Service VS. Emo Support Animals on Planes part 2

Wednesday, May 16th


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98 rock. Fifty yards. Called them any time. Rob you buy Roseville Monday the word this hour is best I don't think for general Eaton asked Manny is no good if I'm okay. This is best fare man's well that's these little lower cost brand bands at its best advantage as a text or enhanced. As the hook and 78 it would be your chance in 2000 bucks another word not a chance in 2000 dollars and less than an hour hello John. Yeah well all she said no I'm all I'm all sensitive to the idea of supporting animal. But you know if that is supporting him he got a little choice in what I am audited tokens prepare like any developers. You don't have to have a quick and he's got my grandmother Margaret did you preakness Guinea pig you don't you take a peek. When I see your open up the Canon though here John Purcell remember there is a literal definition difference legal difference between a service animal. Which can only be by law a dog or mini horse. And an emotional support animal and see what you're argued for in the second version as you're saying we'll get a reasonable when animal wall to score is reasonable you're saying I'm fine if they have. Amare hit or hamster other people aren't going to be fine with a hamsters sitting next to them on an airplane. Or should they be and that's what this fight and that's what this lawsuit is all about phone numbers 888999. To eleven and again you're not listening to rerun. We have an update on the whole emotional support animals allowed on airplanes thing that won't get to eventually I'd joke. I holes. Going to be hard rock doc and everybody. He. Well. And a retired service that listeners. Conversation here I don't know why are you kidding me. Peacocks are wild animals they don't surged delay packet every. But can. Am service animal its partners Robert de bylaw. Being a dog or something similar. They have broad jurisdiction training. It's too expensive I know I'm 85800. Dollars for my dog. And his dog you can go anywhere and do any change. And so one of the lingering questions here is if I understand we are saying hey it. Look there's a lot of things a bottle human mind and we think are possible until we see it done what yes. A peacock or more likely a pot bellied pig smarter than dogs can be trained. To be a emotional support animals should they legally be covered now. And allowed everywhere. And it. And his bat where it and in other words is that what the court should decide eventually. As long as you can certify that a strain. Any animal works and you're just gonna have to be OK with it if they can train a Turkey why I still think. A list of animals because I've seen horses to do amazing things for people. Sure as heck aren't gonna take those everywhere you know walk down the road and we don't have hitching posts anymore at a place for you today. You tell satire horse downs a walk in on and so on planes daddy NASA is gonna happen that be absurd. But if you might problem. Is whiff. When someone says it's a service. He animal you read this email real quick goes back to the caller we had in the previous segment you're blowing your stack over Tampa. But says that Colin talk on the Bulldog he's understand what words mean that dog isn't a service dog it's a support dog it isn't trained doesn't provide a service like guiding looking for struggling etc. It's there for support which is nice moments the most service. Jesse your selfish. Bullying face me. When you think you can take your emotional support animal anywhere you're not thinking of other people and I assume worst selfish society. But you know as young as five only go to school or even preschool. That's what they are teaching you. Yeah how to get along with feathers and how to get on the reason for that. I already mentioned once we leave our house we do have to think of other people we are it amongst other people. And if you're emotional support animal. Is not well behaved. It it's. We saw you can't pretty everywhere if your. Camel is a support animals are problem with the sport animals that means it was certified. That means it's official. That means S service animals are that means it can do. Everything that's supposed to do and being will be eight in public. I find it if you're able to get ahead this bird as a service animal and I'd like to see that but anything's possible. At least it's a service animal and it's not gonna impacted everybody and it's not gonna do all those heinous Spain's. My previous question the previous segment you're a man leans slightly perhaps you've calmed down after your answer. If they could be done and I am not saying that can be I never have but if it could be done the peacock. Could be certified it as a service animal you'll sit next who don't play. I will because you don't think that I calmed down my biggest thing is I. I have such a for a rage here for people that take a very. Issues that I don't find to be a disability. And expect everyone else to cater to them and they're extremely selfish and self absorbed I can't stand back and some heat that woman. Because whatever she was suffering from emotionally and alzheimer's the call. I'm sorry but the peacock Angel decided she's gonna bring a peacock into an airport on her shoulder and we all just have to cater to hurt. That the animals not official nothing's been official. But were supposed to cater to her hell up now. The peacock when I believe. Claimed that seem to suffer from depression which again is defined as a disability it shouldn't but it is what I said they OK but door you're not unwind that clock. I just want I understand I'm not because the world the world's guns to bad it is only Sherman understands in the world apparently wants to be back in the sixties when we defined addiction as. A disability I. About when things started to lose their. I am here just gives contacts I'm not arguing with the feeling I want to show damn hippies. There is still legal difference between ace serve isn't the dog it. Service animal was again 99%. Are dogs many horses for all the reasons on brought up are tough and tougher to take them places. And an emotional support animal first of all there are three main differences. First to have a service animal you must be so impaired as they have a disability or triple depressions disability so he checked that box. Tim service animals are task trained at. Do actually do something which mitigate the person's disability now. That's also a sticky wicket because with emotional support animals the mere presence. Of the animal. Calms the depressed so that means to be expanded. To where the service animals are not just trained to mitigate the person's disability but they're trained in all senses that they're not leaking and other people on things like that. Sorry under the current law. A person with a disability we oppression has. Has the right to be accompanied by a trained service dog which is it which is assisting them in most public accommodations. But a person with a disability does not currently have a right to be accompanied by an emotional support animal. That's what they're trying to change so that's where the and that again were a year work a real fight about this for many years following into an insult of course decide whether or not we're gonna expand the Americans with disabilities act to include these sort of Sam. Worst November if they include emotional support animals to be basically treated the same. As a service animal because you know she hears the truth of the matter in my world anyway. While we all have agreed anxiety depression all of that stuff it's real it exists. I think it's a small percentage of people that have it sold bad. That they do need these animals and I feel for them and I and I hope they can get a service animal. So that's official for them but the majority of people. Vick I'm sorry it's not. That bad. It's not it's more of an emotional support. It it's people that just don't really work at it real well then repeat what we've we've all seen them and know them. And they clean away they have no desire to actually get better it's the our real thing. What annoys the hell out of me because there are people with mental illness that truly struggle they truly struggled on a daily basis and they truly work on it and you see that working really hard at it and then you see those colleague Elaine emotional support T calculate ever worked on lay playing later depression because I need to have attention all the time. Those of the doors. Oh my god we the people that are just weaker gonna take advantage of that so quick. Cook off frontier because it dawn brought us some Brandon do we have to do we have more people have we opened our mind. That there are there are more people who are struggling with life. And and we we are just we're in lightens it now order we have too many drama queens it can't deal with. Life I think there's a little bit of both because I think it now that we've created. Place in society where it's okay to be depressed it's okay to live within that impression and I am only sing depression because it's it's done the hot. You know the hot topic we're talking about but they were also fostering it Emeril or or accepting it as a way of life. Instead of let's sole work on a solution together. Or here's why I asked a new study just released this week by blue cross blue shield is found that the number of Americans being diagnosed with severe to severe depression. Has jumped by 33%. In just three years. Could threaten major depression cases skyrocketed. From 2013 to twenty sixteens are that's four years. Even more serious among children and young adults with depression diagnoses rising by 47%. And more annuals and 63%. In adolescence. Two out of every 363%. Help adolescents diagnosed. More heart more in the last four years with severe depression women are twice as likely to be diagnosed that makes sense they. Share their feelings more. Positions noted that the increasing use of electronics and social media's played a major role. In the growing number of depression cases and you believe that but you also think people are isn't as an excuse and were over diagnosing and meditating and asking yeah. Saying it's sad because we're all comparing each other and on social media instead of looking and looking within and insists its worsening. Everything. There are are there are percentage of people that will. Never get depression out of their lives legitimately. It will be something they will struggle with their whole lives that exists. But the bigger number of people. To Brennan's point it's not a lifestyle it is meant to move on from. And we have made it a lifestyle. It should be okay to speak about it. And it should be OK to say yeah I am working on it and I've got medication to help they work on it and then the story should be. I'm good now and this whole any of us can be depressed at any point in our life. Something could happen that can make you sad and depressed. But and you get over it you move on and now you're back to just living your life and then something something happens they're depressed for a few days. People cling on to being depressed day after day after day after day now again I'm not talking about the true rule we're real cases. A mental illness. That they will not to get over it it is something they live with but you know what they also don't Wear on their sleeves and use it as an excuse if you really meet people that have. At this as the real thing. They don't like ticks. They deal like that it's their story and they try to not make it their story and they try to find ways to live the which in its hello Justin. I I. Yeah I just wanted to comment on the fact. I'm. It's the big east York hotel and we actually probably 88 I don't know if there right now and most importantly there. Don't know I think coming up get back data base if you could compete that the ticket that they're getting out. Everybody quiet and the other people whom they get eight point. So why do you know why they your wife why they because my she is not protected by law suit you know why they haven't asked her to leave. I think they're back do we would I want only allowed duke at true technical question. About the charitable and their service that debate right. That it sir your K okay that is true. But here but remember there are only two animals that can be legally defined as they service animal. Dog it. And mini horse any other animal is not a service animal and this I think is part of the problem I understand the quandary for businesses. I really do you don't wanna face the possibility of a lawsuit and under the current law should be thrown out immediately you don't want the bad press because somebody's gonna go right to social media go oh my god I need this lizard in order to survive and I'm never gonna stay at this particular hotel again and neither should you might get that. We'll have to stop hiding behind coming up the actual wording of the law you work correct when it is a service animal there are only the two questions that you can ask. It does this dog I forget what they aren't they dead does this animal perform a function is to train service M I think that's it. But there's only two animals that can the answer can be yes four and a lizard is not one of them on emotional support animals are not protected that's the point. Of the conversation and the lawsuit they're trying to get the protectors I think. Can't over the this is my fan I'm sorry I find it sold dostam. Selfish. One of my nieces she has really bad anxiety and she's working on it should go to therapy she's worked on that but in the meantime. Chizik capped literally calms her and makes her better. But she doesn't take back had anywhere because she understands the that if she leaves the house it's not a service animal. He refused it. To include UV excuse of an emotional support animals you know that's not trained to do anything. At home she gets to remain calm and it helps her out the world she have to learn to use the techniques the bearcats is getting her however. If the lawsuit goes through event. And we define animals all animals emotional sport animals as service animals that brings the casino but it almost crossed. Libyan. Ari the red raider dot com and Matthews I'm Matthew says don't want to leave him home with a supporting animal remember if we expand it to all animals right. We should not think you need to think about others with a disability necessity in the need for this type of Manitoba public. He's a think about the person in their disability and allows. Yeah everyone thinks of every wine. The person with a disability and the other people without them if we're all thinking about each other. Content. Then everything works. When you get some mindset that you mattered more than others out there. That is one of the things that has helped tear down society. Oh my god do you think people will shares are sell fish. Actually do you think about other people feel this world is not setup and all what so ever still. For people that truly have handicaps that are in wheelchairs but they don't go around thinking that all of you owe them something you better do this or do. Well I mean maybe some do but that would be selfish hello Sherrie. OK so I am. I'm a person who is it's diagnosed this year how are these funerals dogs or pets with fire. And so I only have couple wondered why you are pretty much anywhere that I go with people who have service animal. If I ask the fitness. Do. Actually access the service animal because I'm gonna have to leave. They kind of don't believe that I have the disability and I have to provide proof I carry around paperwork. And I still don't want to have to believe so on the other hand. You know you have people who. Have been around me Barrymore who also have learned a diagnosis ability words which falls under that 88. And I don't want it I guess double its fourth. Would lull you to hold on your plane fast and loose with words again because. Allergies are not. A disability curtain could yet know yet. There they're all there at Ole miss because this this is another one that's working its way through various ports. And so and so your point Kerry or your lack of a point I can't people with a disability as defined by. The AMA the American Medical Association third protected class. Com and so they get preference over somebody who has allergies no matter how bad the allergies are. Allergies are not a disability there an illness or an annoyance they're sickness and again I have I have what would be considered extreme crippling analogies might yards and two animals. It's everything else and then what do you do you just get almost like you and I pray I I consider I'm taking a million different medications and other. I Jeanne can sue he shouldn't have to Roberts catered meal let's make you week. We honestly we deserve when China takes over or India or whoever the reality is it's gonna take over. Because we are so god should damn all week and dull moment we deserve it don't cry all. All excellent shape easier I act as we're stupid we're not happy anymore yet it dealer trying. These I I think a few things first bona can be taken over by China. Although. You know the weakness for me. And I don't direct the weakness. At the people that are that are claiming emotional support animals. Whether legitimately or whether they're these what I find to be worse these scum bags that are just getting the vast soften of off the Internet. And just trying to fly with the best friend order are quite a weakness to society especially the the the calls we're getting here today this hotel. That will simply not enforce their ability as a private business to kick out a woman says she has an emotional support lizard. It's because we're also afraid that apparently of confronting things like look I I realize right now. Even though I have horrible allergies worse than most I am a bully for what I just said to share. For having the audacity to tell her that allergies by the letter of the law and by common sense or not a disability on the subtitle on the bully I know that and that's a sickness that I think is part of societies weakness yet not so much the ones that need peacocks to survive hello there I think Christie. I cared so I'm didn't know I wanted to become what you were just talking about though. I am I working disability management for a hospital and undergo Bobby he had pass anybody what they're diagnosed just at. However we can out what their limitations are so first scary if he has somebody get her outfit. I'm where they have brought an animal that she immediate alert viewer may issue that's great or. What ever it is we can act hurt kicked it I know from our target they explained. What are your legacy that is not what the diagnosis that the although allergies are not a qualified medical convict and it yet we that they're not. But we can't act that's what the doctor can you snoop around that they give her what her limitations are and we would need to try to accommodate those who reasonably under that. Yeah. And that that's where you you you you that's where that's why this thing is move on it because you're right. The if it in and then of course we know how easy it would be for a doctor disable the limitations are that when Sherri for this examples around any fur re animals. Here is how she crumbles as a human being there's doctors welcome white bread they could write that. Physically emotion and like we've discussed valid user area knowing you know our guess crippling all the success on. And then yes now you're in this battle okay so I've got this person was a doctor's note oh. That really protects them and I've got also personal as legitimate service animal bear protected so you have to make. Accommodations. Now remember we had the story. Armed and that though the story fell apart a few months ago because the woman with a severe allergies didn't have any documentation that doctor's note that we were just describing. Remember what she ashy ass for the S service animal legitimate service animal to be moved. Either remove the animal moved me to the opposite end of the plane. And and and it still wasn't enough or I'm sorry she ASEAN would be removed. The airline said will put you on opposite ends the places that that's not good enough because I guess I'll still get the dander the re circulated air. They ultimately kicked her off the plane. Because she didn't have the documentation but what do you do she does. This is what they're tried this is where they're heading it is if you have paperwork that says. My allergies are crippling the dancer I can't do it. An idea of a service animal but he I choose the service animal you can do that and then you get off the plane and then you get a lawsuit and this is why go back to. How I understand how awful this is for businesses and that's why the courts you have to decide yet and that that was on the I don't know how. You would be devastating rob your scenario it it honestly would be devastating to society and ridiculous and beyond anywhere we have gone. Did you actually have that under the category. Of a service animal 'cause it's a disability. Or. I'm sorry there's a B disability. And someone else had the service animal there allergies I. Of cooked you listen to Robbie listen to other people I'm one of our friends they're children. Get so allergic what when they had their capital. We have now they could they would have to rush accused of the hospital. Every single time like near death that was awful. Everybody catered event standard program to go out in the world girls any time can come in contact with someone who has the cat but not with them. Steps on them like begin to understand that and that's the that's the point at which for me if you have that does what's missing. Her little unusual to me. Starts in your little. If you to be a drama adult with your allergies your parents cater deal and I'm so sorry and a major week. Because the conversation used to be. I am so sorry you have allergies and that you feel this way I know it sucks that so awful. We still need to go out and do what needs to be done now. But we're gonna try our best to help alleviate. The symptoms the best weekend but you still got to show up every day and do things that need to be done there's a cunning way to treat. Any but instead what is it now old port baby let me just keep you in the house all the time and and charity you make the world catered to you won't. That you you nailed it. Or for more than twenty years take it out of allergies to environment. And taking the food allergies. And for more than twenty years we have told entire schools to accommodate one person with a peanut allergy and when you raise generations believing. That that is how the world works then we not only have to ban all penis from all schools and of course you have to accommodate anyone. Who has any allergy because you're allergic peanuts well that doesn't make you better or worse than being a Washington. Her it's. Cruel to tell someone to toughen up the that comes core rules so here's the editors the update that she spurned this hourlong discussion American Airlines because they can for right now. In lesson until court tells them not to has released their lengthy list of barred animals. In response to the increase in customers transporting a an emotional support animal on board airplanes 40% last year. American Airlines says we support the rights of customers from veterans to people would disabilities with legitimate means three train service underlined animal. Unfortunately under trained animals can lead to safety issues for our team. Our customers and working dogs on board our aircraft changes include additional restrictions on animal types. American Airlines will also enforce the bill which they haven't been and again and kind of lacks about a 48 hour advance notice thing. Where you have to actually show all of the documentation that center around. They will still I hope some emotional support animals to travel with an emotional support and psychiatric service animal in the cabin. Customers must contact the special assistance desk which I love because that stands for sad. I I haven't. Four and one half the sad. Special assistants passed with all required documentation the documentation the requiring. Is that the animals are specifically trained to perform functions for individuals with disabilities. And that they were actually trained documentation validation. Includes a mental health professionals others they're leaving a little wiggle room if they can get a doctor to say that an emotional support peacock does some I don't know what they're gonna do. However they do have their catchall. They have their list American Airlines says there are animals that will not be permitted as emotional support animals. They include all amphibians. So no emotional support fraud Smith anchor. Ferris. And goats. And it error when ridiculous as this idea that that the list does not include things like I mean a goat. The list does not include things like hippopotamus an elephant you clearly can't get one on a plane. But it and pick either. I think that was little mini ones or am I guess goals I guess their list is under the okay were only enlisting animals than people might be able to get on a plane so it's amphibians bears go to hedge hogs not allowed no insects no reptiles and that person with the emotional state sure per year with years of my black leader later Rhoden is still lie with the snakes spiders. Not a household birds like that damn Turkey knock on that board. All animals oh here we go all animals with costs horns and hoped to have. And yeah. And gone. And dawn show.