. Hello Bernard says and do it right there. And keying congress does he listen. That this so insensitive comments like what Don just there. What led through these potential lawsuits because that. I'm trying to potentially are they are running it through the court system now god laugh and I saying now saying that people have real problems and of these animals held they they they are protected member what they wanna do all civilians there are actually have no problems with they wanted to ultimately those you didn't hear initially as they want to redefine. Like we always do with our laws they want to expand. The 88 the Americans for disabilities act which technically under the law only covers. Registered service animals as defined as dogs and mini horses that's it. But the good the lawsuit is not about suing airlines the lawsuit is about known not good you insensitive move. It's expanded to include emotional support animals they still believe of course they're being reasonable doctors still has to say yes you are depressed or anxious OK number one. And then. And some type of search for certification that the animal. Actually does emotionally support somebody actually calms them down. That the city we did get a fly the sticky wicket comes in wins if that's the extent of it. The weirdness of some of the animals that homes some people down and what they may or may not do on planes and we'll see with the courts say that it's a year for the court. Isn't it if someone has. Pat had a really bad anxiety and depression that exists a 100% of course it does. And if they need some kind they have some kind of animal that calms them. C but you don't get a fly with the heat shock. That's just ridiculous. That you just don't get to fly why are you certain. In that advance it's ridiculous to me because there are people with truly. Real disabilities as to why they need that animal they're blind to whatever might be it. War it's PTA the pressure and he don't think it is real but it is also roll. OK okay. Let's usual words against you what does it do you. Steam but the dog doesn't work. The peacock to us now. You that there is then GSD and if you throw that at someone in the military he admitted. I crazy come horrible the military for some reason doesn't happen through them abide by our rules on wow that's why I'm using it sooner. Now I'm a war hero I I am PT SD and and make it isn't as great as you want 'cause she's a war hero and he served and he was it and saw some off. Awful horrible things. I would probably give him now yeah he does not to follow oral snow now he gets an hour furlough because his is real right in it and because they're both thrilled I mean. Hello he fought for our country he earned this right so because he fought for our country and our constitution which is a nation of laws he does not the golf. And so you can bring emotion upon. Why is both and be another plane what it but my lane Lyon and tunnel your play it's not I already covered this. The lawsuits are not about your points who they are not suing the airlines. They're suing the government also lead to change the Americans with disabilities act so the you'll have no say over this it's not like you cannot legally turn away. A service a service animal not an emotional support animal service animal. A dog that is registered under the ATA there for whatever reason. You can't turn the morning good and they are trying to change the law firm emotional support animals you can't turn them away. Anybody not just airlines restaurants everybody got a disability Ellis at the disability a loss as it is it will me. Well I helped a lot doesn't I know are awesome time stupid many times yes and and then. Disability but a what are you kidding you mention is classified as a disability. And it shouldn't be that. It is it is well it is something that is magazine and it's something that meant Celine. They can torture you all but it's not a disability well but it is is it your. Your blind you can never be your side backed. If you're depressed or anxious there are several ways for you to try and end a vast his words Murray you're on medicine the rest a year like that can make you feel better there's no medicine you can take up. You see I just wanna adjust some things because words matter. OJ Simpson is not guilty of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in fact just the ups and he was found not guilty by a court of law. So he is not too guilty or not you might think he killed them but he is not guilty. Dawn does not agree with the fact that depression. Is a disability because it now Saturday July oh it is Thursday I guess that's fine. Are you know yeah that's the deal if you know with your severe depression. Which I I I'm not meaning in a terrible. That is a real thing it is we agree we all agree with okay yeah so I don't want this to sound like I had no sympathy for you I do. I don't have sympathy with you when you bring up he cock but if you if you disability animal is adult. That doesn't fool with your mommy you're the greatest concern. And not answering the question though. If the peacock does the same thing for a person that the dog does why can't they other than you think it's predicted to. It you know it's more of a nuisance than the dog I mean it really is and nap eat obnoxious and you're not thinking you look at. Just because of your disability doesn't mean you now don't have to think about the rest of the people in the world when when we all leave our house. I don't care how selfish you lark when you leave your house. You no longer is it just about you. It's about every one you come in contact with and you have to think about other people when you're about in the world. Or else you'll or a selfish. Bully coal. And on touched on the nuggets somewhere in there wasn't nugget of wisdom in that what the concern over the lawsuit is whether or not emotional support animals will need to be. Streisand they have yet have a doctor verify that you actually have a problem and then you have to have it verified that the animal health -- what's missing is. Actual documentation that says the animal was truly trains and not be a nuisance however. All. That and say peacocks as long as you improve their train there might be sitting next to one below there Susan good morning. Good morning. Kind because my mom had alzheimer's. And we originally purchased a have beyond which is caller gods. To be here scored at all because when I go outside of the house it's dangerous. And and I didn't work because the happy I just couldn't stay calm and public was too hyper and too excited like everybody in was just out of control. And we happen to have an English skills which is kind of ridiculous every animal because they are slow. And they don't move very quickly and they're very heavy there over the fifty pound limit. And we've got ostracized many many tribes from having it both sides of the same whatsoever as the animal provide. And she gets anxious going anywhere in public. Because she had all hybridization Louie she doesn't have the darkest familiar terror and keep calm. So yes this ridiculous 68 how do you go about it looks like he just sits there and they're not saying. I did you know got the by the key interest there yes. No but I. He's an emotional support dog if he's not actually registered. Trained and certified as a service animal C it's not ridiculous to me that dogs of all breeds. Can provide it's not ridiculous to me that cats. It's not ridiculous to me that peacocks. Kendra. Lie to a level. Of home mean or emotional support what's ridiculous. Is that we aren't demanding that all any of those animals have to be. Trained. So that it's not like the pack one you say you went out and got a Papelbon OK you just adopted a dog that doesn't make it a service dog that you see here that just makes it a dog wants the lift every morning is annoying you hit a best online on we gonna win a couple of we did. Top of the hour got to try to get 1000 boxes it there's a reason I brought all this up again there's an update to the emotional support animal thing wasn't. It's frustrating you can call and say animal you'll have your ads. That's what people understand that wasn't just try to fill time by having the same argument over I heard. There is an update went through a debt to about emotional support animals and comments does this in a hot issue. Lot of you at 88898990. Eight's 111 though we gotta give you a chance that a thousand bucks. Top of the hour of power we give your keyword and you texted 78817881. Was texting number. For your chances thousand dollars Roger Federer is the Hyundai the word this hour is best best to your best it would be best not to repeat our. PE ST text the word destitute 7881 for your chance that a thousand miles from anybody and dawn. And dawn show.