Things that Bother Dawn: Blue Tarantula/ Snake Bite at a Restaurant

Tuesday, September 26th


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Money and go. Anybody. I'm going to be self serving for just a moment I know you think the entire show is me being self serving. This one is really self serving the absolutely has no effect on anyone anywhere in any way and doesn't give me any benefits but there I just wanna really quickly mention there's this guy named Bob. He runs seasoned talent agent and humbly in his business kind of exploded in the last ten years but he really cut its shops being an agent. For high profile radio shows and radio stars he negotiated some of the biggest contracts. In radio history and there was a period about ten years ago where I was working with Bob. On negotiating isn't contracts because we are really the big. Clown show in radio. Actually he actually we were we were more so big he reached out to me and said hey I really like directors January minority candidate engines. You admire our agent is one of my best friends in the world we've been doing business since 1996 amazing and my agent. And said yeah of course you should talk to Bob Jesus I'm I don't care this is our shot. Yeah believe it or not there was a time. Like now. Are enormous and the industry's. Top on the bottom based in LA hasn't beautiful home in Pacific Palisades school. I'm pretty there because he's he's made his living by negotiating contracts off talented people like me. And good for him that's that's great and so I flew down LA more than once a hung out with I had an immediate connection with him because not only was he Italian agent. He was a very accomplished musician and in fact played the exact same instrument in my dad is famous for playing in the French horn which is one of the most. Mean if called instruments and play and he was part of the LA symphony. And not to bore you with the details but he was a great guy in the end it didn't work out we weren't able to do business together and one of the cool things was that when we realized that my lawyer my agent Ramos say mobbed him on this is Morgan counties and yet you're right this just does not work. And he was told pro about it. I bring up because he's dead. He's not at the age of 65 he died of cancer. You know I don't know exactly what kind of cancer he was a private guy great family and three sons I met all. Amazing wife mom and he died I think it was on Monday. He's idol. Sunday that he died Thursday in his house is probably his wife's kind of inappropriate and not really the question we should all be asking the right now. Now everybody's favorite feature is things that bothered at all. Our surveys favor I wanted to combining that with when animals until. Is afraid of spiders. And I've got a little better today. You torrential yeah okay Harry Jerry Angelo. Widows or not LC DOS five bring in a big tarantula a big story like fear factor you're not gonna. All on your arm never Amanda Wheeler crawling your arm yes a super brand im sure you feel you could do. I you're now I wanna static now most people in the picture tarantulas imagined can be terrifying black hairy spider got there is no there's. Allow husbands and there's no amount of money back I'm. I'm gonna change your mind ready and 'cause there's a new video that was uploaded by Barcelona based medical student Daniel how I'll. Tell him. An extremely rare species of trees were called. Also left in the op Metallica. My. Yeah in his view. How could you not possible. It is not possible torture is really beautiful it is now right blew up. All winter White Stripes. Well. I was hurting it is only found a 38 square mile area of India. The beat Dick isn't funny pretty usually involves. Cool I so don't wanna crawl an army if I don't wanna bees and let background that it is pretty you have parents I'll go wow that's pretty negative hate that he tried. The extra poisonous you know like isn't so pretty she didn't lure you in effect then. Yeah there's no mention minutes extra boy I had a very rare. Is it true I can be totally just pulling this out of my you know where. There is here well. And a lot of room isn't true that tree insulin is teeth early super super small. I have no idea compound and powerful into my. Now today along lays out really small teeth. But they're super poisonous. Something like that I'm not that way and I thought that was a myth. I thought that was big news I'm not sure. And I thought that was an agenda daddy long ways were anyways super poisonous I thought I'm not sure IE you know I just make things that maybe accountability on your time. And I none myopic and vague bit yeah it would just be how that goes some other pretty much not afraid of the Daddy Long Legs and yet. Superpower is an Exxon NASA emerge nine year old woman in shape and it. Kind of racial mirror was that a longhorn steakhouse in spots Sylvain you would need all the sharp pain your left foot pass and she says the pain was excruciating. Appreciate I guess. Check pushes this she reached down and realize that she had been bitten by estimate. Well and AM on her head and got inside the. Randy he. Does anonymity yeah. Nina wind they did I don't how I got. She was taken to a hospital for treatment given anti venom all. First three months to fully recover. All us. A spokesman for longhorns as the restaurant chain wants to provide any assistance it can and is taking steps to prevent anything similar from happening again. So go away and snaked their menus. He's copper head. Meanwhile snake catcher Stewart but the more weirdo but believed snake catching services and in Australia on leaks its received a distress they received a distress call. And couple's property south of prison men with about and he was there isn't one that's he says quote. But why I received a call from wind inform me about shrimp on the Bobbie and the snake she told me it was on the bedroom yeah. Couple's first experience with a snake inside their home. They think that the snake entered the property from nearby construction site. These. When I got there this make it moved from the floor. Of the couples and all what. They're not up. The blood that's my check for I just rap sheets all leave that to be a snake and I don't want there to be let us appeared. I am originally founded on there blanket and the degree sure of the Nate the he's resting his head on the go. Oh is heads and perfect position that shocked at all. Tensions some of these. Mr. Laura said the snake in question was a common. Brown snake which is also known as all snakes and matter eastern brown snake which is the second most venomous yeah. It brand snakes on a Sunday kind in the toilet. He says look if I took five minutes to remove it from the bad. And relocated to a pre do you not chop and channels on the the way the it's well they're trying to get into an area where there's enough food supply because he says it would be important to leave them in a big open area with no food source says they'll just made their way back into the oh tie those as and the yeah yeah yeah. Disagree you should burn the whole house down.