Woman Cut in Half in Elevator /Naked Celebs Get Hacked

Tuesday, August 22nd


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Rub anybody in John. Gun nests. You're listening to. I'm an old and dawn show. These guys say. Listen online at red radio. Xena Murray knew rant radio dot com not a continuation of regular old boring us. Someone you look at me and now we're really confuses people the Ding Dong was an hour ago holiday game already had a grade and we play we have Maureen man oh. And then we're wrapped up listening on last over but now I mean yeah Mourinho admitted to my Yang gone. Do you could end today it was just a random one from Kayla picky and says can you play the moves on skates on please. Tyco will cheer me up my first baby of twelve years passed away from cancer all. Sorry it has been very hard to OK let's start a message that's sure. So you. A measure as a follow up question she says I also won on the question which would be better for a guard dog. Rottweiler or German shepherd cool how wanna get a Rottweiler I love to strengthen loyalty and just all around power they have my husband prefer his German shepherd. He's always loved the breed I was laughing during the commercial break as a both my black lab and my German shepherd here scout my strokes. He's Nelly the twelve year old German shepherd stays home guard house keep my fiance companies that are our breaks against Seattle yes she's older. What do you expect. I agree yeah yeah. Yes yeah yeah. Yeah. Gone was heading non non loving on scout and said that he's more and more convincing their day to get black lab and gas if you looked at my trends that is UT Martin can be a deal a bag garbage comes a Rottweiler vs German shepherd and this is this is like trying to get somebody if this is like trying to get people who have loyalty to argue over four vs Chevy trucks and our you're never gonna convince somebody on the other side though so look I I am. I'm obviously. The pro German shepherds. It doesn't mean I'm anti Rottweiler. I love German shepherds I German shepherds are also strong and loyal. I just did it tell you Taylor but I don't know anything bad about Rottweiler as I've been around a few. They're not quite as intelligent but they'll certainly do the job as well. I'm grand my. We had and I'm not even my cousin had a Rottweiler. Are namely Shelly and she was yeah. Yeah yeah is she was just. Absolute sweetest dog you can ever mean she was a good guard dog they didn't have property out and none San Juan Batista. And at this dog it was amenable bark is very intimidating. But also great family dog is he going cons are getting about a Rottweiler and. You know they have come a more or loosened towels than and German shepherds owls we shall see I'm. Hopefully you kinda numb the date I feel like they shed a little less than German shepherds thank you don't just present hunts those. There the other that's actually a union a Rottweiler is the dog enough Christmas vacation cousin Eddie's daughter remembered it's not the that's why they name's not that I does droll but yes I get a lot more shedding with a German shepherd and it really does boil downs your personality and how you interact with. When certain dogs and sell the best thing you can do is go deep into a shelter you know. Dopamine or go to a breeder and and meet the dogs yourself and see if they can't even have a theorem elevators. Hands is stuck in word thought he would like like you when you're in one you think I just hope he gets on the floor. Oh yeah and here's X I envision. If word if were at the time Michael we were in Chicago we weren't in a very high rise hotel and we are pretty high up there and soul going down on me. I just didn't want it to all of a sudden pull Writely just fall right in the in my lanes brain gives you think about that yeah. Shattered blade and this is a fear it's an annoyance the inside the elevator is always huh. Honor. All hang out dinner plate get me out of here and does not more talk. I'm definitely scared in my own elevators and oh I remember when we were in New York there is this a one. There's this one elevator and is outside the road to the hotel in the building. And a lot of them. I revised it is closer than our guy I'm terrified of heights I take the stairs so I can I've been. I mean on an elevator in Sacramento where it actually malfunction while. And I mean I'm just I'm terrified I'm. Sosa specifically then let it is they are very is it everything like you're afraid they're gonna drop to your friend Ernie you're gonna get stuck in one isn't just all that. Is it and I and I always imagine I'm gonna be that person to begin stuck it's going to be stuck in between levels and their inventory climbed mountain range and I don't know exactly in half far. How fun. Like and those of you that there'll don't remember the opening scene of the movie speed who yeah. They're yanking them out and I'm. Our freedom happening so. I I tried to find a lighthearted way to start this story it's just awful or. It's out of a Spanish hospital happened on Sunday 26 year old Aussie old Cortez Nunez. And had just given birth to her daughter Triana. Via C section. And now she's on her way to the maternity ward. Now meanwhile her baby by the way I had to be taken to a different hospital received treatment for our condition. All of babies find a good had to take your to a special hospital the baby did so mom's going into the maternity ward is usually. Usually even with a C section at least in Spain and according to story mom would be attached. Maybe it would be attached to mom on the way up to the maternity ward that's. There's nobody press and so they roll obvious Nunez is stretcher. Contortions are on a Gurney and they roller into the elevator she's being transported between the second and third floors at our lady of home hospital. In Seville Spain. And as so as they as they roll they roller halfway in and battling her husband meanwhile the Jose dasburg he's on the same boys like right around the cornea mesa he's saner than other rolling urgently elevator on the Asia for the maternity more powerful. About thirty seconds after they roll her out he can't see her fifteen years quote a loud blow or banged. You iTunes yeah you can't read that's normally cost. As they're pushing ness. And Nunez into the elevator. Right as the stretcher is halfway and the elevator malfunctions. Or oh. Into. Cutter and no news here. Oh god you. Senior and I understand correctly it started to go up. Oh yeah and it literally. Slice Stearns and the and witnesses describe the incident as quote something out of a horror. Oh police and firefighters rushed to the scene but I mean there was she was literally have not. Let me down that twenty or sheer. Her husband her husband says he's happy man used to be. It's okay really that's that's just wrong on so many levels. Clinton baby's okay yes the baby is file has. Still has is the baby I mean I know that doesn't make up for and as a piece of Lauren and the file to pieces now. Old husband now husband that he did say that he knows that life moving forward is gonna have its ups and downs and we always. Obviously wishes he's Clinton sue over this. And come back. I shouldn't leave. Showing no. An aftershock did I hear you. Here but you've been bands and well and also informally for Saturday and Sunday September happened. Experienced live music free kids thrives in free parking and of course we play. For some directions go to bring your best. When they're driving do you ever wonder what you just beyond the horizon. 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Dignity health it's easy to feel stressed out when you're in pain and dignity health they believe ER care is where human connection matters most to learn more and dignity health dot org slash Sacramento ER. Hello human kindness. This site also. Del Rio ball. Money and dawn Monday rock. Biarritz do you continental. I'm. Anybody can go on the show who called rock now. Hey yeah Don and 8999. Mile or listen online and read iridium dot com. It. Want to face the pain just reaction to the store and Spain woman can have. Gates says god damn you people I'm going to help you allow him all the elevator finds her no Leah writes I feel bad. Part of the elevator story the side splitting. OK in it and you should feel bad Elliott me and is this a family isn't given shafts yeah. I'm still stumped as to how this even happened really annually and these the IE they're they're looking into how it happened it was an elevator malfunction I'm more concerned with our audience brand because they're not push my buttons. You know Annette net and cleaning their almost constant nominal and two. I'm floored by the reaction of of the audience as Obi and elevate the conversation from. It's one big story in the entertainment world the day rock grow old there. It's happened again web site that specializes in posting hacked celebrity news hit the jackpot yesterday or a all this particular site is constantly posting these kind of pictures and somehow it seems they keep getting away was it mainly because. It's never been adjudicated where the privacy link thing we live where he had this argument the first time it happened when Jennifer Lawrence that C word compared this to rape the app please. And we we went through all the back and forth. Some of you believe that yourself on as your private property that this is and that what lives on and and lives in the cloud or whatever. Is your private property and then it's a total invasion. It and it shouldn't happen rub rub it's criminal you're welcome that opinion. I don't put things on my phone that I am a people seat and I understand the reality of the world with hackers and all Latin. I we've done the argument today ass but we're we're certainly open to it again I want you to the funds are. Are yet know in just throw quick hits like. I am. The same as you write you just say anyone can can get a hold yourself if they want to another level Fermi when your famous specialist and that you are stupid. You because people specifically are targeting you on a daily as regular Joseph she knows there aren't people they're constantly charging you want. Targeting you on a daily basis right you know for sure when your famous. Everyone is trying to get a hold of your information so don't be stupid and put naked photos yourself on your. And yet they'll do and I wonder how many of them do it because they're just simply naive or because they think they're untouchable. I have no idea but. Part of the jacked by and by the way. I don't know of this is the website and then did the hacking and I don't know if they're still up and I of course would never. Encourage people to go invade the lead quote unquote privacy of famous people but I Thomas celeb Jihad dot com. And where do we had a little slide show here. From what I've printed out at home on my color printer look at your. Look at the speakers everybody we have eight in this case in this case the big names that were hacked include compromising photos of Tiger Woods. Lindsey Vonn. Katharine McPhee. Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus wild in the case of tiger and Lindsay was Lindsey's phone that was hacked and there is a shot at tiger leasing and her when they. Drag very big music hall three woods split everything I said I'm. I feel guilty looking at these they don't want people to see Obama can attack here. Oh come quite a few times. Palm has her childhood Miley Cyrus Jerel again then there any amount. Hi loans. Of course he's and she has ones over the last six months this new attempt to kind of clean up her image that's gonna take a hit with these pictures because the what's that you dons and what haven't we seen yeah you're about to see it all all around. Both tiger and Katherine makes he had sent letters to the web site demanding that they take the photos down as 33 hours ago there were still well now okay. Sure it has a little like she's always try to beef. Right frame and proper and are you ready examiners okay well everything is saying all got neural Lindsey Vonn called this quote and how agents indispensable unreasonable. Embassy and quote that may or may not be but I would not have happened to Lindsay yeah c'mon girl people here after years does your name is is. Sometimes I'd I'd try to put him in the right oh yeah yeah we'll do that a little moment for me at all. He's utilities like the most people don't you can send photos and your phone. Hole now this firsthand I couldn't get full size but it is Kristen Stewart twilight fame is now on a lesbian relationship that's why can do is full size is because is Kristen Stewart. And but this is back when she was not a lesbian and she receives a special gift from her boyfriend right at that moment. On her face. Marino had seagull and learn all of these celebrities have confirmed to them they may have all they've all come out with their lawyers that is absolutely Chris I. Her boyfriend or remember the guys which is taking that photo. I feel so bad for her home I don't know I really an honor our I know you can. I say all day long and I don't do that your favorites are still so that's very. Want anybody to see that your better years don't let don't don't they you don't keep on your phone I I hear you very hard core about. I think that that is nice I think it's being naive that you see Nolan skinny. Pack your stuff right which is finally back yeah or aren't and in your just a nice person I am right guys know what's out there you know there's nothing you can do about that it's out there that's right. And don't ever way you keep that from happening. Don't put on your phone hungry you don't you don't have sex in public agree no different domain you don't have sex with your window open yeah no privacy of your own home that you can't do that do you agree where we part ways is I didn't feel battery in the press ahead what I don't understand I don't yeah. Wolf I didn't know you can have. Bill that hi hi I'm not capable of getting Dicey because. I no longer revealed that. What would happen if there is Jose NASA and a little wasn't firm. Her founders and the way it goes from our significant others play well how little and that sends legally. Alex is it now looks like yeah. Now yeah that would that's not the case again only celebrities and confirm whose towns have been hacked and they called me you know owned it or whatever been very good as they need to they're gonna try to Sudanese people access arm if that were the case you're right that would be interesting because then. He has the phone but well I guess that so I guess the question then come down to. Did she know the photo existed. It could in this particular photo you have the picture of Kristen Stewart's face. It is taken by the boyfriend as he's over her. And helping her make up and that that's so does she know the photo was taken right did she have knowledge of it is riser kind of squint. And that's first. I mean if she's if she's gonna say I had no knowledge and even existed then we do go down the road of of well. Its own might have been happy shooting and had the picture so probably like a full stop thing and there might be some. Some legality issues on his part just right at that moment yeah if she knew it existed since she know that it was on his phone. And agility captain says no matter where you Harding Janet offering is something and that's not the story. We're clearly is answering hypothetical that is not the story isn't on her phone so we either took it with her phone or utility incentives tour and she hasn't and her collection and entertain the high. Hypothetical if he did maliciously releases photo is our knowledge and it would be considered revenge porn and that there is charges were never. Breast and he and dessert is he did not confuse us hacking incidents. And all the celebrities confirm it was their phones that were vials. Here's where I'm I swear heightened it to each his own but for me personally I don't look at. Oh it might opt out I wanna look. What I curry and she did something like why do I wanna preserve what I wanna resort back to doing it oh look I don't know I don't. Same ideas wanted to watch a porno viewing your life and some people learned that his son Aaron yeah I just about OJ but didn't think that we don't not yet certain parts of that I don't get how you store it somewhere where anybody can see you sir I really don't now. Catherine McPhee she was originally American Idol and she went on to it and TV shows or is more in okay. Annie and she is confirmed these pictures are real cold wet inside the rest of Kristen Stewart stuff is fair because they there's like dozens of photos from each of these phones I just picked up the best ones. And the rest of Kristen Stewart stuff is topless stuff there's a and there's a few recent those are her lying in bed with whoever her female lover is under the holding each other's. So he's I'll be Katharine McPhee adverse we have a a frontal shot from. Of from the waist up where she's totally nude flew. Proving that she is very nice breasts. You guys all and then as you goes through Catherine's phone. I'm there's a variety of pictures of her on the bed and n.'s presentations and her fully naked all cancer really it still land and pound sign there are. Dozen pictures like the woman I'm about to show you don't wanna see which are confirmed from Catherine had seized phone which are very medical and author. 00 heard Hillary are all all all where yes the I where she did that obviously was sending a sewer love I don't she married or whatever but she was obviously Ankiel is so bad for her and I don't think uncle Glenn Miller. I mean the odds are that. Don't want that out there now that he's so her and it is with every day and you know another there yeah. I told us. You how do you think is safeguarded won't really know where you don't get a separate your I do this and I should mention the now upon and then and that's kind of the highlands of them McCaffery I. There's a lot of I today now what what how. Haven't we seen Miley Cyrus doing yeah right she runs full frontal she doesn't pictures of herself yes she's done at all there are at all there are. About if I remember correctly a half dozen pictures of the act I'm about to show you would somebody else taking the picture. Which is clear and it's in many different places there's one in the campsite where she's drinking a beer while she's doing this this particular picture or she is holding onto. The hood of the car she's next entire and she is crouch down and soundness and go to the bathroom. Its stars and has gone there's I have. Half dozen pictures just ripped tape of her she makes the same phase and an easy not all don't have the tongue out of this match. Both phases. The clearest one I could fire. Those guys. And my girlfriends and I have pictures that we've had in her twenties let's cut it to the chances in the Q and it's incredibly reacts differently and you didn't see your not report by my. Little early image over a million I passes finding com. My favorite just because I have a huge crush honor our that you leaked Arianna grundy photos of her head again taken by whoever she's with the time. A full on doing it. All we. Long porn picture are you happy with the act is all live on your own home. Faith and now let's bring the let's cram themselves. Lindsay bonds home was tax a world class championship skier used to be in relation when Tiger Woods. Interest in the photos are still in her phone is. First very impressive photo that she sent to Tiger Woods of herself fully naked in the hardwood floors. So Rick as you go through it she also likes to engage in the same behaviors Katherine McLane on all. Longing prolongs our gynecology. And you don't see that and here's the one dawn does wanna see them because I can just. I. These women being violated free pizza yeah yeah oh and I am. Error has a cold front of tiger and he is he is Obama at least semi aroused. And it's may and you know a lot of people saying I hear he has nothing to be ashamed he doesn't I expected better from tiger yeah. Wanna see it like and attention that's a pretty close though if you look at me it's been standing their own zone and just straight out how low in the end yes I can buy and I wasn't impressed. Most of his body yeah okay. I mean it's it's it's hurry back yes.