Things that Bother Dawn 9-17-18

Monday, September 17th


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Now back to rub anybody into on 98 rock lives HE RHQ dot net oh I'm. 000. You're listening to drop and it and dog show called them any time. I think I just feel like it or listen online at random radio I'm. Yeah oh yeah I'll glory he ran radio doctor I was writing I mean EU says happy birthday rob you old man I. In past and you need. It's true for me personally we are six months apart so for now you are older than me hop hop. Now I don't know I know math is difficult for you ladies beautiful I'm always older than you manage five I was born six months at a time. And every time I actually. Even when the numbers the same I'm still see you then you everyone's favorite feature is the it bothered daughter ray's favor we began with a new case study just published in the New England Journal. Of medicine now it's about an elderly woman 55 years old I love my kids don't grow. Only you know. That they she lives in Missouri and she had to go to the hospital. Well today she's in the hospital because she had a serious leg injury had a surgery on. And then as happens occasionally after surgery she got an infection which is why you need those super strong antibiotic so there is yet to go back. To the hospital. Side effects though boy from the antibiotics out nausea you can deal with but she always feels nauseated. She's got a bad taste in her mouth error might understand in a moment. Because the other little side effect of this particular. And I about it is she had Ed titled black haired girl on her song how do a lot I won't have. That's how we parent site. Imagine that feel that's that's an immediate content so. Ever heard that one of those commercials they go with a long list the things you might happen CEO. It's a little visual let's get the use these fancy names it's a condition it's officially called the league will Manila Sunday enough. You hear that as a side effect that's a that's had now on the sign in my talk whose it is more or less. Harmless. But it's still and sweet and an error on your time in. Did you have the and when he showed up hospital that's not. God and looks like she was Juno Michael. Purple. Like you and candy here's something and senior become more like if you could actually stand putting a whole thing of ground pepper on your tongue splitting its hair. Oh there. Out of her tone no wait no I'm seeing the act. They they put her on different antibiotics but it took four weeks for the hair over the air to completely go away. You're throwing your hair balls and are. If they can you can't see you can see the paper actually picture. The little tiny ground peppercorns I hair like coming up like darling on the troll doll look like stumble. I play I don't get a couple days a growth of hair on your face just gross that is is that this is. What she'd do we won't. It's all black when you first see it. Go hello she's embarrassed and if you did you put your finger in your on your time you realized wait it feels like hearing head doesn't move me. That believing in herself I linking the nets have access. Certain in the corridor as a graceful in here yeah the economy. Staff all. The dead skin off in Australia and experienced a snake catcher. So has issued a warning. But wanting the dawn does not mean you. Down down down down on already does this the colors. It is standard operating procedure. They urge people to be cautious. When using the bathroom. And terror. So how Ole now I know I know a lot of eyes that are normal when the rational human cost. We've got walking into a bathroom and simply use it saying you know overly investigate everything about the toll live yes into the area and somehow. How you've made it through however many years of life here lately did exactly should always look in the tour before you sit on it always the argument to your lucky. It's just one quick look back behind. AB is still be standing right there you see that the toilets clear that he can see the back and it does not want to hide behind it and you're good. The amount of time that is being space just. It seemed that's too easy it was special at a you're gonna walk those few seconds back and how helpless that no business like a public time right I think this is entirely in general. And even at home okay has done I don't I don't. And care about my own. Did you like the attitude though. EBay didn't. Eighty. Is alive meant that people you haven't toilet don't read those stories it crawls up at crawls under this thing called apple went out I don't know what it is about my house. Just don't really care about it but I do get a little weird and out when it's like you know port of bodies especially important buys you know as women in those. Loves her share last night and day out case manager who moment that you. A false sense of security your own house that you're not gonna find a black widow on the tour. Many hiding behind. Do a glance but I'm not a freak like OK where is the spiders whereas this name so I don't really worry about that now what you just go to someone's house who's equally is at least some wearing your ballpark of clean boom. I just don't really look I don't really care anyhow I don't really I'm not worried about the hotels I think it's only like outdoor bathrooms and I am really concerned campsite backhand side swords installs or even like border bodies as a Lewis. Absolutely Hitler at a friend's house or helping to setup this at sixteen for one of our time doctors and she lives out on all this property. And I had Ole of the doors of our truck opened for like a long period of time. They're taking a bunch of stuff out of them. And yes you guessed it when I got back in the drive that track. I was down on my hands and knees looking under the seats looking everywhere and tried to make sure. Some rattlesnake or whatever to crawl up inside the track it was hiding nominee just fine. We'll zero olive. That means. The man. I said to myself self that I really well even though you're looking derby cricket and cricket granny. It's nothing crazy about that on that's far from the craziest thing in this in this segment. Looking for any little schoolgirl look that that's fine yeah. Eight all of you do whatever you want it's just sometimes he's he's dead bat get on me in the you're really seconds knowing knowing that crazy because if I don't check I'll tell you what would happen nothing I would bet you know a similar to what happened to me they have to pick like crazy battle. I'd rather spend that time to look because of I don't and what's really get the truck he had ever to be lifted my feet I'm trying to dries it yeah that's a 33. Ball let's not pretend that effect your quality dry. But you're right you're gonna let this league rule if it's the most sainted human being to ever walk the earth your husband and the new legacy cost analysis of the situation here it would be given the choice should be let her look like a Psycho as she is. Acting like she works for the TS a investigate whether or not a random snake is got into our truck before and and always going to be a pain in the ass the whole time we're on the chart here. Yeah we have a deep he's very could could Kaka. Yeah this false sense of security don't get snake lover ally I am not a big fan so this morning this makes us the more skin. One man who called one of those snake Wrangler history pour a snake in her home I. Trapped between the seats. And the bowl. And the rest of the pipe bonds' body was hidden as it went down my plan. Arianna how he got a picture of this is what under right underneath the toilet and it's wrapped around the pride that comes out of the wall and then the rest of the body. Is under those. Did you. So his tail is still down the drain of the toilet where you would go the rest of his body is coming out and halfway is around the bowl oh. Iron. Can you now back this is where you know what they this is record tournament has been legal blow torch for so. Besides this. This they got fired up. House oh the listening and there's no way using the blowtorch in the confined space over the bathroom in dawn stands is going to mean I just sat in the house on fire. We've Barack. They're very focused for the blowtorch. For the sake. Serious how. It or at home or save all lives sorry I don't say the idea of god. I called for whatever reason not being able to see this which I think. For the for those of us that are in any way same. Doing loaded on sane people just happen. The only wiz can really because look of course when you if your you winning you have to see it all the time. Remanded it so once or twice a day proposition so yes when you lift the lid. Just fight and how they you have to that you you looked in the toilet if you're out looking fur for critter. You look in it because of this particular picture you can see this see this vacant row. I'll. Not all of us are psychotic enough to turn on lights at night oh Jesus lord turn that light on in the back around we don't wanna be a low. Oh woken by the stimulus through the I'm gonna have all around nice lie in there that would be that would be an interesting twist to where you wind up sitting on the toilet Dallas make. The stakes Taylor's not beneath you. Who is undervalued probably feel when you sat on the seat because it would be enough. Elevated a little bit you're like a little out of it because you're sleeping and and then suddenly. As you start to wake up because this seated on the toilet his head and we'll come back around. Naked on. As. I I think these are any hit at all I think you should have a big in your message to the big leagues they had to choose your weapon enjoy this sneak its never gonna arrival arsenal cup. And Australians they catcher different wanted captured video of a couple of python's. Inside a family's bathroom got. It's Saturday night my house. It we didn't have literally stop checking under the she. Did have a big aren't needed. I heard they present. Wayne what don's. Edward Sheen will be tonight for the five day her till she gets lazy and act stupid row and see any type. If he needed it and then that you could look at other than the a woman named I want to deal with from a snake catchers Bret is been said in the FaceBook live. From the scene on Sundays or she actually she showed up thousands youth baseball fly. To record what's going on in the house it's a couple applied farms that are about six feet long. And they're fighting. With one another hour dance which is not but you know why what side of the bed. The fight on their fight over woman. OK he's very. On his dad's in the area does the males will track the sands of the female python and then the males will duke it out to prove who's stronger as a major lead and it didn't work okay do. So Ike are like happened was all of what I just described was going on in the family's attic. Because we don't know this is in the video but as there videotaping that you actually see. But there well not not the New York's biggest part the retailer in the bedroom the reasons she was called a little there is an attic above your bedroom moves from aspect. So the reason she was called the because while the Stanley was home in their bedroom not sleeping but maybe extrapolate that yourself is truly enjoy the story. Police fighting quite mounds above them dropped from the Celia yeah Obama oh now that's it and and denounce those that's when they called the snake and you can have a house they. And she recorded more than five minutes of video of this. I mean coolness stresses me out before she caught relocated the site you're already checked bag now at all times it does go that's the idea of being in the bed. My cousins and not I don't ever go back like that not one but two players. And gone. On show.