Woman is Harassed For Puerto Rico Shirt

Wednesday, July 11th


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The best way for. You know. Greatest guy. The sun. Riveting story pissed at gitmo hawk dawn not only this year but has apparently been holding on for many weeks. Forgot about it do you tell me I eat huh. And and and and and as it begins with the after allied I had Italian is wild when you get to the punch line or whole bit with guys on the membership site and visit his dirty no feelings this though is so good I'm glad to pay for a hotel. Is. It is yeah the other day he wouldn't give an old arch tackle well and not guerrilla and now we have of those they. It's true none of those they had an Agile deer made the F and that's why we're not gonna repeat the story on the air because you could prove every radio. Six the greatest thing of all I can't wait that's the best dog. Kick at a lot and that's exactly what she's and boy did I write to the gut now. Let me let me just say not. It is ray error that. I am caught speechless and make good omen communicators for a living and told them fairly eloquent I usually confined to words we're. Here's I I just I just don't I just don't I can't title if you ever yesterday we had the doctor rob letter. That I had the first confirmed was legit if I'd like we want to control the by somebody thought they're being funny or whatever from the big sister. Who was describing her younger brother who has ADHD and behavioral problems he's eleven. And the parents are frustrated we get that and and haven't and a bunch of programs and are finally put an end some public support group for other kids with ADHD and behavioral problems and noticed. Many are not making this up if you were listening many of the other kids in the program. Were had the same name and so her parents and sir. Is to change the child's name. Because it's because he's name whatever was there is something unique cave in hate him because he thinks. Because all the because too many other kids in the class. Have. ADHD MB your problem is that connected with an eight. Makes it that way we'll see in this is a legitimate situation in our society that that we got a letter of the desperation of these pair instantly go there now with that. As the premise I I tell you that I just got through reading. A doctor rob letter that's worse I'll. How can you worse than the that's if I can get it to today you'll find out I iced I don't know that I can just blows everything else we have scheduled I'd promise you'll hear it either today or tomorrow. But I I have been standing here almost paralyzed. For ten minutes of yes sometimes you. You hear something is before and it like it like in the books he's read stop chewing your trap sometimes gonna horrible news your your daughter. I don't mean to equate these things he filed some he's dead or or just add. I I I I I. I did it yeah I've been doing another reason why we might not get to it today is doctor rod you have to ask could this effect it's a bit. I got some kind of advice yes and suck and and right now if I could formulate sentences and words over this. It would involve screaming and yelling and much anger. Oh yeah oh yeah I mean that I I can't believe I cannot believe this letter so that's that's where. That's the worst tease of all time because it doesn't even come with a promise of when I'm gonna get to. Just wanted to you know that include that in the story that on hold my native mark wherever that let me. It's a question here me okay we're in the United States America. And a Brandon Brandon it has he Indian Mexican heritage your father's part Hispanic and so now on the line and I've got my skin he needs some quarterbacks came back now and we we often highlight that because as we're talking yesterday. Everything has to come with a disclaimer so if somebody named Carlos Streisand and Brandon says alone and as part Mexican on asked to do that disclaimer because for some reason it's offensive like if I were to do and I'm just yeah white I can't say whole lot to execute our bill or I'm sorry somebody with a Hispanic sounding name. Hot seat of the disclaimer gonna get better. And so and so we we say grand part Mexican and an all of its okay. School. So. And on and it goes I and that's why we highlight things like that and it's so sad that it's real bubbly and ends and and the reason I mention there's his brain doesn't actually win or. His Hispanic heritage honestly even back last time there for me issuer can send money really much connected to it I mean ashamed of it expected no I I don't know too much about the my family history side so like I have a bunch of Mexican cells in my house dedicating its use that here and it's so let's just pretend though that's not true they're ready were born in the United States Izzo wasn't Sacramento California and I am not suggesting that that matters as we go through these questions I'm just I'm just. It com or disclaimers oh yes go go on the trip with me and I were talking we are already almost to where we sever going to be yesterday. Four hours of live radio three hours and 55 minutes of disclaimers and five minutes of Joseph. So. Would it be okay if Brandon went out to a public park. And was wearing a T shirt. That have the Mexican flag on it and maybe under it said the even Mexico. Yeah sure my little Orszag by pretending that he's proud of is carried that Olympic. Okay back and and that's all it says it doesn't it doesn't say anything like. Veba Mexico and then below it blank the United States and it would be legal but but culturally might not be okay. But but it's just the flag and says even Mexico let's get. Despite the I would like so much but when you're gonna eat what do we we have all types of heritage is in America. So so and that's why I use that example. But the needs the blank the United States are you stole my stuff from a server they're there all that you might not be a candidate again it's totally legal of course but the example like game is just the flag and even Mexico. Air predators is etc. I think and or it's just a T shirt okay yeah it's not like they're protesting I think maybe another example. And LC not enough thinking is that Brandon he's been my next example because. I do understand that right now with the border and immigration a lot of people have this negative view of just Mexico in general so OK whatever let's go don't even more inane example. It dawn on lazy is it okay for dog to go to a public park. And she's wearing a T shirt that has the Italian flag on it and under it it says some like proud Sicilian. T yeah that yeah that's cool. Share of course it is the same thing and face the same thing and it blew it even more innocent isn't it because. We're not it we have no cultural beef with any Italy Italian people right now. And that it anyway one day for the next tidbit I just it's just ridiculously innocent we agree yeah. I would say the difference between the two shirts is what it actually says the Mexican flag would says be the next go its means like long live Mexico all right right and then. Since it claimed your proud Sicilian. It is a little bit different because your your claiming any certain. Ethnicity within the Italian culture right like it's not necessary is it is a different. Texas is that Italians there it is this is not Italian OK so I don't search out in and necessarily is necessary and I'm not be getting on semantics here but that's like the only difference I can see his I did your claiming just a specific breed in the Italian. I'd wanted to do it better so silly script which I. If I if I change it if I change the examples to. Brandon shirt is the Mexican flag and blow it all says is Mexico and on his shirt is the Italian flag and blow it all says is Italy. Then I think you're a soccer fan we are okay. Wait are you as innocent as we get totally acceptable in a public park in America Donald why this is a question. Don't what is my role. And ask questions you want to get you don't want the answers to exactly and here comes your answer this is a question because. A video has gone viral. Out of Illinois at a local park called the forest preserves which is actually one of several wooded areas it's us or found. Chicago and I as well as places where. If you wanna have later in Havana party. A barbecue you have to get a permit from the city and then you get your own little space your own little area that you played forward and your little spot there are needs and Anthony directly and act and by the way let me just tell you there's nothing better. Then being in Chicago in the middle of some low around each. We were there the camera was awful but there arcs or beautiful. And that city holy cow you know or else has beautiful parks in the summertime and a hundred degrees and humid and why. California and many parts of the. But mom's name oh yeah how. All right so we have we got there we have a woman named me. It is already too is a setting up a picnic in the park she celebrated her 24 birthday yeah. In this video. And demand this is all on video and and he's he's our he's yelling he he he is yelling as he approaches are that's why she grabbed her phone and began taping it right away. I guess at first you could understand them but she can seize yelling you have a madman coming towards you and you know we got to grab something. And so she starts recording him and he he is demanding to know why she is wearing her shirt. Not a shirt that would make sense as a man I don't know it brought why weren't assured I wanna see your grooves don't want to go. Why are you wearing that shirt that shark that you have on why argue awareness of this better be bay Greg this better be offensive. This better I mean like my example of it's it's anti American or its racist or it's a hateful hate it's better buy something because it's not what does this is what the hell you're wearing I mean did this like there's there's there's the whole mind. Of really offensive meant to be offensive T shirts. That that look if you're gonna Wear those. Here journal invite criticism whether it's about something political and as a whole line of shirts like makes fun of the handicap and there weren't those but again it's legal but you're gonna won by this kind of reaction. There's something believing get offended by I'm. It's a cuss word cancer gas spiking commodity costs were cancer and some people get offended by that we want to point candy an exact. Actually don't bring a peace there after yesterday I'm. And don't really know by the end of the astronauts also close to home oh yeah the guys that we're gonna get all. You know all on my mom died of cancer forty. Years ago in a hurry just hearing of the Cecilia were that that triggered a meeting on a little cold in here. Schools flame out with a cup appearance snowflake in our show yes it's amazing. So what this'll be assured if you're gonna do it again. It might be right. But I would understand that point I'd agree but don't understand that if it is one of these really offensive T shirts that was just referring to. I might I might understand why somebody would walk up to be very angrily you go how dare you my my child has cerebral palsy in this they shirts making fun of him and you know Obama Obama bop yeah. It is legal where it. I understand the reaction it's all bad that's dot the story here at all there's a reason why I gave you the examples they did two sets the premise her shirt. But he is demanding to know why she is wearing. Is this blame. The flag and of Porto Rico. I probably not pronouncing that correctly. We are also praying not for the people of who went through 3COM. And we also love Hillary. Feels a little puri. We also love Hillary can't really gets me Janet and. It has the flag of Porter going. And blow it simply says. Puerto Rico or portrait that's all that's all that is the entirety of the flag. There's nothing on the back noted pause before I go on line because I want to make you very important point. Light needs pimples that I gave to start the conversation. Mexico and Italy. Puerto Rico is actually part of the united stay yeah. A lot easier it's a US territory. Todd is since 1890. Classified as a free associated state a commonwealth but it isn't US territory not a state although they voted many times become one haven't quite yet. That it is the US territory resiliency brown permanent change it it exactly and I and any and it's it's so I wanna be clear. It the examples I gave to start now are ridiculous. Compared to this one's I'm. It's a flag of Puerto Rico and it says Puerto Rico under it and he runs out and says to her. Asked her why are you wearing her shirt saying quote. You should not be wary that in the United States of America aren't you a citizen. United States citizen. Hi guys this. He's telling us I've seen the video it's it's a tree real lack the woman who by the way through this entire. Event. Stays calm goods and respectful of calls and serve any time. All along and responds that she is wearing the shirt quote because I can now she doesn't say and that's anarchy thirteen year old boys Kazakhstan. She says I'm wearing it because I can't concern. But away by the way if it matters. To rid you view this woman was born in the United States of America badge shouldn't matter there's also been born in Portugal. Here she says because they can and she explains to him that Puerto Rico is part of the United States to which he says and I quote. Are educated. At this point the 24 year old woman. Asks a nearby park police officer who was within earshot of this to help her. Still don't mean the man is still standing there she looks at the top and says are you ranting this area and he's harassing me about the shirt that I am wearing. And the cop who that's where the cameras on now just stands there. Well she says officer I feel entirely uncomfortable. Course it was strange Spanish you really you land the top turns and walks away wow. Now. Because this incident is appearing in his right here in the heart of Chicago and. Other people are seen this man who has young Wayne other people in the park. Call have our have already called 911 saying there's a man harassing a woman they can't hear is going on the DC screaming glow. Good for them no Bueno ES at least they'd say they. Ask those those them. They passed the rats shows barometer of the very least you can do. We used to live in America or you would you would walk up to this man and tell him to get the hell away from her. This protects her and we don't do that anymore and we have debated we have debated the wise you never gonna lose carried a gun and and you've got your life to live and so we've always said the bare minimum is Paul yeah that's why the cops are there stuff. Other police officers Ryder Cup he's gonna watch the game that you guys said nothing he just turned his back on her. As the police are riding in the back round. She starts to yell at them. Help I don't feel comfortable then meanwhile the original guy. It goes back to his tirade and says there are still she doesn't share the cops are cutting not a box. Still shouting your quote you're not American you're American and you wouldn't Wear that you know that writes. I didn't get that memo did any of you guys get that may never heard I see this is why I ask. Think because that's I was wondering if I missed the memo that's why I asked if it would be OK for Brandon ware a Mexican flag shirt on where an Italian. A flag shirt because I'd because of you guys who's in oh my god no bad it didn't you hear cruise's new there's a new law or new societal understanding. Then what about all okay then and there's just. What about trying to tell yeah scoring. So. Finally and as these other cops arrived and and he says all of this about you know that right. A female officer steps between them intervenes. And warns the man he could be arrested saying quote you don't come here arresting people. People have just as much right to be here as you and when you were drawn you don't belong here and posts is Ozzie smelly now glove there plus you can dean for his behavior. Or indoors because. I watch the video though I'd I'd say I'd. The first I did not first go group but he's drawn it just looked like an angry Indian American to me. Sure I'm guessing she smells L calls on us why she said that either way it doesn't explain the behavior to an excuse behavior. All god let it be a good bite no abuse just drug sure I know. Would you act that way. You never that way ever in your life but you're drinking and become racist a couple of things settle. The ultimately the man was. A arrested. And he was charged with assaults. And disorderly conduct good the Chicago a Cook County rather police department is looking into the behavior of the initial police officer asks who observe the incident and then. Are the race shifts almost over there or. They're highly uncomfortable. Planner did on guns and I might my my job is to serve and protect. That's an apology to aborigines not actually hurting use that does it. That's certainly is an artist and Hannibal it's perfect shots. And remember and that's not the story that is blown my mind as we start today show there. And gone. Good morning he's looking pretty good out there are finally know thanks Liz knows golf more. Mostly from twelve avenue. You know change no problems on 51 downs eighty across the top moves at the speed limit no bombs getting on the below 'cause waves that traffic I'm David Hirsch.