What's in the Box? #1, 6-13-18

Wednesday, June 13th


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Now back to rub anybody and gone on 98 rock nine. AC RSQ does next. You're listening to. Everybody can go on show called him anytime. Or listen on line. Obviously that is the sound awesome print out comments from our FaceBook page finally. They come in so fascinating you against. Keep him up on the computer everybody. Others. You tell. Nancy you really need me tell you that. Go to we put Avaya a teaser photos on FaceBook of the of the red radio dot com this morning of my wife and I in Reno. So we can we already got some some common says Shannon wrote call. Wonderful pictures as always I especially enjoy the picture with big jam that's I call on the I call on Jumbo Jumbo Jim McLean will be used to call him. Bo and his job. Financially large non. The year and it's. Bound Jumbo Jumbo McLean. Shannon says he and I were just talking about you rob last week I knew this. You know he seemed to have such respect for one or not. I love you and we love gym today I think we work together don't work for them for years Lovett he's almost kind of sort of about to be retired because he's much older than us and yes there are people. I can't bring you the bad and I know Porsche retired. Big that big if you see the pictures he's the one that looks like a biker because he is a white. Now I left off is doing every cover and let there. Vietnam that great guy hobbies we do we do love each other he's a great guy and a lot of people commented on the week the reason we were in Reno. Which was the horrific the awful in practical jokers slide show. There's a tiny little hope so little for me anyways because number one of these really bothered me after I saw the show. And my wife and I were huge fans is stand and we've lost weight stop this hot. I think we were. Both of set that it feels now like they're standing so many people. And and I couldn't tell being an auditorium of 3000 people how many were genuinely enjoying it there were laughs. It seemed like a lot of people on the same reaction we base also liked how how many people are gonna think Soledad the cult of personality. Say five brow we got a comment from Brandeis who said we attended Saturday night as well and we were all pretty disappointed good. Good a guy I'm glad because they are not everyone likes yeah yeah alone. Don't not informed me that it's more for them guys really I really felt like god dammit they're getting away with this they're frauds. And I know they're. Defined they're gonna live bit as millionaires progressive alliance yeah. Wanna know and our little world a little mag and arming you know we get more protective of the maggots as the years go one. That they're not getting screwed up and go oh yeah more or you know securities drew and say I like it I guess it didn't Marines had to be nice because I needed amount of people watched the shows on the same as. Who goes to the shows. And Christina also commented we saw a lot of show when we were just as disappointing gut I. Watch their show now but yesterday I was doing some food prep for the kid Jen and my talents you know I didn't tell watching it was reported. Because I knew I would just be in not really paid attention at a course one after the other practical jokers on every channel that is true TV and I'm like. Now I can't do it and normally it damages letting go I would watch it but now I'm like. Now this is all fake possibly. Not that that makes me feel good as well because that means even people who didn't go to the show I'm ruin mean in practical jokers for them why Cheshire are well at all thanks. Or. Yeah vodka presents what's in the box or down choose three prizes and when we started we had 25 prizes and behind hidden behind fifty boxes like the old car gained concentration imagine that you prizes in the two numbered boxes and you win. Over 20000 dollars worth of surprises were down to six boxes and threes. Hopefully we're gonna give them all away today that hasn't played three times that you get rid of three. Even though does the day. Argentina's David good morning David. Good morning night David now we've we're happy that it's basically we think celery seed in Winfrey's new today. Dollar gift cards Applebee's get ponies and hot dog on a stick to any location so. You just gotta match of the numbered boxes or where you wanna start. Let's do number three number so. Odd that is an open box yeah it hasn't closed the prize gone that's H 250 dollar gift card good then yeah McCain. They got home okay. David what's your other numbered. 3030. Game time number. 250 dollar gift. And we know that. Go to war. You know. Congratulations David. Yes very did that found you so much that's gone that leaves 2 more prizes this morning to Applebee's and hot dog honest Ali you know are still to be one today listen for your chance you're gonna play at least twice more this morning. And dawn show.