Real Chitty Movies

Hola Bitcholas, Earlier today, I brought up the fact that I've been (sorta, kinda) trying to introduce my kids to the 'classic' movies I grew up with. They, like most kids ages 5 to 7, enjoy all of the Pixar and Disney stuff that they pump out every 30 seconds. They don't ALL suck...not Pixar...
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AFTERSHOCK 2016 Set Times

AFTERSHOCK just announced the bands set times for Oct 22+23! Don't be the only one not going to AFTERSHOCK! Don't miss your LAST CHANCE to buy any AFTERSHOCK VIP tickets! VIP is sold out, unless you get your tickets through 98 Rock! Getting your tickets from us also gets you into EPICENTER, 98 Rock...
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EXCLUSIVE Red Hot Chili Peppers on Radio, Toenails and Tennis Shoes

In anticipation of their new CD ‘The Getaway’ (available everywhere Friday, June 17), Red Hot Chili Peppers sat down with us for an exclusive interview and waxed nostalgic about the first bands they were in, when they first heard themselves on radio and working with Brian Burton (aka. Danger Mouse...
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