Hola Bitcholas, Not gonna lie to you...been distracted today. I'm not talking about the actual show. The show is the one time I actually focus because the show is a good time. The 'other' work is, like most places, just stuff. Because of this 'stuff', I was distracted. At one point I couldn't find...
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YOU Are NOT the Father!

Hola Bitcholas, Today was another episode of 'Big Dummy', and as we do, we conducted another flawless Men's Room Poll. Today we asked: Which of these shows would you rather not be on: COPS Maury Povich Intervention Cheaters I, personally, would choose COPS. I don't WANT to be on COPS, but if I had...
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Which Song Should Actually Be a Show?

Hola Bitcholas, I'll make this easy; during TV Time with Ted, Ted (who else) was telling us that dumb-ass song from some band (I really don't remember) is developing a tv show based on their song. "Hello Dililah"? Maybe that's it. I dunno. Anyway, the premise sounds dreadfully boring because the...
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