What Would You Do? ( Kiddie Pool Won't Fit in the Car)

Wednesday, November 8th


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Again. C a red green. My fast free birthday shout out for my beautiful wife Sharon all I'm not going to give away her age that means she's and yeah. Should could be thirty or not. Oh yeah. Coach how. Plus a dress that she looks younger and more beautiful and never. Lea URL just yet the market. And they grab enough. Ever since he says saying she was awesome the first half hour of the show yeah all those elderly people there are boring I am. Or any of the local diner. And does an anti virus company does the name and you pick it up polls don't. Friends and a new name is Smart. And we have this just human you know from Steve Hayes Steve says I just bought the new call of duty. He bull horns she came over my Xbox I was only. And acts of this holds that I was playing and I am there is this one mission where you go undercover inside Nazi headquarters here. Walking up to the building your stopped at a checkpoint and they ask you for your paperwork. And all yeah just throw the whole mission was Indians shouting out so yeah. And then you play along with the other people if I game yeah they're here. I'm Susan you are shell that out have thicker skin and not just fine. Matthew. Did and then there's this from Scott Hayes got it as last year my wife and I raised to Turkey's. Long. And we do not years. Actually the best. Now here we go when it comes series yeah he's the best is during the conference saying well congratulations. Mr. and mrs. Smith the on your four year old son are negative for mom my got hot. That's. Poll is just a warm meal myself yes as. Not only says Scott was that the first time we raised these birds. It was the first time either one of us and cooked Turkey while you watch how old date. When we go through Thanksgiving dinner was forty pound. Danielle. NASA's jet Danny Ferry people. You could have very key we Brian bird and a giant cooler yeah. Yeah yeah that cooler I mean the giant wanted to. We knew then that Brian we could DA says he we adjusted amounts accordingly we cooked it ourselves he says the hard part was finding an oven large enough to hold yeah. Yeah. And we want to having to go good morning hours. The burdens beautiful as they started car remembered the first slice I took was from the brass now. Let's start with the breast. You're way down. An anemic. They can have that he both my wife smile on mine were white from our faces when we saw pain come down and I. So times CN pink is. Just exactly what you can say oh thank Connie and I. Oh yeah inflation out they. And it but the nicely as I made got through the outer fatty layer that Tom the Turkey had on him and was asked Turkey every one and had. After the meal everyone wanted to leftovers of the gargantuan bird and there was plenty to go round. So so yeah what things sell you a small village uses war as an all nonbelievers as the brine recipe word for forty pound Turkey. Look at that thing juicy after nine hours you should all be using it sit well Scott's price and to those of you who are getting up this morning radio or your bag of wind from red radio dot com we say two year old. And. Yeah. It sold out. Sorry and we told you it would yeah sure sorry there are no copycat the class of the online and Brad radio doctor. Three years is that they're no good news really remember oh my god. You don't put your review year Edgar doesn't mean that you're really about the sellout you're about to sell out a gallery. Sol oh god that one person I knew it and just do order in the morning and would go to bed tonight oh yes. That one well. Around here are your options now I if you still want to. Some buying. You get a you poured into a balky mixed with some water or some crossing wash your videos of the membership web site if you're not a member. I'll let members know Brad radio come ever so well that we show you do you pick a guy can always are ordering membership animosity. And then number on your Turkey overnight and if there agreed to chemical reaction that helps a breakdown of fibers or your bird makes it nice and juicy seals and some of the flavors yeah. Bombs and use it don't get the traditional dry yeah that's gross Turkey is not supposed to be dry so if you don't have the your Turkey prize. Saw me and you have to have you don't so yeah there. Loser you guys to a couple of years. And yeah. Here NASA vendor we had all that's sure awesome vendors and they are all listed in this Cuban sort of ours start at. Ran radio dot com the northern about a locations as to Larry's food and drug. On the various locations are listed there and ran radio dot com or buddies at the smoke junction camp on animal brewed in Sacramento. California Salisbury is. And grill in Lodi California and Sanders his spirits are. Pass route in Truckee California they'll have the Bryan. Everyone else who has it is listed as well as about a dozen other vendors. That is on the line at the student story for simpler and radio I'm Thomas with a vendor list is but you cannot order the primary because it is sold out. A. It's and so. But what I did so well last night Brando do you remember. 9:30 PM hey he's. I'm so we hosted on our FaceBook page that the answer he Brian was out of stock online. William wrote I definitely glad I'm definitely glad they ordered mine early. Now I don't have to exercise by getting up and going outside on how I. For all of you people all do all that way it is. Sorry you know what else I. Sheryl says I'm so excited this year I am throwing out my family's recipes and doing all robs risk isn't and mess it will be. Told my husband that this year's Thanksgiving is mine is super balls. Tommy says well okay grabs rant I know you double your order from last year which was tripled from the year before this is so very impressive. There is a song dress sells us as I ordered my name mine today looks like it was just in time wheelbarrow a normal last fifty per share. Harris says hah hah. I was waiting for this weekend. Being here and now. Chip says Brian and didn't begin its. I don't know around. John and Michael says I better here rob was right tomorrow morning. It's sold out online. We have centers. I am let's just say yeah let's do it did you know what would you do. Popular TV show put the hidden camera we do an artery within microphones all of our did you scenario you tell me. I'm not so you were the myself. Hey I can't sell some science more and tell me the possible options are here we're gonna go to Fred O'Neal was kind of sandy. This easy for example now that we're gonna start was a 28 year old woman whose name is amber should monk. Slack. She might sue she went to Wal-Mart and yeah a little in my opinion already knowing the story the fact that she's a Wal-Mart is potentially important to what you. Serve first thing. And that made me section and now you're so it's okay maybe you could consider the caliber person. Com you get remember is Canada's a couple prongs what would you do there's also there's what would you do and then there's what should Amber's Shimon could do. Amanda might say well she's a Wal-Mart or so here's what she. And I still there. I should do you Wear a hypocrite no matter what I'm about the same thing could cadavers so yeah good all my kid saying yeah. So Paul Meyer night. I think the presence and his dinner last names changing as it sounds like the sounds like a fat person sitting down Shimon. On what you should come on we've all on this right whether its whether it's Wal-Mart Costco Sam's Club target doesn't matter. You you see something and it's it's law are urged. And you go home on don't know I can fit this in my car PS yeah yeah and it's. And you get outside or sometimes you don't even think all of this will or won't be in my car insurance so excited I'm a girl I don't know dimensions. I climate. Before being out murdering of a truck. And what I don't end here in Texas right now right at YouTube truck and bring it appeared in telephone you know. If I must. I it will only get all relate to that right right. Slowly you think you'll fare. Not thinking any yes I'll crap why it is USA here especially if he's an idea of meeting on you know you you see Lendl when he looks like when it's all put together and you're like well yeah I it'll be all the wooden boxes and you can just you know shove it in the car you don't see you know let's count from Boeing and everything. Of that ethanol and I am and as a man who will tell you you must account blank out. Bible have trucks now but we're gonna and its unique design and that's I would call them and northern port guys in the store. OK ma'am do you have a vehicle that's true. This total totally. Amazed. Prior to feel like he's all arms so liberalize okay bad late yeah like if you know how what has to stand high. You need to track where it's so bad. I totally thought it was nice enough that he and his family brings it out he has that look like this happens all live on our. A couple of here's the ship. And version longer. And Eddie didn't though there's an odd parts of the story I admit I mean she is she's in Wisconsin in the November. And the thing that she just couldn't stop herself from behind she wasn't planning on buying at the Beijing is couldn't stop herself from mine was a plastic pool. For her kids. I mean it's on sale right well OK stand and a so called iron I don't know how did I don't have an explanation. Slide downhill and it's icy hill all OK I was in the column maybe she puts all her Miller Lite in. Thanksgiving. Dinners and I should coolers or Clinton fired it right in the middle school in the neck hillbilly got. Now she's nice she's playing her kids who knows but it that's kind of kiddie pool. And though she ware brings it up and she heads out to the parking lot there in the Wal-Mart and she's got a nanny and that it won't fit enough. Want you around profit nobody even if this is peaceful town you can't get an inside wages are wrong. I'm envisioning this is the plastic Y that's how I may have. Is that this is one of the my time is this did will work I want a big plastic ones probably had pigs because they love. Oh yeah Don why Larry disallowed because pigs so. Are you won't sit in the mini me and you can't called don's husband. So inferior version Monty and the situation what do you do easy flat besides the top tie it to the talk. I don't sag get sim card tag is yeah intact didn't tell. It would take AKK so you got ahead of me there. Arm saw is common share understand Johnson's size of the top men by disabled she has nothing to tie it to the top where you say go back inside. Don't let kids so Wal-Mart yeah I potty bungee cord is a well I. Little trick from my husband we'll get your girl you know how to tie or not that's very true and I mean that would probably did a bungee cords and the rabbi's CNET news ball okay. Let's try and figure out. You don't get the bungee cords you get those straps to have the cranky those very those programs. I just ignored stamina and east Carolina they all work yeah oh those are loses this is the consensus they hundred degrees is what you do yeah yes yeah I would say. Tied down in the top or maybe even the bases into many many times in the if you're worried about it fly and not true but you know that takes a certain level of skills area tied down now. But doesn't about the ran away particular set of skills and we we agreed that he can't just put the pool on the roof and not strapping down oh you have to. Even issue and I say well OK you know don't. Yeah I heard somebody wants to do that to their vehicle and we're gonna rush and you just have her hold down one side. Out the window I seen that and had the passenger hold the other side down like did you mattresses are now. Since she's so Wal-Mart shopper heard Ceradyne. SC can have her kid we'll and that happened. Well the second down. And are you serious. Kudos Wal-Mart shoppers and. I'm so serious. But the pool and her room. Her nine year old son now I'm on to their rooms and wild seed you're. And he is a ball is not strapped down handled and I pulled it because. Bulls rabbit he's sick and it even from blowing up who. I doubt he's got the minivan was one of the width of the little blown rat so many sides of the her the full well is he's kind of like a wedge in there. But you can still blowouts so these are all either he's old promise act. And old are. Yeah. Are a lot of today what could possibly over and Lourdes and. She backgrounds come once spotted her jerk I mean that. That would be I I wouldn't even believe unseen with the kid and the pool on her roof. And lately. They thought that was an appropriate reasons and call the authorities probably lying at SA much that I got a kid here on roofs me I managed to get involved but that one desperate to see various I'm Wendy police tracked her down the police report says that quote she believed it was okay. How many millions. Seen as elite as that she had an explanation. She believed it was OK as her father let her do things like that when she was that age. And it. Ever rode on a roof my opponent Romano wrote in the back it would take a while right. Crying yeah. Now those they can't use that excuse to write the law I would if I saw a kid in the back of the truck I wouldn't be calling authority even though it's against the law on what it. The anger because we all did we did have friends in years a new thing now G and able she did this and she's fun huh. Hello her showed terrible father he should it matter in the truck they don't know. If a mom we're gonna hit some black guy you saw aren't saying hey all ice and that's true but you. Yesterday the sudden saw him I think it was okay. November in Wisconsin there must be black guys. Saying addicted this weekend. I was with my best friend Sylvia and her husband vowed that. And about it everybody has a big track and out of I'll be struggling name I Matt Opel adding and I am blown his feelings Matthew Daly Colin. And it is a screw you and your jokes. You create your typical funny joke shop that we get that break. He hasn't gone out and sell the pattern on was asking me if he had to ride in the back and uncle Bubba struck and they were explained to him. No you can't do that many more Iranians think of why. And we said well you know we worry anger week but then might have been is PC. So we'll laughed at me because I'm just matter of factly telling him this and then back in the car and hit six they act. I like a bullet we can't do that anymore because too many people did that and prepare kids flow out of the back. I had no more excuses blue and me like the. You know you're a kid like back up so my. Bear historians the police bowler ever she Sewell new ice uses all tar. Problems officers let's say well you can't do this helicopter cool about it they're like you just can't do this figure sum now so what she loses she takes the pool. Off on the roof she folds and puts in the name and it fits just fine she goes oh no problem. How god has a theory as easy as you wanna Bolden may put a crack in the bud. I think the real story is think it was thrown a fit and she was tired there. You may get up on the rim whether.