Nature, You Crazy

Hola Bitcholas, Get up this morning, sift through the news and was fascinated by a story out of Germany. In this case it involves a zoo where a lioness gave birth to a pair of cubs. It was 'big' news because the cubs were the first born at the zoo in 15 years. Pretty cool. Then the good times ended...
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Who is The Who?

Hola Bitcholas, As a parent, there are all manner of small, magical moments you get to enjoy with your kids. Some, you have to manufacture, like taking them to Disney or some comparable bullsh*t. Other times it's a moment when your kid discovers (and appreciates) something YOU enjoy. Case-in-point...
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A Barrage of Sabotage

Hola Bitcholas, I've shared this story on the show before, repeated it today and have been asked to share it one more time on this blog...which is remarkably accommodating considering that this is my blog. Perfect. I'll start with the fact that I have not one ounce of regret. Working in restaurants...
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