Friday, November 3rd


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The afternoon show extra Mikey. On 98 rock. Mattie at rod moments ago we had a debate is a hamburger is a murder of wage and yeah I know everybody divided this opinions all over the place but we had ENM Lara debate in my your votes he had won the day. Which means he had to make a sandwich for Lara and yet voted to get the right. Yes I have season take a bite out of routes are you can't we got on this and what I can UK India and now my hero that's out of the boards you can see them. I don't know and so he really put stuff on all yeah I can see if you did though don't always honor looks discussed. Well we've moved first off we have a layer of peanut butter I'll get and then I thorough on some it's also. Then some jelly and and then that rash. My man days. And it may Donald secret sauce. Okay oh. Lara are you ready for this is like one later breakfast and metallurgy Herbert is just fishy about how to shift in the world and she did fine with him. Well till ten minutes later when she was posturing sweating and I. Instead they do is pretty not our goal here is this sandwich oaks discussing it and the worst quality is sandwich and I. Worst part of that don't we Fred I think Haley Fred thank you. How. Big old Blake series and she took it like a champ and she's like wiping this stuff upper lips in the licking her fingers how is it is he likes the look on her face is that she liked the best sandwich I. Are you. Kyra I don't now do you make one night only help us take another bite until after two blondes I Ferdinand. And our own shot minding your sandwich happened so leaves you on everything you're on your mind I think she's lying and would you put us keep beating it let's see can. I saw and Jolie people it's the bomb. I think I don't believe you are now. I think the advice she never did get a finish don't know exactly that little. Let's all remember she's the she's been eating nothing but mince already earlier she said yeah. Start forgot she's garments. Don't think it must really wanted to pissed off you know more. Oh yeah she's. We Portuguese dynasty and making a sandwich guy in my house right if you want. You make Paris and what GM not so worried about. It's. If your house speaker I pray to almighty god this is because thou crap for. She was supposed to be giving the punishment here in Mexico and it turned around and flipped on me and you became a little bits. Slot and Larry you prove once again why we keep you employed right here. I also think you OK Lara thank you feel welcome. Cards are really just an email here and let's see what emails we've got to and he actually had simplistic into another boy he's so good. All right so he's in a voice message has been left on the money A-Rod up first want to hear we get no. And then they got temple area. Stroking you in the play Saturday morning cartoons about dreary years. And I need rock. Are we were just fired about we'd never showed a easy thank or like Saturday morning cartoons. Our week. Are we just on this Saturday morning cartoons Clinton I guy I guess LO police and that guy's opinion I like to pacers somebody. Eating a bowl of cereal to sit next to the radio and join us like they would Saturday morning cartoons. That's what they say all right let's did two we want more courage serial port clip. Yeah and you're irony in that Herman don't say kill me they. I hey Sam oh my god I and I. I want and is allowed drivers around here and we'll see as good a whole lot of on this weekend is about to get really bad. Do when it rains men. It gets so bad here you guys have no idea gag you're getting into only you'll just think they can't. It's a weird thing about as it happens every year at this time everybody knows we start to get rain and everybody freaks that allowed to calm down people is just maybe slow down a little big you don't have to go twenty miles an hour you don't want to pull over on the side of the road you don't drive look at jackass. I'll be taking the side roads say go probably get any iron here's an email that came to the show for the age 47 days and activist MI allowed to wish for a date from one and you guys in the semi anonymous email. Neat because everything you want and I guess you could wish from every one but on Monday many crazy people. I'm tyrant well so what are we know you have got a date this is a day. I sign it if we look here if it was for me if this person was talking about for me other than security is coming. There's will be in person that comes along to protect me because there's crazy people and I think if the prisoners are while Lara same way there it is the security. Well worse Kyle. I'll have no idea where his. Pandemic come deadliest days of exodus gets kicked off next week and 727. Days and it's it's such Bob a big deal beyond the Iraq and even other sweeping all these emails and income and as you know. Funny you're right he has been sneaking out he's he did this why steered through where he supposedly got married during point seven days a Christmas and had to go to go on his. On his honeymoon to Hawaii for three weeks biggest damn promotion we do where is our god damn Moses director and he's hanging out maybe you'll be fired. Is there a way to do it is a damn good way to do it god damn McConnell you're worker people who really wanna get fired I think I don't know it was only now. Matter fact we put that question up on the I need rock based on page that was a question like have you ever and our phone number 7665000. We want the job and he perversely is whatever you did your actions. Led to hoping Orr are hopefully they daddy that was what she wanted to be fired. Yes I have and I've seen this is is a fun thing because if you've ever worked in the restaurant industry ever. Everyone is always like this my last day I swear to god. Every day someone's last days in a restaurant but I've actually seen people. Actually go out of their way to get fired and it's awesome because they regardless of job and like I have actually had won this was this person trained to me. And I was the first week of trading the light I and I'm sorry to leave you man I'm I'm Barbara's gonna let Amanda trade you but I'm done with this place might. So don't go away I acknowledge that imply I want to unemployment you selfish bastard so what he does is there's this table I think there's like three people and it just takes. They entire. And I apron the table labor and just yanked it off. And not not in my god hey it did the stuff still there right now he just yank it slowly pulled everything off the table and laughed so what are you. That point when you if you don't wanna be there are more easily if they hear us pretty Mazzone is as I've done just quit. But there are many folks who wanna be fired played did this will be actually put on here's like yup I called in syquest I was told that they might shift can be covered I remain sick. They either don't say I'm sick I'm not coming and that's him. I love my job the way before radio and I knew I knew is my last. My last couple weeks there and he'll give you two weeks you can't he. Never can work this corporation again and so while I just kind of like proud. Did didn't act fast in everything it was a it was a factory so were you doing a lot of work. And I love I was you know talking cursing and screaming loud you know just be allow low is just beat obnoxious so beyond. They follies NRA guy and I gave a week not two weeks. And I know the night they're like. You can you can go to hell you get down on if you watch like no you got fired because they escorted me out of the plant. Well sometimes you want you you're always on my little unclear isn't it you wanna get fired by their award ever worked there again sliding to my two week notice because I wanted to because the rule was if you didn't give her to a notice you never can be and he never worked this company again Alan make sure I never worked their gifts. I'll be able to get through unemployment. Why are you at a job lined up okay we're gonna go that but that's why I say like in some cases you you want no matter you don't want to squared you want your players that you can hopefully. Get unemployment that yes this person here writes that my husband is crazy is this may sound things that. It much and don't the last few try in the last few effort you put in usually are getting promoted you don't get fired but there's some truth that's office space works is usually the way it works the less you do. The more you get promoted and we all work for people you go how elderly have a job so lazy I'll do anything everyday of their bosses like what's going on wears is Simon and nothing rare enough and yeah I. I run this niche they know. God I will quit if he becomes if he's promoted armada here it doesn't even care let's get to Dan hey Dan hello. They go ahead and did. Mom I look at my car that's OK and borrowed a truck driver for about thick mud. And it didn't match what continually make you go go go go go go and I hadn't showered light. My day and I thought yeah. I called again and get back about our US hi Jeannie urgently. And I said you know like. Yup and you don't like that we got back about truck and fired quite yet. Hi can sell our house. Aside until wash. That there were. Hurt but. It. And happens. They're for the call buddy. Let's get do John age Donald. You stroke in my gallery guys today. Doug and John Andre she got home. Say John we know John. The there are a bit last Friday I am doing. Is. I don't you remember the these are record these guys love. What are you ask if there's a group from the guys or good happens on. Were I want to I want to comment on here only about being fired Chinese tire fire in our. You can lieutenant colonial out. I don't remember this guy went out working and not let about it Ed Harris. And those guys check this damn solid any doubt it's. Is he with stood against do you want to be setup guy. And belly check this downloaded any doubt the whole thing on the floor. Sure enough he got fired. Yes that's about his intentions or was he wanted to be fired so. Yeah you want to work that because you like what he was there aren't as family outing here but it is better for. Heard a low good. Well you know it's it's actually easier the empire you want to thank John it's easy to get fired if you want that's true just go to your mustache off yeah there's actually some muscle just. I've seen people like Allen got a job that they basement intelligent lawsuit if I walked in the he just gets you cannot in my office and can't get there I only get fired here as sir I'll go left off. Until left off line. Did.