Wedding Horror Stories

Monday, June 25th


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Rob anybody until I'm 98 rock. I think TR XQ dot net. This is the best. I'm John reminded significantly guys who I didn't money. I mean there's a good one to help out with site and I know Americans know. That drop reminded me of us from the and the guys on a few people were various. You he thought we got this email Lori dear red raider dot com we're talking about that accident knob Pennsylvania a watermelon joke truck turned over and killed somebody down below. Dammit brand and I had that Gallagher Joseph gaul you joke blocks. Yes I. We were. When we are charged resented the show about one of the new trends in weddings which allowed feels is just the extension of something that's been going on. Four years in terms of helping the brides and grooms pay. For the error for their dreams so let's go all the way back to a really quickly and we've had gift registries for ever yeah that's over a hundred years. Within the American culture I I'm like not part of this conversation ever because it's not a generational thing is just the way I was raised I was taught. You don't get married instill you can pay for it yourself. And I I just grew up in its were just the type of family and we we think. We think. And coupons are stupid we think there's I'm coupon or a sign of weakness and a half. Eva. I'm not talking about and none out and tell you that's how I was brought tea you pay your own way you pay off your dads you don't ask for money from any one it only exception being. From the bank in the sands that that's the only way you can create a business get a house things like that. And so I was taught now you don't register or for gifts you don't ask for any help when it comes to having a wedding and you certainly wouldn't ask for example. We talked about the next extension. And hell to pay for your honeymoon because it went from gift registries to people who set up the original ghost on the accounts in and the mid ninety's true there was an Internet. Where in lieu of gifts we asked the U contributes to our honeymoon. I think all of its discussed and again. So. One of most of societies seem to sail boat okay are able that's better than having to go to bed bath and whatever and picked out of them. Some titles why are just trying to figure out what they would want it's nice there's a list so love the hot new thing now it's growing it's not an epidemic and it's growing is that more and more of course these weddings have gotten to be. Tens of tens of thousands of dollars. And everybody has outdo everybody else and we live and of interest world and minster Graham world and a lot of young people can't afford to get married and so. Why don't they just asked for help from their gas to pay for the actual wedding. And so they charge a public charge now that's great the wings and ads when you get when you get an invitation oh lord depending on how logistically they've been able to set it up. And sometimes maybe their parents have loaned them the money but they're gonna pay him back sometimes the actual venue. Is it is doing it like on a contingency basis so either way you get the unit invitation. As as time in the place and then it says. Something like I don't know how they phrase it mitigated and an a sample one. In in exchange for your attendance. We are anticancer requesting he does not ask. It's mandatory there's a cover charge I think maybe the way to do it is. When you return your arms ET please send your payment of and then whatever did or don't sell out so I let the lord let us know you're not commented we got out of this and. RS BP if you set if you're gonna send the money to the letting the yes. Didn't know if you're not gonna send a sympathy you know what they. They do if the majority of their guests decline and they can't pay for anything great question especially because we talked about what was driving this. Was the need quote unquote for the perfect pins are sweating the perfect ends are Graham wedding. That they knew they couldn't pay for so what if they don't have enough brands are they or if I guess the thinking from what I what I remember reading yesterday was. Like minded people hang out with like minded people. And so they'll like how well this is Shelley base their necks we just static if I was at fifty dollars or whatever their coverage. RJ and I really I I really wish I I could let them know that that day will not be. Their their top five top ten day when stay goal along in their marriage but I know there's no way to do that like you have to. Experiences and live bit to understand and realize that. I'm I'm I'm just not sure that's true anymore we're have to wait and see. Because we don't have any we don't have enough evidence yet of what a cultural shift will be of entire generations that are raised. Solely on. Social media acceptance. Because we don't know that it might may. That's a good I have no way of knowing I. How people who base their entire worth. On the how they're judged on social media first bought and how they have an actual marriage. And maybe the way they judge it on his is. It is all based on lights and and I I I don't know I don't know anymore. Timing works out right that this could be a lot of these super sweet sixteen generation now and they're grandma are now they just care our bonds every single event in their life it means to be his big extravagant gala. Now I do I love the photos. From our way. And they do bring you join me so I feel. But then you go about your day in the solid you're looking at them every day so okay you extrapolate that I am million. Not only do they have those photos they have the lights attached because. Their photos are out there. They're not just in the bulls coached at home work or and pictures that's out there for everyone deceit. And talk about I guess for years do you want me to have. Already in the a lot of a lot of people driven out I guess guys down to their whole life there when he than. And it is it's it's a nice spot it is to have a big one and everybody loved there but it is such a pain in the ass even when they're small. There's always something or someone in the the tries to screw the day didn't. Just welcome us as did not try this is this this is part of the human condition we've done the studies over and over again. The most beneficial the most rewarding part of almost every vacation you'll take as an adult is the anticipation. Overwhelmingly people report when they come back. That the vacation did not live up to what they were hoping that it would because we set ourselves up. Because we we live in the future we set tenth post we don't live in the present don't live in the now and so bands have to be what we're gonna make him doesn't have to be a vacation. How many times even looking forward to a night out with friends and it goes crap. Are as you add or do some type of Havana sporting event or concert and it doesn't live up your expectation because. We live Salma and of course the bigger event. The bigger we make it up to be and the bigger the disappointment in our phone number is 888999. To eleven I mentioned towards the end yesterday's show just by talking about we have some great stories. About wedding invitations and things of people of CNET is is just so relatable so I picked out my favorite ones which we'll get to hear a second hello Randy. When I guess I. It's a great I can get out of my wedding to immediately put this thing and it's also is personal. I'm Robert C and you would be okay doing that but as all of these reports and I've got another one not to showbiz myself whether it's through later today or later in the week. Are about if again if you're of a like mind the one thing you never admit to in in bowl like mindedness and and yes this particular report yesterday is attacking more annuals which I always say but. In the majority of people getting married radar in the eighteen to 34 group that's how were specially first marriages. The one thing you never admit is that you don't have the money to do something. That is death that gets you ostracized from the group that it's the truth just be real OK and you're not speaking their language why not just speak Chinese or Spanish German. Because that made no sense I. Here's some emails I'll start this loan from the bank failure at all. I read his critics he says I got married about a month ago when my now wife and I asked for monetary gifts in our invitation now we did also register for gifts for those who rather would buy a physical gift. 95%. Of our guest pianist cash gives it worked out great for us. But we didn't expect any specific amount plus we made clear that the gives him unexpected that's that's been going on. Us toll fun again I still think it's totally trashy color. Still wonderful life I've been thinking for you I. Yeah. Big time. Asking for lower cash and just saying whatever it were it not for the wedding if not for the honeymoon. In lieu or instead of Gibson and also offering gifts for those that think it's tacky to give cash. Fine dude that's easy it's like you never got out to buy them the gift there's always that like sometimes it's less than I still got to go out giving gifts not. Their case with their wedding and. Let it weddings are always a battle in my life no matter which random woman I'm with the this time because I I don't give gifts because I was addition to get married if they can't afford and so the woman how they handle it -- suspend her own money because I don't believe and so hello there. Hey sorry I don't have kids can't afford it don't get married in Canada. I can't afford enough. Is it really goes to get gift cards or cash in if it's not really. On the gift registry obviously and I'm gonna put cash on a gift registry. But is it really that. Dead bad if if I just choosing to intestines. And at that it's the old signs they'll show it it's like giving cash on your birthday it's totally up to the recipient and and how much you care. Mean I I'd never seen anyone actually walk away from a fair amount of cash however there are their are people that believe yes it's route you're not putting any thought into it is usually. What the complaint is the way I think about it is they can spend whatever they wants yeah. See you know I usually. Find it rude when someone sees again after registry and there are like I don't I don't wanna buy any of this stuff for them. So they go find something else to buy for them that's like. Riveted don't want that Zagreb yeah but cache due to be spit on it and who liked absolutely. I guess if I go ahead. Hey I just I just started listening might sound like it that's why didn't address listeners. I guess our wedding we had a bad thing. Where no kids. Maybe it was clear he felt like to sit there and yeah you know I told her at who want that's what you know people thought out with very little I go by. That's why yeah yearning. Should not. Rue would you make the error. Credible. Because back to a Don was saying yesterday about people make it about them and just discussing here's Greg here's an equally discussing email on a whole another. Level of sadness for me this guy right so Robin listening right now I just heard you say that you didn't accept any gifts or any money for your wedding I understand you also said. They you don't do things unless you have the money I agree with you to a point my question is how does your wife feel about not receiving any gifts on her wedding day. This is a once in A lifetime thing and it has to be special for both of you. It would not agree that giving gifts are coming from the gift givers hard to show their appreciation for YouTube why do you view it as from what I'm understanding. Handouts. When you when you go out first all. My my my wife understands that what makes that they special for the both of us is to lesbian love and doing exactly what we want she never. Even entertain the idea. In fact she and I I think were racing each other not just at the wedding but at the reception party on how. Vividly we can say do. I'm not not let's bring us the gifts we have everything we want if we don't we will buy it no no no no no else. He's fine with I'm sorry you can't believe it or you've never met a woman who's built like that I'm sure glad. That I did in terms of the handout think when you actually register or you put in your invitation in my opinion. Here is what we are asking for you were literally to eat. They've seen you were saying. ELY ya know. There's only two motivations in my opinion your greedy or you don't have enough and if you don't have enough in my world the way you get it is you work harder period. You don't ask for other people to give it to you the only exception of that in your email. Is if someone. Does creates of their own volition or fines of their own volition a thoughtful. Personal gift where they see somebody oh this is Robin Christina and I really want them to have it. It pains me to say that dawn was one of those people that did that and yeah I people I'd just could not not get them again but I know they are very V is that the only way. It's got to be something personal that speaks to that and it's one of one of our favorite things in our home all right right now. On totally different side that that's an easy as a very sad commentary don't see. You can't let her it would sadden me is. How key equated somehow they gifts being a part of her special day. Thank you could have a special day without kids let the gifts they give surge even. If you work if anyone murder rate their wedding day. I'm not sure gives a beyond their they would probably that hopefully there's a couples are happy you're dressed in the detail of my address wanted to live in it for months. Maybe. Al bared the DNC I got a little list and that it's kind of course I'm sure you appreciate your guests but. That's what I have also the F. I had a similar letter suggests that your gonna deprive your life of those things and not sit not to suggest that you guys and actually talk to these things through prior to your wedding because I and my wife and I were the same way we didn't ask for anything we need any thing we were more focused on the day and that each other. So this popped it my head because I don't know some of our some listeners who might come up with this. You love Christmas election you're asking for gifts there what's the difference rye. I don't ask for this from anyone Christmas well there you go ever. I can't remember the less I I always told my wife earlier at the my ex wife my any relation by it was then. I was always of the mindset of do you wanna do gives I don't need anything you don't need me to get but I understand the human interaction of if I'm gonna buy her gifts she's gonna want to buy immediately give her Elisa just 'cause they give a list but you'll you'll not see me. You're like okay this is where did an update and L and part of it see see at the the the what the lessen its loss. Is this is how I was raised when I was raised middle class paycheck to paycheck. So when Brandon says we don't need anything I don't think it comes as any surprise to bring him in the he's in is a different economic station in life. Then I am. So one Brennan's is we don't need anything I could bat back to me is the essence of the way I grew up there perfectly happy where they are in the working towards more they don't need. Anything in my station now all. If I see anything I want I'd buy it yet I don't say that's what I'm asking for for Christmas I literally just buy it and so. It now all my lesson gets lost so easy for you to say rob now. No this is how I've always I always live with the attitude of you can't buy it for yourself and you don't get it the difference now is I am buyer would ever want. Short of Ferrari which is next on the list. I did I I've never minded the guest registry ever like to buy people gifts for their weddings. Maybe the difference now or was some people are generational leap is. They expect so much to have already in their life starting out. I you'll hear some kids come to live back home because they don't have the same creature comforts that they're used to at their house at their apartment with five other people. Add date they're not they can get their nails done anymore they can get their hair coloring Margaret all these things that they. We're dividend while living at home they no longer have so they figure they need to. And so all of the things maybe that you see Johnny guest registry maybe you thought well. She's this war means that when your starting out. And you might find that to be spoilt you mean maybe that could be a lawyer okay front and I don't I don't think that's so much a bad thing because. Any of us we're starting now have the bare minimum ticket should that you work your way up to the editing and those are great funny stories that should get a look back on. The ways in which you try to figure out. How to open cans or cook things or what one on. And boy does it make you appreciate it and you get out of that. Lou in more than the bare mineral I got my wife and I just the other day were were talking about the idea of in this is a very spoiled very I've done well on my life very middle age thing the idea of living in an apartment again. Makes me cringe you know why because I've lived in apartments I ever had to do with their Rene good morning. Learning math. I think I'm Eric RX scenario which is what I did that yeah. I'm I would you know I'm not able support it for everything and everything and it F having Barbie and I am so what I it is actually asked. People quote rule you participate at a wedding though that there were at that they get me. Battle won a couple of our rent or but the partner Kurt outlook of eight eight that he checked out OK I AR. Spent all. All. Of that he has really special that sweet that's still within the spirit of of the way in my family operated in and taught me if you can't. Afforded thing you can't have it sidebar if you can find a way. Without the money to do let me load the thing about how literal your life would be if you live that way. Well. I need to move myself Bob. It's just me and I can't afford a higher moving company I guess myself asked to stay here now you call planned yet so you just extrapolate that. Actually I'm poolside in time yes it actually is my guys I would love to be a part of what they think that Donna just volunteers out. If you knees and I made a thought what do important. They will look pretty well this is branded there was a great decorator Decker although mrs. Clinton has as are monitored. I. LeClair. I didn't know what Hamburg she says a girl I work with got married last Saturday she charged 100 dollars per person. O line C additional slowly yeah. Does it say I'm just curious are you bored by it and just put it up. All Lambert says there's nobody I work with when we do know that her dress was that was 2000. So I. Dollar cover charge. I could've bought a different dress I still a paid. One. Loney 300 bucks and I love. I got and it was clear about what the bail and she lose and the jewelry. But everything they David's Bridal and kidney it was 1000 bucks and I still have that dress I can't edit it but if. This though. Again the heart of the point and trying to make. If you want a 5000. Dollar wedding dress. And you can afford it. And it if you want a 5000 dollar wedding dress you up to charge your co workers to show won't be your wedding your disgusting scumbag of the human hand that's awful in my opinion and same thing if you register for gifts also see your on the same lot for me because you're all discussing their begging for things you can't afford. Here's one from jam sage Adams says her. This is the one that I saw yesterday and at first I went. Mehmet horses running eighteen makes total sense he says we got an invitation for my wife's co worker's daughter's wedding. When scholars and we're good friends wins then that the couple. When we read the invitation we noticed that it said. If you are Republican we ask that you do not intend far he's sorry I was all right oh yeah. Anybody and dawn. Dawn show.