Things People Do During Sex that Annoy people. the Men

Friday, September 29th


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98 rock. In order things like that your original. Letter writer wrote back. Fight a little bit of course he says my dad knows my wishes and said he will follow my. I just wanna warn my family amounting another person have to make the decision warnings are doing because I love them all fight as long as I can go one on my times ago. But I why can't it myself. On the other glaring omission and Amanda does every known shall be right back to later on today was spent some time yesterday talking about six yeah. A lot of questions calls and emails and so we ran out of time because it all started with the original with a list of things that women do. In the bedroom that and annoy you demand or this man off insult them or just stupid. It was like we had a much a snowflake man in the says this is relationship expert named Tracy talked. Series C guerrillas because our all and she's based in on interviews that she's done and that's how you came up with this fail safe list of ten things that all women do irritate all man and yet no we didn't agree with half of them. So we have to turn it around to the things that men do to women that women patent and there's already a few on here that's like why no women that don't hate this led their day this is ridiculous. But it's based on these people she interviewed only people maybe it's based on her own personal preference yeah you Illinois. And going back to the things that men don't like. What's funny is one of the things they get like he's the loud noise right knee and I don't be stillness and we thought there was still snow flaky and you know what wasn't on their. That is it now would be snowflake if they like it clean after learning right. They used to hate that I hold touch and love and the housing and on there's the probably like all of out. It meant a better color jerseys they can use the term endlessly I think. I think. I mean more annoying to demand. If a woman who just didn't make any type annoying is this was. There's almost there's only about the list both those things wrong there don't be too loud because it didn't Aristide neighbors. But also one that was on there was don't just light elegant dead fish all audio why you so. Listen for women and almost equally is irritating things men do that women hate in bad all right the first one. Mums go through and random mortar so split positions you ladies are in the dominant position guys playing on his back. Just lie there either Deanna we now know also they say that letting us letting women do all the work when we're on top. In noise they have a lot of women gas she write help by holding our hands lifts us up and down at least move a little bit yeah try to be part of the deal. Us and I don't like a thousand school. Well hey do you wanna support him are you a debt you know. Boy. I'm. Sing okay so now the other yesterday. We talked about how. But the battle between we understand some women are self conscious and they need to get to a couple plays with their body image and all that you've and then for it and we're like well. We're in bed naked with you for a reason we love these cards that you're self conscious about there's this whole journey so she put on the west of then one thing then do that women hate is. We know you have those spots when every year spot they assume that your self conscious about you lose your but your cottage cheese whatever they can't and when the man. Touch the bits of you. Your self conscious about. And she raised again I hate it when we hide our body we hate it when you repeatedly grab onto the bits we've told June that we hate. Meantime you should he adds so much I was down LaGuardia ugly guy because then I'm reminded panicked you know what I mean. And then you start thinking Obama not only am NASCAR texting that's why you're gonna find out about it they already. You know diet they're gonna hit a light on this terrible Q did you just sub conscious of how awful and it. So there are meek and my eighth but you know my my eyes I'm really really self conscious about. But I do wonder especially if I'm on top I do want you to grab and help me out there. But if that casino sometimes kneeling down on your side and the guys behind you when you're both playing on your side. Do not touch my stomach I do I do not want you to touch a second off dials a. Think that did that guy is from daily surmised there. Yeah at least from my perspective. Even we're not even think about we're just enjoying ourselves or grab and on and more just touching you it's not like we're going look at this look at this thing right here. What is this this is where you can depend on where you are your your journey your relationship run into problems in the Middlesex because. You're absolutely right for most men words that were just grab and there weren't any thinking in the I don't know the woman reacts if she's like. And don't do you can ruin the mood. It's like what Dave what are you telling me when you touch my belly or whatever I'm not just and then pretty semite and that is what do you. EMI has noticed cycle we can't. I am well we first got together we're having sex and there's and that he was a just a place I didn't have to be equally dirty you know but he always. It I had my spots when I was sober and stomach was one about any deal like okay. The other night you let me. All bets are off when Enron do whatever the hell you want so it's like well. But I'm. But now what's weird is that I've gotten through all of that it's. It's a bigger stomach and at play and what it's like like he doesn't know G no I mean like you guys obviously know old BCS. I came up on a daily basis you know our body and the fact that you still want to touch it actually now. Is a flattering thing is opposed to like horrifying here's one here. One that I noticed over the years I was holding many women's body parts is sure a lot of broadens their self conscious about their bucks and some of us really love. Your butts are Fuller blood mom. How can grab onto yeah. So and so and that's one of my go to moves I could not just talking and hundreds exodus a walk on how it's. Gonna grab that and some. And now that I. Yeah now that's in my book and I love it yeah. And so I don't mind if you grab my they're burning in guider referee on the town I don't mind any of that. But if I get up out of bed and I am from blocking lifeless and locking in the bathroom. I'll generally cover my butt because they don't want you to see if my cottage cheese you asked her so. But hey don't my hair why can't Internet. Now I know I I totally get I you know. Should I tell how I relate Tobeck. I I'm over this now but my poor husband I would be light. This is a solo Ariel ideally don't want bright 'cause now. Like not having sex right but I just changing clothes were just an early and I'm like he uncovering upright but he would still lookalike. Will you had a like hey and so he finally Blake would you know make sure he wasn't like. Understand human being and it's easy. To. Not unlike. Some meat. Any. We don't want your children and we want you just Alina he's still barred powerball. Yeah this. Our phone number is 888989. Mile go through this are now here's the next one. And look I understand that maybe a lot of women though like this but I happen to personally know lonesome loser in the really in this. I'll win when you all are on our own performing on us. And your most likely on your knees when you're doing the she says that all we're at noon quote unquote hate it when we. Orson a little more thus causing you. Are. That's that's a personal best friend sir and send it out why some women don't Weiss Aaron. Well a lot of people actually save you may need Cho now make them. Wants or make up to run down their face this one I think is one. I urge you. And since because she hears that I Brazil abusive discomfort and you know here's how she writes it. What do you see equally happy if we pushed a big old seeing down to back in your throat. You gave. Why is that something on your list of things I'd love to do to a person I love the show. You know and they pride is still very eighty on the gradient and or abuse said or or you know some girls might take it as I'm not doing it well enough it's I know this is like they're really happened there enjoying themselves iron and it's going to play really yeah. Yea. Ask them how. Did the little things and you shouldn't hour and a half so. For me I don't mind gagging back I don't I don't want to be islet I didn't make my self gagged him. A firm needs sometimes of what happens is if you're forcing my head down. It. Impedes my ability to Burry him because of the par eyes as part of the current. I know I. Eli I can. I mean I know I know what I am doing and that. I don't know I don't let your health and they don't need you to force it down and less so we're doing like. Our great scene I see tag I think in man I'm OK with it because that's part of the fun. I don't need no man. Can he do. Talk system. I know what I'm doing. So I think you wouldn't like commanded the old trick these C a lot new born work not only did do we force you down but then we quit clog up your nose and our fingers so I would not like that. That's their hero really early and we thank Bob K next on the list you know analyst and liberate you can see the vessel. These guys do women don't like how about rubbing certain parts of your body like were a boy scout trying to start a fire with two sticks like 22 rough. She writes yeah. Gray you've figured out that women like stimulation down there but you miss the point about and also being very sensitive new experiences friend oval Knowles but I can see why he you know it's a very sensitive area and if you don't know what you're doing just don't want. Town super fast and making your smoke rise high end. I feel good. Aren't there are though this so Greg this is also personal preference there are some women like to be really rough. Acts yeah Mac guy that's lacking in India. I guess that's that's why did you know what I if I had to sit there is immediate there's a happy medium though I understand my brain is saint. But if we had to choose one may write G instilled. Or light rough of a rough embrace and I. I assume it's a big desert ridge until it's like man are you it's. Yeah. He'll tell us what their thing and if they want to cry during sand is so funny I don't like him then holds trying to start a fire scene back I want they're really. Hard like run that hard he'd been obsessed by not that you can be a little fast this and it's not nice super fast very trying to run the skin off. This is why one of the sexiest things that can happen in the bedroom is you show each other what you like. And I take your hands shake their hands and show will indeed were so self conscious is clear out all the stuff. Well of course this is an old school one women hate it when men just get foreplay just. I was curious why second guessing is not enough and neither is a half hearted fumble around the breast area are going to let you know Grady go just a quick squeeze. I'm just and go though yeah yeah. Yeah this is fun to just go by a woman my favorite things I mean I this is gonna sound weird that we heard establishing and that I'm weird you. More weird I weighed almost much rather make arrow. Only capped a long make outset recession then have sex I love making carols we do love to me now. Miles and we've just seen. I Agassi glove making our girls I mean that's errors. First I want to have sex issue. But I can probably go if I had I was making out all the time I can go without sex for really long time. Wound. Like silence you rock that's. And how we love to see somebody I. Just kissing you like him making out it's like they grabbed being and then DL I know all of ass. Enough on there I mean you know class and I do love that but then I need she did go leg did that they are ready. To be this past that stage that yeah I asked if there are no earlier relationship. Now we always want. Tell us. I always like that and that's one of the best things and I didn't pass like that first three months thank god I can stop doing all the meals such as talk for a living parent using my mouth so much. I don't pay I. On the man. One might want my favorite favorite things. I did I don't know exactly how to word best so. No boy. And I say they're ready. I say this now aren't I suppose the one begins with the letter and India I'm supposed to say that. I know that the sensitive area of your breasts and I have stimulation and yeah. I'm his I want. Now all kinds of plane banking. Sloan maximal here's a couple of obvious ones when he when men trying to last too long that. Yeah PI XE it overlay our anti here's the one that I did not get. She says the relationship expert says that women hate it when we call you baby born baby during the act. A lot higher job here's what she writes. It's impersonal in two generic. He's now really want to arouse us insert our main. Dare call it whatever you call war if you want. I don't care lite high and the other acts as. They and the budget does a pretty nice cities or an idol what mining data may be nice but I mean you'll need to be called me my name Campbell my fiancee and I we only call each other by name when were mad at each other. Yeah come on let's yeah drug blank him. Is this what's what's CNN the person who did this this study what's her name's Tracy column Casey wan as you want some more Tracey do you want some more I. Ernie your morning. I am no longer a nuclear program called it this. Then I had I had a question for you guys gonna Nokia it's a very good of the Harlem struggle. Is this a sexual function. Uphill and the Harlem shake Obama's hand. I don't know Lou well because this is one of those words cities they could use an ally. OK if we let an amateur do it. Yeah. How okay aren't as Arizona's John sorry I'm reading on the fly out of overt sexual acts performed by a male calm guy. A not all look so yup. We can't say it's the first definition. Defines. The this this particular sex act is done by eating an American woman. And that's what referring to the Harlem park so it's very racist. Oh I sound I don't know we need to go into. And so the one I've got off of the urban dictionary is not only data back to the live it live but levels forcing you're using damn this is this is again you ladies there are are are performing on us. And basically we take our leg and rampant around your head putting you in my go bust away padlock in the way. Oh yeah yeah well that's just don't that is dire terrible awful error let us.