Woman Charges 6 Year Old Rent

Friday, January 19th


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In accounts that her daughter will have access to when she turns eighteen so she wrote she decides to move out on her own. She will have 3380. Bucks a star with him this strategy not only prepares your child for the real world. But when they see how much real bills are they will appreciate you can huge discounts and then I would love of one dollar a little prayer. Is seen as on FaceBook and then of course having a go viral means that thousands of people are Chiming in and as you can imagine. And depending on which way you might perceive this like leave the aforementioned. Your robbing them of their childhood angle or your teaching them real life is how the headlines. Our presenting this story as it goes around which is always just a nice little insight. In Sioux and that's it and are unfortunate world and only reading headlines and what people will take from this for example Fox News wrote. Georgia mom praised for having five year old daughter pay rent. Whereas CNN wrote. Is this mom teaching her daughter or stealing her childhood. So then I have to actually go into the post and freedom and the the the media outlet that has presented in this in the an honest way. Is CNN. She is not being praised she is being destroyed. By the overwhelming number of people who are reading this post as it goes viral for the basic premise she is an issue is robbing her five year old. Oh the fun childhood with the senate 88899911. What do you think Dmitry go ahead. That under extreme of the blessed. When I get my children talent starved or shot they have a good bookstores so I don't post it on paper with his wife. And it's entirely at action could do want to after they get toward tour that they figured dog crude for. You know screw up the windows not scrub the watch sort of the future look sharp losses last season's best I could say he can also earn money for doing the above iams adult type chores. I just assume I'm gathering from everything I've read here that those of youth that either have or favor any form of this whether it's S examines version. Or are Amanda's version. Or or anything else of teaching kids about money. That you or your knee jerk opinion to the Stanley then says we don't do any this week is one on the beach it's. We're not we don't we we give them an allowance just for existing. We don't insist on shores and we don't pay them you aren't exactly your knee jerk reaction is your horrible parents your disgusting your ruining things. And. Basically only yes yeah. Things can hurt. Way though the mom in Georgia it is extreme I think that's that's a logical way to teach your child. A bowel what's gonna happen when they don't have the real world and then she's setting her daughter up. A pretty decent. Account for when she moves. I think they should do that anyways Amanda you know pairing you should have thousands of dollars ready to hand jerk it down presenting the other side and ran and ran all these comments. You should have thousands of dollars ready anyways to hand your kids when they turn eighteen another common I saw as well that's great thanks let 3380 dollars are you working on college. Because he should have that read I. Zero I love this idea might my parents were Mary had. They didn't pay me money for stars I didn't have to go above and beyond in order to get any sort of money for any like any. They taught me early on that. If you wanna make money go get a job so as soon as I was able zoom that's what I did but I had somebody that this is for the parents to be teaching kids about. Our taxes and taking money away then that day they have earned is setting them up full work. The reality informed when they do grow up and I I think. I think this is not robbing them them their childhood robbing them of her childhood is taking their toys away not letting them go out and play. That's sort of thing remind me brand India and how come crazy society had gone you're much younger. What were were you still of the age and and a society we were allowed to do things like get a paper route at fourteen well you I lived in very rural areas so paper routes are more and an option. But I would go fine. People's yards to maintain or might my grandpa he was he always was out cutting Lloyd so yeah. Net in the woods cut down trees and that's that's how I mean my money. I you know like when I initially heard this I started thinking of all the nieces and nephews not kids we have and you know what I think. The other thing I don't like about people judgments as they don't know this little five year old. When I mean the dollar nieces nephews and got kids some of them at five I I in this would go in there had to do what. It hurts you know I mean you might had to wait until they were six or seven where as others it would have been a great fun things for them it's like knowing your Childs right in the I mean it's all about she. You know I mean in Iraq and about the songwriter again she can do what she wants but it. That doesn't answer the perspective. And have the position though of you are robbing the there is no age like maybe thirteen maybe I didn't see anybody suggesting at. At what point they're comfortable with this but this is clearly it's not no not at six out of seven on it. Let him have fallen that Texas your blanket statement why why are they not having fun if you're making it sound like this consumes their life money for. Why are your powers of the day and that she's being a five year old I mean com held down no less lead to morning. Good morning wolf I am ES people's future and my mother has her mom and daughter and chatted about them right moved him. Me for awhile but if you think about that after the child is ready you know we are giving him extra cash register. At a very young age and we are taught the concept of money at a very young age. Exactly like you said when we open our Christmas and birthday card then we get a hundred dollars program seeing. Are not. What it's like if you explore how you'll get it and the fact that they had the point we are not giving you any changes. Collect and how it is meant that and I'm staying right. Food I know you're living space and you know I after reading don't forget that my mom because she didn't get it would pull. That we start doing it with our pilot hero brother and my picking out that they're that they understand the concept of what might ease his sports. And again just ask it to keep presenting what the overwhelming sentiment was on this woman's face when they don't continue to just add in the the devil's advocate argument that I read. Does the money. For kids is meant to be spent on being kids it is not meant to be span. On the rents. K small things like that is meant for tour always it's meant for fun and whether they're burning it whether it's an allowance whether you're just paying them for no reason that's that was the salmon I was. Cross FaceBook. Let this little girl is still making two dollars and teacher Barbara and she gets her I Wallace yet she's still making. Two dollars and what's what's a five year old gonna spend money on I mean. Big money should consider first. 23 weeks and get a toy he or she donated candy bar whatever is solid she's not getting money just to spend it and. And mom does say the two dollar she gets she can she can save it she knew whatever she wants what it. I had and I this this I'm assuming this is not in the post if they go to the grocery store the idea would be of the five girls at. I. The mom hopefully says well you've got two dollars do you wanna spend half on an hour on this candy bar from this is just another example. For all the great parents out there that are trying to raise adults. How alone you are due to embrace the app that overwhelmingly I'm not surprised at all. Overwhelmingly people are upset because the overwhelming amount of parents I hear from my parents friends and Amanda had. People live to deal with the overwhelming amount parents spoil their kids rotten coddle them give them anything and everything they don't know how to say no. I mean look at our generations we have kids that are entitled one generation at least. I don't know what lips now three Obama Alvaro almost three. Of gimme gimme gimme what do you mean I have to earn them a blank stare they they don't understand hardy is supposed to give me this promotion I wanna start at the top I mean it that's how other dostam raise I'm not surprised. The overwhelmingly these idiots think this is a bad. Out idea I violated a couple of of the responses that they pretty much are emblematic and everything and then I'll I'll just continue to kind of give you might might. Definition or my analysis of what they wrote here's a couple verbatim. There were written until this woman what's next. Charging her every time she goes on the cars are you learn about cab fares are charging her for meals and making sure she leaves 10% as a tip for you seriously. Letter had a childhood. Yeah I'd be a fun. You know what do you think about taken some of that money and the allowance only go to a restaurant she gets the opportunity may be paid for some and give some of the tip now I mean. Yeah that's another suggesting they're suggesting that this mother is charging her five year old daughter fourth things like water electricity cable and the cost of food however. What's next charging her for a bone meal at home and demanding that she give mama and the ascent at. Sound. She's not seek one other one went farther and I don't. Another one wrote. It is the parents responsibility to take care of their kids this is disgusting yeah. Oh it sure sounds really eateries and adults only have generations and how to take care of themselves is taking care for kids. Me and I cannot and I Indian eleven there Ellis good Christmas morning Chris. Good morning I don't know if I a I just everybody have their own way I do love this lady is way because I kind of go and talk more content between two different ways and and I I think it's a great idea because about the money and my kids anything and I do rich or charts and so I pay my kids the same you know kind of face underage. To know is a week this five year old getting that's great that's good money for a five year old. This. Morning I. They I. I don't know barely know it it's wrong or right but the media I think a lot of people are speaking on a child Batman how she's stepping out she's experiencing it but. Perception is reality of the child they did this the how big are not gonna that's barely take away from her childhood. An event that that they just another thing added on terror child that you don't get that spirit but body to get toys and everyday it's hard to understand I mean. I don't think they're built the woman but not seat but. Reception is the outage I'll Billie about earlier child that I think. Yeah exactly and neither are there actually to kids being tortured and that no kid at any time lets a kid hates this. OK so. Kids hate going to bed early each dictate machete before bed kids hate taking a bath or shower they hate eating the balance million themselves. All you parents catering to give them ice cream until they can they don't have to shower for months at a time you can't there's all kinds of things you make your kids do that they don't like that flight to bat and that the outrages. It then sets is too young to be doing this and teaching these lessons. What age it is appropriate is it when they do get a job when they can get a job and would you rather have your can be prepared. For the idea of money and saving money and how money isn't always is growing on trees for you. Actually I think this mom I hate it when parents are stricter with their kids they just get chastised because I let my observation is. Is that they kids that don't have chores and just do whatever they want. C and I don't they and do whatever. And their parents do their homework for them dollar projects for them kids boiled rotten brags that end up. I'm can be immature yeah yeah. You know like the president more. Brandon I. Yeah. Our structure and her kids they had they eat they are raising the functioning in no adults and society fellow rag. You know I let Illinois and I. I don't just call it almost reform it's well noted and these. Sort of course. It is called you know my children dutrow was out we don't terribly rewarding with money I don't know why do we would appreciate that I want to my wife works in a customer service. Environment and I totally respect your money because when we show them the respect mine you know we let them know we work hard. Totally gaga and if you want something about the look forward. Well that that that's just mean again back to the doubles champion post. No you don't not when your kid that's a big images about displayed time to learn not only get under the cold harsh reality real world. You know and I intentionally put Amanda was saying with it how that kids that have these shores right just the different mind set an amazing every time when I went. That the Johnson and his sister Laura hang out the ones that they don't get paid for shores they get paid above and beyond you don't even go to the movies we'll go to dinner come back to the house the parents and the date night. And they are like I really mature mind and they know OK before I can sit down. And hang out play game of the anti Don we've got to check our laundry got to make sure you know are rude but we got to do our normal chores because they know and understand. Until there normal shores just the cost of living in the house. Those aren't done if you do something above and beyond. Paying you you even do the parent mom and. I do understand you know I went through this with my son where I wrote I aid. I had been out of work and then I finally got a John and I was like oh now I can afford to get him. Toys or whenever we are target. And so I did kind of get caught in the trap or windows heard and I and I am far dollar dual layer whenever when he was younger. And I realize I was over compensating for one of what I wasn't in the upper right before and she went I didn't receive as a child. I had a snapshot of that because his expectation was that target equals toy. My you know okay. Egos like you have to be perfect all the time or whatever but at some point you need to realize he'd have to reasons I and then. And it'll here's an email sorry dear Andrea dot com first one some wholesale costs say hello off. And Brennan's gonna say this is what people have to look out for only those on line everybody has their opinion everybody has their ways so void that stopping a look at me society just concentrate on your own society. Your household those days are wrong on Jose. I'm opposed everything. All the time slow. This sounds like the small percentage of parents are doing it though are for right away and then the majority and the there are ways is just that you can do anything anything you want. I can't all the time. This is from somebody who signed their name biscuits. There's only one and I think that's a great idea to do on most likely when you do that when he's older I don't know any of that I didn't know any of this stuff once I got older you do so I wanna teach my son right rain a rights Avery and I just want to let Amanda know that I think she's such an awesome parent. My mother is due and I find myself taking Amanda's advice a lot I think this earning systems she does there pat wanna such a great idea. Hello I have been wanting my five rules are doing shores and that is such a cool idea the man that house. And then this every action ever win the almighty expert on a bad days chaired through school for my mother was very early childhood development process. And at some point in your hypothetical example is raise some eyebrows Trevor writes that woman just say a hundred dollars from grandpa. Please say hello I think I 120 dollar ugly sweater is the best gift from grandma hasn't got the family should all get adopted. Core person that is you know when you. Brain enzymes for my earnings this. If my son does something and that is. More of a big surely going out and spending the afternoon monarch after him but spending you know thirty minutes cleaning up the dog waste. That's gonna get paid a higher so he might get free dollars spread out where is this. He just takes a displays at the end and then Ryan might need you know 45 seconds. Yes a lot easier to us toy isn't. And dog eating. There's this ultra and the answer is a man we have a whole generation of those children who were let the children I have four we called them away anyways. Maybe this woman's daughter won't want to live there until she's 28 years old guy passive aggressive tomorrow.